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I just downloaded the playtest package. I'm ticked that half orcs and half elves are an off shoot of humans instead of their own true race like in PF1. I would like to see this changed come final print if possible.

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One of my players started playing a Seducer Witch archtype. We just learned that it was recently banned in Additional Rules. Can she still play the class or does she need to reroll?

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While Gming the Wounded Wisp. I had the female Boartusk Twin approach the two characters who were married IRL. She drunkenly hits on the male character who replies sorry I'm taken hold his wife's hand IRL. So I had the female half orc go to his wife and say "Him Yours?" She responded "Nope never met him before in my Life."

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Do flying animal companions have to follow the same rules for charging as a normal land bond creature?

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I was considering making a Duel blooded Bloodrager/Dragon Disciple. Gold Dragon/Celestial. Will I still be able to swap out bloodline abilities as the archtype allows or am I stuck gaining dragon bloodline abilities.