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Second question, Does the quick draw part of deadly rhythm 'turn off' outside of a raging song, or does all of it (bonuses gained at later levels)? It seems to be ambiguously written.

blahpers wrote:

Good. I built a character for a friend and I thought I screwed him. He has both lingering performance and the community-minded trait. I thought I messed it up and he was only going to be getting deadly rhythm 20% of the time.


Would the bonuses from the deadly rhythm ability of the war drummer skald continue during a lingering performance?

Stormhierta wrote:
Strange, and here I thought the Iconic Barbarian has a Large Greatsword for a Medium character...

Nope, it's a large bastard sword.

Golarions 2nd fastest mail delivery service (stupid wizards and their stupid teleports).

Master of many styles monk with panther and snake style.

How would this work with a dueling weapon? or conductive?

Sorry for the thread resurrection, but starting a whole new thread for one question that pertains to this topic seemed wasteful.

Does the new "Alchemy crafting kit" in the Ultimate Equipment replace the "Alchemy kit" from the APG, and if so, why does it weigh 50 FREAKING POUNDS?!?

I like that the discussion in this thread has gone so well and I thank you for all your input!

As of now, I've decided that this information actually would need to have Dev interference for a proper sorting of RAW. From a house-rule perspective I've decided it's going to be a Sunder vs. the archers CMD.

While archers tend to have low CMDs, the defenses that his arrows have vs. the damage (namely +2 hardness and +10 HP per +1 of the bow firing) will make up for this. Should the character successfully sunder yet not deal enough damage to destroy it, the arrow will still be said to have shattered against his blade but the shrapnel continued forward to hit him.

Thanks, everyone! Please don't end the discussion on my account!

Quantum Steve wrote:

Why figure the AC of the arrow? You don't need to hit it, just ready an action to step out of the way and the arrow hits empty space.

Actually, ready an action to do whatever you want, and use the free 5-ft. step to avoid the arrow.

Wait... So this is legal, But attacking the arrow isn't?

Quandary wrote:

Arrows are an object. It is implied that arrows indeed fly thru the air in a straigt-ish line from shooter to target, i.e. are momentarily present in all points along such line. Nothing gives arrows immunity to being targeted as an object while in flight. If a Dragon simultaneously drop from great height both a Human with Greatsword and a bundle of Arrows (each from a different claw), nothing stops the Human from attacking/ Readying attacks vs. the arrows who are free-floating in air next to him.

Sunder PER SE doesn't work, because Sunder is targetted vs. A CREATURE who is wielding a weapon/armor, and you need to threaten said CREATURE to initiate a Sunder. Reach Weapons users are benefiited by this, because their non-Reach targets don't threaten them to Sunder their weapon, and the weapon definitely is ATTENDED, so it can't be attacked that way. But arrows in flight are obviously not 'attended', they're just moving fast - which has no mechanical effect per RAW.

That's the way I've been seeing it. My group is pretty RAW solid but experimental with the unwritten. Mechanically, it doesn't seem overpowered. The feats that everyone are talking about let you ignore one arrow with no action on your part, which seems much better in my opinion. I was just wondering if it were possible.

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Adamantine Dragon wrote:

Yes. You could 100% do this. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from having your character ready an action to sunder arrows or shuriken.

Now, unless you have a feat or ability that allows you to sunder incoming ammunition, your attempts will be entirely and embarrassingly futile.

But you can certainly do it.

Why? Are arrows immune to damage or the broken or destroyed condition? or is it that I said "sunder" instead of "attack and deal damage to an object"?

But would doing so be against the rules or just unmentioned as far as the rules are concerned?

I just started a thread for my question.

Readying Attacks VS Arrows.

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Could a character ready an action to "strike the next thing that comes at him" and use it to sunder arrows or shurikens out of the air?

I have a question that this scenario has brought up. Could a character ready an action to "strike the next thing that comes at him" and use it to sunder arrows or shurikens out of the air? That would allow the fighter to sit in one spot with melee out, never having to switch to ranged and thereby eliminating the monk strategy of needing the switch for spring attack.

...Oh, and someone brought up contact poison for the monk earlier. Just because he's immune doesn't mean he can't "be poisoned", he just doesn't suffer the effects. It's not like a spiders venom would shoot out of the wound after it bit him, it just wouldn't effect him.