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Not sure if he updated it, but used this for first version.

I literally just watched this video yesterday, which explains a lot.

Getting ready to start RotRl with three newish players, looks like the party will be a Wizard, Paladin, and a Rogue.

Since there is only three of them and they are new, I told them don't be a healer unless you want to play one, so i'm going to end up giving them a NPC healer to fill the 4th player spot.

Looking for recommendations.
Would like the NPC to not only support them, but fit into the overall spirit of the campaign.

Thanks Untentril.

On Turn 1, first claimed hex is a hill which takes a month to prepare.

Can an improvement be made the same turn or does it also need to wait until the hex is prepared, Turn 2?

Turn 1
Edict/Improvement Phase
Step 1—Select Leadership
Step 2—Claim Hexes
- Claim First Hex (1 per turn) 1BP
Step 3—Establish and Improve Cities
- Prepare Hex, Hills (1 Month/Turn) 2BP
Step 4—Buid Terrain Improvements
-Build Farm?
Step 5-Create and Improve Settlements
Step 6-Create Armies
Step 7-Issue Edicts

Income Phase
Step 1—Make Withdrawls from the Treasury
Step 2—Make Deposits to the Treasury
Step 3—Sell Valuable Items for BP
Step 4—Collect Taxes

Chemlak wrote:
Any given hex may have any number of asterisked improvements, but only one non-asterisked improvement.

Sorry, still not wrapping my head around it.

Can you have multiple Farms in a hex?

Improvements with a "*" can stack in a hex with all other improvements that have a "*"?

Improvements without a "*" can be the only improvement in a hex?

As anyone expanded the map of the Kobold lair?
If so, would you mind sharing.

My players just finished off the mites and are headed towards the Kobold lair. I'm thinking a few of the following items may be up for negotiation.

Kobold hex stays independent
-Or at least own the mine and the area around it.

Kobolds own Radish Patch.
-No one else can use it.
-PC's protect the kobolds


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I am still in the setup process for my Kingmaker campaign and was just asked if someone can make a Cavalier. This looks like a great fit for the campaign. Looking for some input around Orders for the cavalier.
What Orders fit into this campaign and which probably do not?

Looking for some updated opinions. Cost isn't really an issue.

I own both D20 Pro+6 and FG.
I also own Hero Labs and Realm Works.

I will be running Kingmaker.

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To those who have run the campaign already. Where at in the campaign (level wise) did you feel you needed more content for the players to do?

I feel like making some stand alone adventures and am wondering if there are any holes in the campaign that I build something to fill.

Could someone please send me the Pathfinder converted KOTB?


I was disappointed that none of the spells were available for Magus.

Is there anyone making/selling these ships or ships that would work?