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I have a House Rule that two natural 20's in a row on a single attack requires a third roll. If the third one beats the targets AC it is an automatic kill. If I do that for natural 20's there must be an equivalent rule for natural 1's.

So in our Rappan Athuk game the Magus rolls two natural 1's, on his third roll he doesn't beat the targets AC. So we decide that his Black Blade has become irritated with him and decides to decapitate him. I get to certify my Killer GM status and he enters his PC name in the obituary in the back of the book.

We sort of used a narrative, I said which way and approximately how far each stretch of hallway went and when there was a choice they told me which way they turned. I would ask for d20 rolls sporadically against the random encounter chart.One of the players was trying to map where they were. But the funniest thing that happened was during an encounter with a Mustard Jelly.

I have a house rule that if you confirm a critical with a second 20, then you roll again. If you hit on the third roll it is an automatic kill of the target. Well last night the Magus rolled two 1's in a row. He rolled a third time for another 1, so in keeping with standards he killed himself. They had purchased a Breath of Life scroll and used it. But I still got credit for certifying my Killer GM status.

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Just finished a session in which the Magus and the Rogue both died. They are in the Gut at The Last One Inn. They took the suites and died.

Just certified my Killer GM status. Huzzah!

My Rappan Athuk players call themselves "The Fellowship of Murderhobos".

HMMMMM! What does that say about me asking my players to create 3 PC's for our start of Rappan Athuk in January?

@ Terquem,
Thank you for all the GM's you address that will probably not be named. I am one of those GM's.

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After glancing through the thread I will add my 2 cp.

The ongoing joke with my Friday night gamers is if you bring the GM (me) cookies from Subway you might not die that night. But that does not guarantee your continued survival in 2 weeks when we meet again.

Besides I have to maintain my Killer GM status. So far one player was in 2 different games and has died once already, no twice in 2 games. He has been close in this game, but I still have hope of renewing my Killer GM #0706/286 status.

Those numbers are from my copies of Rappan Athuk Reloaded and Rappan Athuk Pathfinder Edition.

Kiss #0706 bye-bye.

It would have been nice to continue the legacy of continuous numbers.

Honestly I hope Peanuts figures are wrong.