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10 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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I'll take the first shot! I've been looking forward to this!!

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Elminster. >:-(

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I fully support your brutal F@*#ing of the spellplague.

Make sure the broomstick is especially splintered.

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Turns up iPhone so he can't hear all the noise while fishing

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Elminster, Rockstar of Wizardry wrote:


So who woke up Moander or resurrected Bane or pissed off whom ever, doesn't matter, let's just knock this out so I can bang your girlfriend and chief my pipe.

That's right b~!+$es! Elminster saves the day again!

*Ugh* begins looking up "how to contact Red Mantis Assassins"

It's alright guys, this is on me, there's a reason I faked my death and moved to Golarion...

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This one gets a little more adult :-)

Can we talk about Elminster banging the girls he raised for Mystra, you know I got in on that action with Laeral, man you should've seen her when she was possessed by that Artifact, here I painted a picture of it. But no one talks about that! It's all Elminster totally shagged the Simbul as a cat under some chick's bed.

How is it everyone goes to him to bail them out! I turned a Harpell into a f#~~ing Archmage! Do you know how huge that is!


I'm just gonna go paint Laeral again, maybe about that one time when Drizz't stayed over...

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Who wants to b~~$# about Elminster?

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Why is Elminster so f!%#ing popular, that old piece of f!*%ing s%@% doesn't do anything, just sits in his tower smoking pot while his gay over achieving scribe does everything for him, meanwhile he bangs all these chicks he raised from babies (ewww, by the f#+!ing way) i.... i....just don't get it, i run f~!!ing Waterdeep practically by myself, well other then that ranger guy that lures people into his well/torture dungeon..... er, sorry i mean "Undermountain"

crap forgot where i was going..... oh yeah, does this robe make me look fat.... also i think Laeral is cheating on me.....

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Kelyn wrote:
So, just how drunk does one have to be to think of crossing a bear and an owl?

You'd be surprised at how quickly into the bottle the thought occurs...:-)

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I loved the Forgotten Realms once... then some jerk with a pen killed me off, so here I am painting for Pharasma, I much prefer it here anyway, f&~*ing Elminster was always stealing the spotlight:(