Shiyara the High Mediator

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This was worth it simply for the Arcanist and the Investigator. Ended up liking the Bloodrager and Slayer a lot, too. With a bit of house ruling, the Swashbuckler work just fine.

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When it comes to worldbuilding for my campaign settings, I tend to focus mainly on North America. It's where my passion lies and where I do my best work. So, I was very interested in picking up this PDF. So far, it hasn't disappointed. While I haven't seen any glaring balance problems so far, I haven't played any of these classes yet, so I can't say for sure nothing is wonky. I don't really think much is, though. I forsee myself using most of these rather often.

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This PDF is 15 pages. One is devoted to the cover, one the intoduction, one to the SRD, and 12 to content. It contains 7 new fey, of CRs 4, 8, 2, 2, 6, 10, 3, three magic weapons, 6 feats, and one spell of 2nd to 3rd level, depending on class. I won't go in depth on these, as other reviews have already done so. I can't really say much for the quality of the stat blocks without playtesting them, but there isn't anything that immediately stands out as unbalancing. The art is fairly good for a 3PP budget. What I really like is the descriptions of the fey included. They do a good job of explaining what these creatures are like and how they are motivated, and a couple of the creatures are especially inventive. I've heard it said that some don't really feel like Fey, and I could see where the claim comes from, as a couple could fit other creature types, but I have a pretty liberal view of what Fey are, so I did not have this problem with the document. The powers listed in the stat blocks make sense given the fluff, and I understand how these creatures are supposed to act. That, combined with stat blocks that look reasonably balanced, admittedly at a glance, is enough for 5 stars in my book.