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Americans need to take more personal responsibility IMHO. Yes, we're all humans and we make mistakes.

Bottom line - If YOU are sick, it is YOUR responsibility to protect others. Let's not forget Mythbusters episode 147, Flu Fiction. Two lessons we still don't quite have down as a culture:
1. Cough and sneeze into an elbow. It reduces potential spray of germs from 12-20ft to around 2ft.
2. No matter how germaphopic and hand sanitizer hoardy you are, if someone around you is sick and not practicing proper protocol, you WILL be exposed.

If YOU are sick:
1. Wash your hands regularly. It's easy to underestimate how often we touch our faces, a source of germs.
2. Cough/Sneeze into your elbows.
3. Wear a cough/sneeze mask. It doesn't have to be a N95 mask. This is extra important as a 2nd layer of protection - we're human and won't remember to use the elbows reaction every time.
4. Avoid touching other people's hands/face/genitals with your own.
5. Clean your home with SOAP and WATER. It's tempting to use chemical sanitizer but that will weaken the immunity of everyone around you.

These things are more prevalent in Asian cultures since SARS, MRSA, avian flu, and swine flu were focused there. We should get with the picture.

Be positive, though! If you're worried, find a way to enjoy being home. However, expecting someone else to do their part, I say is not a crime. It requires social pressure to make a cultural change.

I'll be playing online PFS games instead this year :)