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The Exchange

So, I’ve got a GM who just started running this with a group of us online due to the pandemic. However, I can’t find which books he / we need access to in order to run this. I’d buy the actual AP, but I’d rather avoid spoilers. (And yes, I realize I could just get the info from the Nethys site, but I like supporting Paizo when I can.). So, aside from the core rule book, what other books are used in this AP?

The Exchange

So our usual GM is running us through RoTRL and we are really enjoying it. However, he is due to have a kid in the next month and half and has basically said that he would be able to play but not run a game. So, I'm looking at running my first AP. I initially was looking at Wrath of the Righteous, but am a bit intimidated by having to work with the mythic and campaign rules, which I am not at all familiar with. I have run some modules and small scale campaigns of my own making before, so I'm not brand new, but this would be my first major campaign. That said, any recommendations as far as easy to run AP's (or easier to run than others)?