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So, I wanted to follow up on my original Post. When I suggested Replay – I only Meant for #1-00 Origin of The Open Road.

My issue, that I experienced, is I have run it for newer players, and they enjoyed it. We Ran it again and they showed up, and asked to play again, but as a Different class. I said well you can you, just can’t apply it to another character. They debated a little and then decided to not play if they didn’t get credit.

My suggestion is – You can Only Apply it once for a Level 2-5. And you can Apply it how ever many times for a Level 1. I would argue the same for any game on all systems that have it. I am looking at it as a Promoter and ones to help bring people in. I understand the difficulties, meta gaming, But we would just ask like any other Replay / or previous GM’ed player.

My Goal would be to help Introduce new players – it would be neat to allow them to play different pre-gens to see what they like. Not wait till they get up a few levels and find that this was not the class they were looking for.

Silver Crusade 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Virginia—Fairfax aka Karhaz

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I wanted to Share my EXCELL Documents I Created Long ago when I started Pathfinder Society. As I began playing more and more I edited and cleaned it up and made it much more visually appealing. I have created columns to – write the game date, scenario #, Gold, Fame/Prestige, and XP Earned – Then it will calculate the levels and totals you have left. The columns to the Right put your purchases in. My friends who have used it found lots of missing gold they never caught. The first page will show you games played and the character, and each page in the DOC would be for a separate PFS Character.

This was extremely critical and lucky for me that I did this. In Aug of 2015 my Car window was smashed and the lucky people got my Gaming Bag. I had irreplaceable Dice, Minis, character sheets etc. I had been using YAPFCG excel for sheets so I could re make my characters but if I didn’t have this sheet, I would not know what where when I had.

Please look-over message me anything you may need. I really enjoy being able to help engage with this awesome community that has helped me through some tough times. If this would help anyone, please use it as needed!

After every game I use my phone and put the info in, helps me so, so much to know what I have and when I earned it. It is also neat to show on the first page what date/Character # did what scenario so when some one asks a game i can look really quick to see if i can play or run! It is awesome for my google drive, uploads super simple. The new one I made for 2nd ed has more features.

Thanks again Fellow Pathfinder's – explore, Report, and Please Cooperate!

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This is so exciting! I am Glad to have helped. We have an Upcoming Toys for Tots Game PFS/SFS day in Fairfax, VA soon! Dec 15, 2018! 20 tables over the entire weekend! Very cool that we gamers can help others while having fun!


The amount we can give to help others is grand, and it doesn't take much! I am so very lucky Pathfinder was there for me after my ordeal, and want to use that joy of gaming to help others!

Silver Crusade 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Virginia—Fairfax aka Karhaz

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I like the current format, i would worry about making anything more Mathy. One of my hardest parts to grasp is going to silver in 2E. for tracking sake just one currency makes it efficient and easy.
i like a STD amount of XP.
I do hope that there will be more Evergreen Scenarios, the later seasons adding those at 3-7 has been great and a good challenge.