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Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Virginia—Fairfax aka Karhaz

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This is so exciting! I am Glad to have helped. We have an Upcoming Toys for Tots Game PFS/SFS day in Fairfax, VA soon! Dec 15, 2018! 20 tables over the entire weekend! Very cool that we gamers can help others while having fun!


The amount we can give to help others is grand, and it doesn't take much! I am so very lucky Pathfinder was there for me after my ordeal, and want to use that joy of gaming to help others!

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Virginia—Fairfax aka Karhaz

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I like the current format, i would worry about making anything more Mathy. One of my hardest parts to grasp is going to silver in 2E. for tracking sake just one currency makes it efficient and easy.
i like a STD amount of XP.
I do hope that there will be more Evergreen Scenarios, the later seasons adding those at 3-7 has been great and a good challenge.