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Grand Lodge Khar'than

Male Human Ranger 1 (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Kith Thaniar

Male Human Cleric (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Inglie

Male Half Elf 3rd swashbuckler (0 posts)

Dark Archive Valkarn
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Scarab Sages Voyax Magus of the Sages
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Sovereign Court Dame Galadon devote of Shelyn

Male Human Paladin (0 posts)

The Exchange Thalan Pirate Cleric of Besmara
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Dark Archive Jorben

Male Gnome Spiritualist (Fractured Mind) (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Voyalyan Desna Warpriest

M Human Warpriest (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Core Guy!
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Liberty's Edge Durus Oracle of Cayden
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Grand Lodge Nub CORE Barbarian
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Dark Archive Xorick'Thalosnith Arcanist
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Sovereign Court Kevrajan Calistrian Warpriest
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Silver Crusade Valvein Dimitre

Dhampir boon (0 posts)

The Exchange Addicus Musket Vanara

Vanara (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Tok Dev' War Drummer
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Grand Lodge Kormac Divine Hunter Eyes #2
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Grand Lodge Cavalier of the Green RP
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Silver Crusade Leshey Goodberrys
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Silver Crusade -22 Leone Divine hunter
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Grand Lodge -23 Ratfolk Sensei

Ratfolk (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Leonida Uru

M Catfolk Forester Hunter (0 posts)

Dark Archive - 25 Zon Zealot
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Acquisitives NPR star finder
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NPR Playtest 1
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The Exchange Fallen Kitsune
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