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Can a magma elemental carry anything (organic or inorganic) when burrowing through a stone wall or earth? One of my players wants to have a halfling carried through walls by a magma elemental.

Can a magma elemental carry anything (organic or inorganic) when burrowing through a stone wall or earth? One of my players wants to have a halfling carried through walls by a magma elemental.

Can a first level human conjurer wizard cast summon monster I with a duration of four rounds? Here's my thought process:

1. Spell Focus - conjuration (prereq. for Varisian Tattoo)
2. Varisian Tattoo - conjuration (+1 to CL for conjuration spells)
3. Gifted Adept - Summon Monster I (increase CL +1 for Summon Monster I)
4. Conjuration school, Summoner's Charm (increases duration of conjuration spells by 1/2 wizard level, minimum 1)

I guess this relies on varisian tattoo stacking with gifted adept. As the character advances, would I calculate the 1/2 level bonus for the conjuration school summoner's charm before adding the varisian tattoo and gifted adept bonus or after?

Please share the primary role your level 1-10 witch is playing in your group: controller (battlfield control, area attacks), leader (buff/debuff/heal), striker (high damage dealer), defender (melee). Additionally, do you feel the witch's spell list (excluding hexes) makes a more significant contribution during or out of combat?

I've never played a wizard before and am looking for ways to improve my AC. My guess is that the same tactic will work up until about level 10: use magic items. A quick look appears to show Bracers of Armor are the cost effective way to go. Do I then throw on a Ring of Protection and a Ring of Force? My guess is Bracers of Armor will not stack with an Amulet of Natural Armor and since the bracers are cheaper, they are the way to go. Am I missing other good tactics?

In light of the fact that I haven't played in a campaign that has gone beyond 12th level in many years, I did some research in these forums. One thread had someone comment that epic play was some of their most enjoyable game time, while others have never played an epic character. James Jacobs has commented that he wants to rework epic levels (20+). Almost everyone has played low level games. However many groups see campaigns fall apart in the teens.

What levels do you enjoy the most and why? What am I missing by not playing in campaigns that get into the teens?

I know every group has a different dynamic and pace, but I'm trying to get a sesnse of how long getting through an AP takes. Is once a week enough for you? Do you do short (5 hour) blocks or do you marathon through the weekend?

I'm wondering how other groups handle situations with NPCs that can be influenced by either role playing or skill checks.

One side of this situation seems straightforward: while you lose an opportunity to role play, if a player states "I'm going to make a Diplomacy check to try and get the information I want" the game mechanic takes over and can direct the outcome.

What about the reverse? For example, rather than make a Diplomacy check, players continue to role play the interaction with the NPCs in order to try and influence the attitude of the NPC or gather information. Do you stop at some point and call for a Diplomacy check to determine the outcome of the interaction or do you let good role playing direct a favorable outcome (or bad role playing direct an unforvarable outcome)?

I'm new to Pathfinder and can use some advice. I'm starting the Kingmaker AP next week and am the last to make a character. So for, the rest of the party includes:

cavalier - mounted combat specialist
cleric - bow specialist
druid - water element specialist

From a pure party balance perspective, what would folks recommend? Within the context of the Kingmaker AP, I was thinking of playing a witch (given the woodsy setting), using a few posts treantmonk posted about build. I'm hoping the druid can handle the front line given the wilderness slant of the AP. Or do we need a meatshield? a skillmonkey?