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Umbral Reaver wrote:
Mechfinder is my creation. Here it is: Mechfinder

I will definitely check it out! Thanks a lot!

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Hey there. Was just curious to know if mechs were mentionned as coming in the future at any points, during interviews or posts anywhere. Only real sources please, not friend of a friend sorta stuff. Thank you.

yeah i just found the solarian triple attack bonus, my bad. missed the soldier's though, guess im blind hehe.

i was going through the classes and noticed that unless ive missed something, only the operative naturally gains the ability to attack up to 4 times in a full attack at level 13. why is this? wouldnt soldiers and solarions also benefit from bonus attacks, being the two other non-magical damage dealers? I wanted to know your opinions, or if theres something i missed somewhere, Thanks!

ive already made my house rule of piloting is trained, sleight isnt, but i enjoy the opinions here. i agree that maybe a drive skill should be added to differenciate from piloting because both of those are widely different things. driving a ground vehicle in a 2d environment takes much less training than flying in a 3d environment.

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trained skills means skills that people would not be able to do without the most basic of instruction, such as administering medical help, fixing an engine or piloting a flying craft, regardless of how "dummy proof" it is.

untrained skills means things someone could do with no formal training, such as running, jumping, or trying to clumsily palm an item when the merchant isnt looking. being terrible at palming means your skill is 0, not that its a trained skill that requires formal education to be able to palm or hide something.

piloting being untrained still boggles my mind, i cannot feasibly understand how they thought it would -ever- be possible to simplify space travel to the point where someone with absolutely no training whatsoever could be seated in the cockpit and bring a ship from one system to another. i dont even trust people to drive a car nowadays without a couple hour of basic lessons.

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Is it just me or does the trained only skills are sort of ridiculous? mostly two in peticular: sleight of hand and piloting. sleight of hand is trained only? really? everyone is free to try and palm stuff but it doesnt mean itll go well if you have no ranks in it. but a complicated starship with hundreds of buttons, screens, complicated range of sensors, you can just plop your ass down in those and slap around and make s+%+ work... they should switch those around, seriously.

Also i wanted to touch on profession: so a character does a profession check, then receives double the results in credits per week. with good rolls, those amounts can be rather respectable at lower levels, but anything past level 5 is ridiculous. lets say a lvl 5 character has a total of 8 in profession, rolls 10, and receives 36 credits... at level 5, most weapons cost well above 3K. i wanteds to implement a 'multiply by character level' rule, which would make the same above roll become 36X5=180, making it seems less useless. what do you guys think?

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Im running my first game of starfinder in 2 weeks from now. my usual setup is a projector on the table connected to my laptop, from where i project the maps i make, move tokens as the pc's want, and handle combat. now there is a plethora of map-creating tools out there but as far as i found they are all medieval-fantasy based. does anyone know of a sci-fi map database/sci-fi map creator of any kind? the game approaches and i have to start building my maps lol. thanks for the help!

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Let me preface this post with some information: i have not played a game yet, only read through the rulebook. maybe some of my gripes will be gone once someone with game experience shares his knowledge with me. Also so far i actually enjoy the starfinder rules for the most part, and understand that going with a one-book release meant cut corners. Also the words "player preference" has no place in this discussion. this is all about rules and numbers, not what players enjoy. this is a balancing discussion.

Major gripes: these problems as some that i would consider the worst, or game-disbalancing

-EAC VS KAC: now i enjoy the two different AC's, reminds me of mass effect 1, but from even a rapid glance, most armors seems to give more KAC than EAC for the majority of them, and most energy weapons deal as much or more damage than kinetic ones, with no seemingly major downsides, so why would i pick kinetic weapons over energy?

-lack of shields: several artwork depict shields, either material or energy, and since melee still plays a large part of combat, why are there no shields? shields could even help balance the EAC VS KAC issue

Minor gripes: mostly unimportant or small issues that wont affect the game much.

-most classes share the whole class choice system of choosing different abilities every other level, but instead of giving those a blanket term like "perks" or whatever each class has a name for it. just a tad annoying, nothing major. i know they are officialy called "class choices" but theyre not refered to that in the actual class descriptions.

-powered armors: they feel like a last minute after-thought. once again probably a result of the "one book" feature, but theres only like 5 power armors and the options for each are slim,

-lack of solarian armor crystals: self-explanatory, no further input needed.

-cybernetics, or "augments": same issue as the powered armors, the options feel slim a bit, especially when you consider the leveled aspect of it all. a variety of more "fluff" augments would be nice.

-spaceships: now this is probably the most minor of all problems, easily overlookable, but for me its hilariously off-mark. the scope of ships is entirely screwed, to put it lightly. the kasathas came on a huge colony vessel, one of the biggest ever seen, that was suposed to bring enough of them to populate a huge world...its 5km long. thats literaly nothing. i served in the navy and the amount of space on a ship dedicated to nothing but various systems is huge, and now this one also needs farms and stuff on it, which means livable space must of been next to nothing, and it must of brought with it less than 10 thousand people, which is not a lot. also in the ship scale table, the largest ship is said to be 15K feet long for "colossal", and weighs.... 8K tons. the real life uss nimitz is 1000 feet long and weighs over 100K tons. these wonky sizes and weights actually made me laugh loudly upon reading them, but as stated earlier, are not game-breaking in any way, just amusing. to add to this point, absalon station follows the same problem. its 5 miles in diameter. considering that of all that space, at least a third of that is lost to various machinery and systems to keep a space city going, its got to be rather small overall, not at all the multicultural regroupment point of space its painted to be.

Final words: now of course most of these problems will likely be resolved in the future when expansion books will come out, adding more features or fixing existing ones. In some aspects, such as powered armors, i would of prefered not having them at all, and getting a nice, meaty book filled with a variety of them and upgrades later on.

HammerJack wrote:
Zaister wrote:
You only get shipping notices at this time if you are a subscriber, not for normal preorders. All non-subscription orders are filled at street date time.

Wait... are you saying that preorders don't ship until street date, meaning that you get it later as a result of preordering than if you went to your local store?

Or am I misunderstanding you?

as far as i understand, i think thats how it works, which makes me regret a thousandfold pre-ordering but not subscribing, because not only will i get it later than street date, but i paid nearly double the price because shipping was 46$ on a 59$ item. ill simply never order anything online from paizo again, frankly.

Good day.

i pre-ordered my copy of starfinder on the 10th of july, with order number 4379287. i was told i should of received an authorization email by now, and shipping would start by july 31st, but i havent received any authorization email or anything. will my copy be late? i just hope i didnt pay 50$ of shipping to receive my copy after the books hit the shelves, would sort of counter-act the purpose of a pre-order.

Thank you.

David knott 242 wrote:
Kandiell wrote:
so if you only pre-ordered online, is it shipping today? or on the 17th? i pre-ordered on july 10th

If you got your authorization e-mail between Thursday and today, your shipment should occur some time between today and August 18th per this thread.

i dont think i got an authorization email? double checked my spam folder and everything. as much as i enjoy their products, i find paizo to be very unclear when it comes to things like this. i pre-ordered july 10th and now ill get my copy after the books hit the shelves? why did i pay 50$ of shipping then? lol

so if you only pre-ordered online, is it shipping today? or on the 17th? i pre-ordered on july 10th

Do we know if the starfinder rulebook pre-orders will ship before august 17th, or one the day of? if on the day of then ill probably try and cancel my order since ill have ti earlier by buying it from my local game store.