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Color me excited. We just finished RotL a couple of months ago and I told the GM we found his new AP after we finish the camapaign I just started.

*With the small caveat that my 17th level druid gets to make a cameo, wink wink.

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Live in Florida and likewise got my book this week. Had the PDF for a while obviously, but just now getting around to digesting this spicy meat-a-ball...

....and all I can say is Wow! What a great product. Beautiful artwork, very cool setting material. The timing couldn't have been better too. We are finishing Rise of the Runelords now and I am starting my Lost Lands campaign in February/March looks like.

I will be starting them in Stoneheart Valley and having them make the trek to Tsar when they hit 7th. Can't wait to see what strings the puppet masters in Bard's Gate try to pull when the boys start making headway into desolation and the city of Tsar itself. (Assuming any of them survive that long of course).

Should I make the Bloodmage have ties to the Underguild? Have the party rogue be forced under the thumb of Duloth Armitage? The possibilities are endless!

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I'm still reading...and still enjoying!

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From what I've been able to piece together from several clues...maybe next year. In the immediate future they have a KS planned for the Northlands Saga this fall and another terrain/climate book coming out like Dunes of Desolation (for plains I believe).

I am ready for a campaign setting as well. I will be interested to see how they would format such a book. The setting that I see taking shape is HUGE.

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Wow, I am getting huge Dragonlance flashbacks.

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Lamontius wrote:

for awhile I was just a dude in white with a monocle and tophat

now I am some sort of juju gnome with a bigger tophat and sick ruffle

I guess because I am so #%$&@$#!%@ classy

Ha! It's almost like your new portrait is the old one's demonic child.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
I am a god of chaos and freedom.

You're also a cultist of Razmir I believe. :P

IcyShadow wrote:

I am a kobold with an iron claw on my hand.

Not really, but I like kobolds, and the pose is cool.

Yeah, I got you and Orthos confused for a long time when I first started trolling the boards.

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All I know is they have about wrecked the Realms beyond repair (my opinion). I'm tired of every edition bringing "cataclysmic" changes to the campaign setting, I.E., Time of Troubles, Spellplague, etc. In my opinion, the same kind of "earth shattering" events and pantheon shake-ups is what finally killed Dragon Lance for me.

Point being, I really hope that whatever settings they support (whether is just the Realms for the foreseable future or not) is player driven and not NPC/author driven. Golarion will keep a lot of people in Pathfinder.

I just have a bad taste in my mouth with what happened there and hope they can rebound somehow. I know in this new edition they have done away with the Spell Plague, that's certainly a good start.

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Richard Pett wrote:

LOL, this has become the Budweiser, "Wassuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppp!" of the Fantasy/Lovecraftian RRG world.

*Cough* I feel that I should link this video, but I can't get on Youtube at work, so I recommend you google it and subsitute the "wassup" for "M'naarr". I think Cthulu would be amused.

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I think a point that is being over looked in the several 5th edition threads I've been reading is that many people are comparing the wealth of options in Pathfinder to the one and only 5E PHB. (Some are really only comparing it the starter box or free PDF). Pathfinder has 5 years of splat books, so yes obviously flexibility and options would be immensely more available in PF.

SSalarn wrote:
"I'm going to create a halfling paladin who does ranged combat" and still come up with two completely different characters, in look, feel, and playstyle.

Sure, this is true today, but would it be true if you only had the PF CRB? Probably not. If you invest in D&D 5E, you are starting a brand new game. WOTC is going to produce splat books and depending on how the OGL shakes out, 3PP are going to come out in droves to offer splat books as well. By that point, there may be a slightly more level playing field in comparing which system offers you more "options".

Not campaigning for 5th edition by any stretch of the imagination, just thought I'd throw that out there.

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NobodysHome wrote:
All-natural chunky peanut butter (Laura Scudders or Trader Joe's works best for me) over vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce...

Yes sir, done that one too. If those ingredients happen to be in the house, it's all over.

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I got my books in Orlando, FL yesterday; they're beautiful and in great condition. I had maps (nicely done) and a copy of Slumbering Tsar that I will keep by my bed to swing at any intruders who enter my home.

I'll also start doing 3 sets of 15 curls with it before I go to sleep every night. I'll be back in shape in no time.

In all seriousness, I'm still smiling just thinking about when I opened my package. I genuinely feel like my money was WELL spent. Good job to all those at the pond who poured into this project and all the other quality products they consistently produce. Also, congratz to us in the community who pool our money together to help make this a reality.

*Edit for spelling.

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I was one of the new converts that was sucked in by the Lost City of Barakus, so naturally I missed everthing preceding that kick starter. That being said, when I read stuff like Bill's post it does 2 things to me as I sit here in my office at work.

A) It reminds me of when I used to play back in High School and the old-school nostalgia bug hits me hard.

B) I start getting the inclination that this Lost Lands place may be home for me in the Fantasy RPG world. I can visualize years of building a campaign experience for players to just barely keep the forces of Orcus, Tsathogga, Nergal, Hel, etc, etc at bay from claiming this world, soon to be their world as I mold it to my tastes and shaped by their actions.

Then my reverie is interuppted by my boss chiming in with..."what are you working on??", which makes me jump back to reality. Oh well, always time to read and plan tonight.

Sooooo, in closing, I guess when this book comes out, I'll need to purchase it. Time to start collecting my pennies again. Cheers.

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Glad to see you posting again. I enjoyed "Rise of the Worm Sun".

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Well, I'm a little late to the party, but I'm in as of this past weekend. This is my first kick starter and will be my first product under the PF system (other than core rules material) with converting our group over from 3.5.

I ran Rappan Athuk's first 2 books back in 3.0 and loved it, eventhough my guys nearly threw a soda in my face after the 2nd TPK.

Anyways, I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far from FGG and their community of fans. The material looks great and I can't wait to get my hands on the discounted material listed in the backerkit.


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Love how this thread has taken on a life of it's own. I'm getting a lot of ideas for when I finally get to run this beast. Keep it coming all...

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
KaiserDM wrote:
As far as your drunk driving analogy goes, why don't we just illegalize alcohol completely? Why bother setting a limit?

Because the real world has nuances and is sensitive to situations. A restriction that would be intolerable -- as in, people wouldn't tolerate it, and it would be unenforceable -- can actually be quite reasonable and well-enforced if the restriction itself has limits.

That seems to be another typical weakness of Libertarian thought; the fallacy of the False Dichotomy.

In the case of drunk driving, we have specific actions that are known to be extremely dangerous in certain conditions -- we therefore prohibit taking those actions under those conditions. Those actions are considerably less dangerous in other conditions, and those conditions are less dangerous if one refrains from the actions.

Society has placed laws to enforce consequences for bad decisions.

It has indeed. Including laws that enforce consequences to the violator (arrests, fines, jail time) in an effort to discourage further instances of those bad decisions before the other consequences happen. This is why, for example, we authorize the police to stop and punish people for driving drunk, even though there is no "intent to do harm proven beyond a reasonable doubt," which seems to be a key element in your formulation.

Basically, if you make behavior punishable, people will be deterred from that behavior. Not perfectly, of course -- but enough to make the benefits (less damage to society from that behavior) worth the damage caused by the punishment. (And before you ask, society itself makes the judgement of "worth" in this case, through the legislative process.)

Basically, I say you can't drive drunk because it's dangerous to other people, a danger that has been proven. That's not a statement that you can't drive -- while that's dangerous, yes, it's less dangerous. That's not a statement that you can't drink, for the same reason.

Holocaust denial...

I'll try this a different way: you don't need to add laws prohibiting speech when and IF there already exists consequences for libel, fraud and the intent to do harm. (sure there are always unique situations that bear scrutiny and careful deliberation. And my first post or two made it clear that I did not believe in unfettered speech to the nth degree.)

Stating this case does not make me a Halocaust Denier. If you find my logic about free speech flawed, that is your perrogative. I'll ask you to quote a post I made that showed any doubt or denial of the Halocaust of the Jews.

You've done everything but outright say I'm stupid, illogical and a hater. Quite honestly, the more of your posts I read, the more I think you are the bigot, intolerant and nasty. You could learn a thing or two about civility and not try to hide under some kind of false flag of self-righteousness. There's people that are 100% right in their beliefs and 100% wrong in how they espouse them.

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It doesn't accomplish anything. I think what is meant by that statement is in dealing with the market place, unhappy customers means loss of business. (Especially when word travels.)

You will always have people that can't be pleased and are generally unreasonable. However, I think you will find that any kind of heart-felt correspondence from a publisher will go a long way with the majority of your customers.

Up until a few weeks ago, FMG went dark for several months. People don't want 4 page apology letters or a long dissertation on why delays happen. They just want something sincere.

Case in point, people have inquired for many months about the estimated shipping schedule for their printed books. They're not getting any kind of response that I saw as of yesterday. It makes people feel like they are not important.

I work in sales. And in that scenario, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

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I think this thread got a little toxic with everyone trying to make their point. Let's all take a step back and chillax.

I wish FMG the best and hope when this project is completed, it will knock it out of the park.

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I think people are right to come to the defense of FMG in this scenario, but I feel like people are missing the main point here. This is not really about missing the schedule. This is about not dropping a line every couple to three weeks to say something/anything about the progress of this project.

I've read several posts by kickstarter supporters who are frustrated by the total blackout by Gary. Being burned out, having personal things come up, etc, are all 100% understandable. But, letting months ago by with no correspondence at all does not help their case. I say these things because I do not want the thread title to become a reality.

And to reiterate, I think the product put out by FMG is quality. I think it is worth the wait. I applaud those of you publishers and designers who make the sacrifice, but people need to hear from those who are absent for long periods of time. It is amazing what a little communication can do for morale.

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I agree with the assesments above regarding magic shops. Typically, I encourage my players to liason with certain institutions in their town of choice to assist in marketing items for them. For example, the church of one of the PC's could buy their gear from them and in exchange craft items for them at a reduced mark-up.

The same could be done easily with a wealthy merchant house or the crown/gov't of a city-state. Further, rogues or bards may have a black market connection that allows them to market items on the sly. (With plenty of roleplaying and adventure hooks to boot with this).

In the old days, (2nd edition AD&D and earlier) your character would just use what he found. Party members usually traded with each other and gauged the "good of the group" for distributing loot.

With the advent of 3rd edition and its evolution into the Pathfinder ruleset, adventuring became about being Batman and having the right tools to clear the next obstacle. That's cool from a tactical standpoint, but has altered the trajectory of the game considerably. Case in point, I have a fighter that has weapon chain feats for swords, armor specialization for heavy, etc, etc and you just killed an epic big bad with a legendary axe and mithral +4 chain. Cool loot right? Yes! Except it nullfies almost my entire build, D'Oh! Of course, some DM's allow you re-train feats, while others do not....

Or, you're a monk and monk items are never found/looted. Some DM's can insert Monk items for your PC, but again, many do not or don't feel like putting that kind of extra work in. What are your characters forced to do, go shopping! PF-Express, never leave your lair without it.

::Rant over::

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In all actuality, I don't believe Mr McBride has offered any reasons/excuses for the delays. This is what has a lot of his backers angry. I missed out on the kickstarter, but have been on the kickstarter page several times to check out the product. Usually on an update, which I believe up to about 3 weeks ago was almost totally non-existent, he starts with "It's been too long since the last update..." (paraphrase).

From what I gather on these boards, if he had popped in ever 2-3 weeks and said, "Guys, sorry on the delays, X has happened, so Y is the result", the effects on his reputation may have been different.

Out of curiosity I will continue to monitor the progress of this project. If and when it comes out complete and appears to be a good product, I'll buy it.

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1) He is sooo good in Kingpin. Kind of all we really get to see of him in the mid-to-late 90's.

"I just couldn't stand to see all those poor kids get Munsoned..."

2) Stripes
3) Ghostbusters
4) Groundhog Day
5) Caddyshack

Clearly, I'm more a fan of his comedy.

*Edit for spelling

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This is really simple. Take your gf onto Jerry Springer and have the audience guilt her into turning her character back to LG. Play up the sob story, cry on the air. Whatever it takes.

Seriously though, the reality is depending on what kind of goals your group has will probably determine how quickly your character and your gf's character will come to blows. This does not sound like a good vs. evil scenario since you are LN, but more like a law vs chaos issue. Also, how opposed is your LN deity (not sure you mentioned who that is) to Lamashtu? Chances are, quite a bit.

As I see it, you have 2 options. Option A is that you make an out of character decision to change your character for the good of the group of players. Option B is she makes an out of character decision to change her character. Granted, some groups could make compelling role play out of this situation, however, most groups just have in-fighitng and PVP a lot of times. This could get messy for you my friend. How does the rest of the group feel about this?

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I identify myself as Christian and I've never felt like a "pagan" for playing RPG's (been playing since '97). There are probably certain lines in my games that I would never cross, but I think most people have moral barometer in that regard that exists outside of their "religion".

My parents really had no problem with it, but I know if I had ever mentioned it to my grand parents, they would have freaked. But, that was just because they were more sensitive to sensationalism of the news back then. The Christian right in the US certainly has a lot to answer for in being reactionary, but in the same vein the news media always looks for the next bogeyman so that they can fill their time slots with "experts" who claim to know about such things. I'm very thankful that this hysteria did not come about in the middle of the 24hours news cycle or I think it could have been worse.

Parents and friends aside, how many of you had the "talk" with a girlfriend about being a gamer? I think trying to talk through their misconceptions was harder for me as a teenager than even what my parents thought.

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Exactly. An extinction level event I believe it is called. You could insert the Bill Murray lines from Ghostbusters for that one.

LAWL. Actually, we should petition to have all Tea Party members permanently moved to Yellowstone.

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Come on bro...in half of those scenarios you'll have internet.

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Ok, I'm just going to say it. You know what's unbalanced? Someone having one leg shorter than the other.

Carry on.

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Also, not to open another can of worms, but I also think we have the rise of MMO's to attribute to this decline. I rue the day I first heard the term, DPS...

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This is a fascinating thread and I think Touc has it totally right. Looking back on AD&D, I certainly would never go back to having to design every single magic item my PC's found. I hated the way XP was done. And I do think a grid based combat system is necessary.

All that being said, the way the players and I used to roleplay was much different back then. I do agree with Gamer-Printer's assessment that the system in and of itself should not stifle role-playing, but nowadays I feel like in my busy world of wife and kids and a big boy job, that I simply can't retain the rules like I could as a teen. My brain is too full.

There is a spirit that was somewhat lost when we moved to D20 and I lament that. Would I go back to AD&D? Absolutely not. But, this has given me a lot to think about.

Cool Story:
I'll tell you what I thought about when I read the OP's post:
I ran a campaign right at the tail end of 2nd edition for an evil party. There were (2) PC's remaining at the top of this decrepit, abandoned tower. One was a Vampire Cleric, the other an evil Psion from Sigil. They cleared it finally after a battle with a lich when they looked out the window and saw a former comrade, a hulking brute fighter (half-giant I think) running across the moat to the gatehouse yelling..."smite evil!!" This comrade with an 7 intelligence happened onto a potion with a picture of a brain stamped on it (from an earlier dungeon). Despite the cleric yelling "Stop!" he drank it. It reversed his alignment and increased his intelligence by 4. Disgusted with realizing he served the whims of an evil cleric, he fled.

Fast forward to him running into the ruined tower after the PC's and their faces dropped. After several tense moments, they healed up and tried to ready for him as much as they could, but he smashed through them. After several moments of grueling combat, the half-giant wrestled the cleric to the floor, just as the sun's rising rays were cresting the horizon. He was doomed...or so he thought as the halfling (with a couple of hp's left) used his dorje of concussion (whatever it was called) to collapse the weak, crumbling floor from under the wrestling pair, dropping them into the dark room below. That quick thinking saved him. To finish the brute off, the psion continued to drop pieces of stone floor and debris on the fighter, killing him. The vampire changed into mist and fled the room.

I'm leaving out some details and some mechanics (we did actually have a few), but that was the most fun I've ever had as DM. That kind of zaniness doesn't really happen anymore.

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I'm getting a general consensus here that it's ok to fudge the rolls "every once in a while" especially if to keep a PC breathing another round or enhance the story. There appears to be extremes to this spectrum with some people saying, "hey, I roll a number in my head bro!" vs "if I see any DM's fudge a roll, I'll personally revoke their RPG card!"

I've had the luxury with playing with the same core of people for the last 12 years. We've leanred each others tendencies and we know what kind of behaviors we get whenever someone takes the reigns. Some people I've enjoyed playing under more than others and everyone has different tastes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we've made our points about where our opinions lie. Let's appeal to each other's good will and not bash the other guy for what makes the game work for them. The designers go to great lengths to say that Pathfinder is invariably what we make of it, especially in a home game.

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This is a funny table thing. I am the type of the DM that puts story before mechanics and may fudge a roll so that the Monk PC doesn't die that session because the culmination of his character's story arc may happen later that night. Or, maybe I have a villain that I think is critical as a recurring NPC and may survive the hold person I rolled a 3 on for a saving throw.

But I have also played in tables where I don't even bother memorizing save or suck spells, because unless I cast it on a 1st level Warrior Orc guard, I may as well just say I pass on that round. I found it much more worth my time to cast straight damaging spells.

I think there is a distinct difference between fudging a roll at a pivotal moment in the campaing to invest in a large pay-off for the story later on and having a DM basically "cheat" because he/she doesn't like how powerful your character is.

Edit: I am very reluctant to fudge the roll to allow NPC's to pass certain saves though, as a PC taking out an enemy with a powerful spell can make a player's day, or session...or campaign even.

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Just wanted to say between you James, Brvheart and Geofix, you guys have made a sale for the Frog God. I am definitely hyped about getting this. Not sure when I'll run it for my guys, but I totally dig the high stakes, knuckle dragging fights.

I do think I will put a lot into hooking my PC's into a storyline that gets them emotionally invested in Tsar. Church missions/crusades, wealthy patrons, blood debts, druids wishing to reclaim the Desolation, etc, etc, all can give the players a since of real purpose to stick this out. (I feel like I almost have to push that with how long this campaign would take.) Also, the more my players enjoy a campaign, the more I can fight off DM burnout.

Anyways, cheers and please, all of you keep contributing to this thread. It is immensely enjoyable.