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Scarab Sages

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It used to be here on the old site:

It may just be an oversight when they moved to the new website and it didn't get moved over.

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Greg--is this the Black Gate I disentigrated at Paizocon?

@Bill Webb

?? You rolled a natural 21 ??

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Bill Webb wrote:
Greg--is this the Black Gate I disentigrated at Paizocon?

Nah, you just disintegrated the front door to the Crooked Tower. I just let on like it was a big deal. ;-)

It did save you some serious level drain and nasty trapage, though. :-)

The party finished their exploration of the Tower of Kirash Dirgaut on Friday. They worked their way up methodicallly, searching every crevis but not rolling so well so some loot was missed.

Three items of interest in the tower:

1) Evil aligned weapons set of a fair bit of an argument. The cleric of Saranrae did destroy the slaying arrows but he's not impressed with the survival of the swords.

2) The party was not considering stealth when they made the final level. As a result they faced the General at the top of the stairs and the Senechal sent an incendiary cloud down into them. If the barbarian hadn't succeeded in a bull rush those at the back would have had a couple of painful rounds.

3) The party has no idea as to what the statue is for. They've done there best to destroy it with no luck. It might be that I've missed giving them some hints but I don't think so.

Is there anything before the Crooked Tower that would help them clue into needing the statues?

The question is whether they left it or took it with them. They do weigh 80-150 lbs each and are 3-5' tall.

Game 29 3/20/14
Roster: Gnome Magus, Suli Sorcerer, Half-Elf Fallen Paladin, Dwarf Cleric, Tiefling Paladin

Reclaiming Land
The party had reached the Firebase of the Damned (D4.) and were spending some time discussing what to do with it. The tiefling was still suffering a small amount of damage from the cursed wounds of the golem, but finally healed the last of them. The party discussed having the druid create a small fortress here as a gateway to Tsar without having to go all the way back to camp. They discussed using the Last Outpost, but noted that the terrain was a problem. Still somewhat fatigued from not getting a full night’s rest the Tiefling paladin urged the party to return to the Camp so that they could try and figure out what was wrong with the half-elf and allow the Sorcerer to recover from his near death experience. (Pall affected Paladin and temporary Level Drained Sorcerer) The magus saw a lightning storm coming so they bunkered down for two hours attracting the attention of a wandering ghast, the cleric destroyed him offhandedly.

Follow Me!
After the storm the Magus and fallen Paladin were navigating back to the Camp (by survival) and had a disagreement about which path to take, the weather was obscuring landmarks. They decided to trust the Magus (who rolled a 1) who normally led the way when the druid wasn’t around. Three more hours of wandering (three more failed checks) and they began to feel completely lost. While wandering they came upon some strange wolves they had never seen before, Blight Wolves. The wolves seemed hostile so the party cautiously took them down; the Magus was poisoned by a bite, but no major issues. With all of the wasted time and storm delays the party was forced to make camp in the middle of nowhere (very close to D3, the Battlehulk).

Who Watches the Watchmen? Probably the Cleric
First watch was the normal Magus/Sorcerer duo, who had no problems inside the Tiny Hut. Second Watch was the cleric and fallen paladin, 5 ghasts came on them during the night, but the paladin wanted to show off and soloed all of them, while the cleric watched. Third watch the Peddler paid a visit to the Tiefling and fallen paladin, who had drawn the short straw for taking an extra watch. They paid the peddler who dropped the clue, “Blood Trophy of the blood-taker, unravels the plans of the Horned Priest.” By this point the party believes the Peddler is trying to help them and they started furiously going over all of the clues they had. They developed a theory about Tranquility’s Face (without any help thankfully). Still third watch brought a Lesser Nabassu demon that temporarily drained 4 levels from the Tiefling before being dismissed by the cleric.

The next morning, still trusting in the Magus, the Magus fails navigation again and leads the party into the Battlehulk encounter. They hear a familiar rumbling near familiar hills and several party members panic, remembering the last encounter that started this way. The Suli grabs the fallen paladin and dimension doors away, the magus casts fly and grabs the Tiefling, and the cleric calls out that he is going to use the strength of his god and crush the rolling building, or flip it on its side. (The player was vastly overestimating his CMB bonuses for growing large with strength domain.) The Battlehulk crests the hill and the cleric enlarges himself (with the one that gives extra bonuses) then gets run over and smashed. The Battlehulk keeps moving and the magus/tiefling fly down to him and cast Teleport from a scroll, once its gone. There was some confusion about where they were going to go, but the party was separated and unable to communicate, so the Tiefling, Gnome, and Dwarf went to Tranquility’s Face. The Suli and the half-elf were out of sight and Teleported to Magnimar.

A (Comedy) Teleport of Errors
The Magus happened to roll errors on her teleport (lots of bad rolls apparently) and landed them three miles west of Tranquility’s Face. On top of that, they also managed to port almost directly on top of a pair of prowling Belkers. The Belkers died quickly and the party managed to locate themselves and make it to the graveyard. They waited 12 hours and night fell, they decided they would give the sorcerer and paladin the night to catch up, and head to the Camp in the morning. The sorcerer and fallen paladin had decided to spend the next four days in Magnimar waiting for the level drain to go away, of course they had no way to communicate at the time. The second day the trio hurried back to the Camp hoping to see the other two and didn’t find them. The cleric cast scry on the sorcerer, when rumors started flying about how he had turned evil. The party was worried he might have done something nefarious with the fallen paladin and by that afternoon they the sorcerer sent a sending spell to the Magus. While in Magnimar the paladin went and had an atonement spell cast on him to no effect. (Some short player complaints ensued from the cleric, understandably.) On the morning of the 5th day the sorcerer and fallen paladin teleported back to the Camp. Game Ends.

Notes: I will admit I skipped my first random encounter ever, I'm just not a big fan of single manticores, plus it was almost 2 am. The game was moving a bit slow at the start we were goofing around a lot so we got less done than I thought we would. Also the Magus' abysmal rolling this game ended up costing them alot of time, but they roleplayed it well. I was also surprised that the players spent as much time out of Tsar as they did, but I think understanding how to fix the alignment problems should be top priority for long term survival. Either ways nothing groundbreaking this game, but they should be making their way to Tranquilities Face pretty soon. I wasn't surprised they fled the Battlehulk, its just not something they need to be concerned with at this point. The cleric had the right idea, but he didn't have backup, he even had an adamantine weapon. I'll post XP later, it was a busy weekend.

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Ok James--give us the skinny--how did the paladin fall? I like getting these guys off the Dudley Doo-right train as well--never managed to get Clark though!

The Pall over Tsar got him, he's been having unclean thoughts! The sorcerer also went NE from N, and the Tiefling paladin has been eyeballing him since.

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Awesome--I love making these guys lame fighters instead of uber holy men:)

There is a way of setting in back, but they haven't quite figured it out yet. In one game that I am a player the paladin should not have lasted a day. He has already had to have one atonement for making a deal with evil.

I am still trying to decide whether this is too strong to send after the party with the Malerix zombie. There are six of them mostly 12th level and a couple are well optimized:

This giant is a towering, muscular human of heroic proportions, with bronze skin, dark hair, and sparkling green eyes.
Giant, Storm CR 13
XP 25,600
Male Fiendish Advanced Giant, Storm Skeletal Champion
NE Huge undead
Init +10; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +32
Aura desecration aura
AC 33, touch 14, flat-footed 30 (+10 armor, +3 Dex, -2 size, +9 natural, +3 deflection)
hp 267 (21d8+168)
Fort +14, Ref +13, Will +22; +4 bonus vs. channeled energy
Defensive Abilities channel resistance +4, rock catching; DR 10/good, 10/magic, 5/bludgeoning; Immune cold, electricity, undead traits; Resist cold 15, fire 15; SR 18
Speed 35 ft., swim 30 ft.
Melee alexstraza the dragon (+1 unholy cold iron greatsword) +28/+23/+18 (4d6+40/17-20+2d6 vs. Good) and
claw +22 (1d8+13) and
2 slams +22 (2d6+13) and
unarmed strike +27/+22/+17 (1d6+26 nonlethal)
Ranged masterwork composite longbow +20/+15/+10 (3d6+14/×3)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Special Attacks create spawn, smite good
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th; concentration +22)
Constant—freedom of movement
2/day—control weather, levitate
1/day—call lightning (DC 20), chain lightning (DC 23), darkness, fear (DC 21)
Str 47, Dex 22, Con —, Int 20, Wis 26, Cha 25
Base Atk +15; CMB +31 (+33 bull rush, +33 sunder); CMD 54 (56 vs. bull rush, 56 vs. sunder)
Feats Awesome Blow, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Command Undead, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (greatsword), Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Improved Vital Strike, Iron Will, Power Attack, Toughness, Vital Strike
Skills Acrobatics +24, Bluff +17, Climb +39, Craft (weapons) +25, Intimidate +31, Perception +32, Perform (sing) +19, Sense Motive +29, Stealth +16, Swim +44
Languages Auran, Common, Common, Draconic, Giant, Other Language; undead telepathy
SQ command undead, summon undead, water breathing
Other Gear +4 agile breastplate, alexstraza the dragon, the life binder (+1 unholy cold iron greatsword; intelligent, special), arrows (40), masterwork composite longbow, ring of protection +3
Arrows - 0/40
Call Lightning (1/day) - 0/1
Chain Lightning (1/day) - 0/1
Command Undead (10/day) (Ex) - 0/10
Control Weather (2/day) - 0/2
Darkness (1/day) - 0/1
Fear (1/day) - 0/1
Freedom of Movement (Constant) - 0/0
Levitate (2/day) - 0/2
Smite Good (1/day) (Su) - 0/1
Summon Undead (1/day) (Sp) - 0/1
Environment Any warm
Organization Solitary or family (2-5 plus 1 sorcerer or cleric of 7th-10th level, 1-2 rocs, 2-6 griffons, and 2-8 sharks)
Treasure Standard (mwk breastplate, mwk composite longbow [+14 str bonus] with 20 arrows, mwk greatsword, other treasure)
Special Abilities
Awesome Blow As standard action, damage and move smaller foe 10 ft. +1d6 dam if collide with something.
Channel Resistance +4 +4 bonus to save vs. Channel Energy.
Cleave If you hit a foe, attack an adjacent target at the same attack bonus but take -2 AC.
Combat Reflexes (7 AoO/round) Can make extra attacks of opportunity/rd, and even when flat-footed.
Command Undead Channel energy can take control of undead.
Command Undead (10/day) (Ex) Undead lords Command Undead as the feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites for it. The undead lord may use this ability a number of times per day equal to three plus its Charisma modifier (minimum 1). It may only command undead of the same t
Create Spawn (Su) A creature slain by an undead lord rises in 1d4 minutes as an undead creature of the same type as the undead lord. Spawn are under control of the undead lord. This replaces any other create spawn ability the base creature possesses.
Damage Reduction (10/good) You have Damage Reduction against all except Good attacks.
Damage Reduction (10/magic) You have Damage Reduction against all except Magic attacks.
Damage Reduction (5/bludgeoning) You have Damage Reduction against all except Bludgeoning attacks.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Desecration Aura (Su) Undead lords constantly project an aura in a 20-foot radius that functions as a permanent desecrate spell. Undead within the area (including the undead lord) gain a +1 profane bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and saves. In addition, all ch
Energy Resistance, Cold (15) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Cold attacks.
Energy Resistance, Fire (15) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Fire attacks.
Immunity to Cold You are immune to cold damage.
Immunity to Electricity You are immune to electricity damage.
Improved Bull Rush You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when bull rushing.
Improved Sunder You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when sundering.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Power Attack -4/+8 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rock Catching (Ex) You can catch rocks that are thrown at you with a successful Reflex save.
Smite Good (1/day) (Su) +7 to hit, +21 to damage when used.
Spell Resistance (18) You have Spell Resistance.
Summon Undead (1/day) (Sp) Once per day, an undead lord can summon a total number of HD worth of undead (of the same type as the undead lord) equal to its HD x 1–1/2. Undead lords cannot summon an undead creature that has more HD than it does.
Swimming (30 feet) You have a Swim speed.
Undead Telepathy (Su) Undead lords can communicate telepathically with any other undead within 100 feet, including mindless undead such as zombies and skeletons.
Undead Traits Undead have many immunities and use Cha in place of a Con for all effects.
Vital Strike Standard action: x2 weapon damage dice.
Water Breathing (Ex) Storm giants can breathe water as well as air.

I am considering toning it down. Too much or a good challenge? This is with power attack on.

@Bill Web - I probably don't make my paladin's roleplay being truest good as much as I could. Unless they go out of their way to be evil, people don't usually fall in my games. There's a level of RP I see in play by post games that we rarely get, but I think that's normal. IMO being a paladin should often cause you to run into problems that you could otherwise avoid, but that's about as far as I take it.

@Brvheart - Looks a bit to tough for my party, when they are all 12th level if they find a cache of gear, maybe as a boss monster. The AC is pretty tough to tag and its going to take a paladin or another character with a good bludgeon weapon to hurt it. He'd be killing a pc a round with my group with some exceptions, especially with the Smite Good ability. IMO his saves look a little much, but it just depends if you want to have him as a solo boss. I tend to make fights about a medium powerful boss, with lots of dangerous but low hp minions, usually.

The only good thing I liked about 4th edition was minions, punch them in the face they die. That's another topic though.

As far as bringing Malerix back, if I was a caster bringing him back, I'd be worried I couldn't control him. IMO Kroma brought him back as a tool not as a companion, still the Wight was very powerful.

If your group is playing over the power curve, I'm sure it'll be a good fight. If they are using point buy, its going to tear up a few character sheets. The only player I have that I'd consider over the curve is the cleric and that's probably just with his AC. The paladin and Magus both have around 140 HP, but everything else they have is normal.

They have a paladin with Kroma's flail and the Inquisitor can bypass Adamantine DR now. The Saturday party took him out at CR 17 pretty handily without losing a single character. The ranger is hitting almost everything he shoots at although that will be an issue with the weather. Katrina also has a holy long sword in addition to her +2 warhammer that she has returning. They can dish out over 200+ points a round when buffed. They are point buy but it is 25 pt and a few are still my old array. As an undead lord he can control Malerix and I am sure the White Walker could also. The Smite good can only be used against one character. I had him at CR 10 with a much lower AC and no holy on his sword and my wife insisted that it wasn't challenging enough. This is scaled down from what she wanted! She added the fiendish and Undead Lord. Her version of the sword turned into a dragon and had a special purpose power of disintegrate! It was a real TPK. Afraid this still will be though.

@ brvheart

He looks much tougher than the giant ghast from the pentacle but he's only worth 1/4 the XP. That doesn't seem quite right.

It looks to me like he'd kill about half my group or maybe just use them as croquet balls.

Improved Vital Strike = 12d6 = Ouch

He was way too wimpy as a ghast and went down far too easily. I mean compare him to your average CR 17. Still, I get that this is probably way too high and will probably use the CR 10 version.

If you look at Warden of Thunder CR 14, this is mild. Storm Giants just get those feats and most of the damage is due to the +12 for power attack.

Just keeping track of XP totals, been a super busy week, but looking forward to game on Friday. We are still behind on recording podcast 28/29.

Game 29 3/20/14
Roster: +3900 XP
Cap Bonus: Hinkel +425

Liz 198,130/220,000 Level 11
Jody 185,675/220,000 Level 11
Ryan 174,175/220,000 Level 11
LEVEL! Hinkel 155,000/155,000 Level 11
James 151,575/155,000 Level 10
Brittney 147,675/155,000 Level 10
Daisy 114,730/155,000 Level 10
George 106,470/155,000 Level 10

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

Geo Fix wrote:

3) The party has no idea as to what the statue is for. They've done there best to destroy it with no luck. It might be that I've missed giving them some hints but I don't think so.

Is there anything before the Crooked Tower that would help them clue into needing the statues?

The pentagram on the Plateau of Orcus and the whisperings of the midnight peddler are what should clue them in on needing the statues, plus the fact that they seem to be popping up over and over again. But if they don't take them the first time, the statues shouldn't be going anywhere. They can always come back later to pick them up (hopefully they took good notes on where to find them).

I ran it tonight with him as a CR 11. Malerix went down in three rounds. Thraestos managed to kill the new druid on a crit, but eventually went down to King Kroma's flail in the hands of the Paladin.

They encountered 9 ghoul wolves prior and a couple of Blight Wolves afterwards.

Back in the Tower.

The group headed back into the tower. Sandra and RCD were flying two of the others to the roof of the fortress and were attacked by a couple of harpy archers. Sandra was hurt badly so she had to take a few rounds to heal before going back after the monk. RCD was able to take out one of the archers by flying over to it and attacking it for a couple of rounds. Then he and the Inquisitor took out the other archer.

Which Door.

The party debated as to which door to enter the tower. Three of them wanted to have Sandra do a knock on the locked door. She decided to check out the other door and proceeded to fail her Will save vs fear. Ten minutes later she ended up back at the base camp and ran into Barbie, the barbarian/cleric and they flew back. Silver, the other paladin took Kroma's flail and beat the symbol until it was unrecognizable and continued a few rounds longer and bashed open the floor. He and the monk entered the room and they saw the pit. The monk bypassed it easily, but Silver did not make his acrobatics check and landed prone, supposedly in the bottom of the illusionary pit. This was enough for the zombies to start their attacks. They managed to do some damage before Barbie and Silver channeled them into dust. Sandra knocked this barred door and they proceeded ahead. After taking a few shots from the crossbows from the room beyond they took the right door to the kitchen. Barbie cast detect magic and it was barely in range of the treasure down the well.

The party fought their way up to General Myac's room and the Iron devil cast incendiary cloud down the stairs. This made combat somewhat difficult, but eventually Barbie used Vital Strike and Sundered the General's sword. Silver killed him the next round for 100+ hit points in one attack. He and RCD then finished off The SENESCHAL. No losses for the party this day. Everyone leveled to level 12 and we ended the session.

Game 30 3/28/14
Roster: Gnome Magus, Suli Sorcerer, Half-Elf Paladin, Dwarf Cleric, Tiefling Paladin

A Good Night
The party started in the Camp and although the weather was severe they decided to take a chance on the Peddler and go to Tranquility’s Face. The sorcerer teleported half the group there then came back to get the rest, but miss-happed and landed a mile or two outside the Camp. When they got there they teleported the rest with no problems. As it was morning when they got to Tranquility’s Face they spent the day looking around casually, there was some talk about Scrying on King Kroma and casting Commune. (There was about an hour discussion of the cleric casting various anti-undead buffs.) They decided they needed some extra materials and would go to Magnimar in the morning. Upon waking the tiefling detected evil on the party looking for the sorcerer’s evil taint, but found none. The half-elf also noticed his aura of good had returned as well as his powers.

While in Magimar the party had about 16,000 gold worth of random loot lying around. They banked about 4,000 gold for future healing and picked up some spell components, the magus making a large donation out of her personal funds. Again they spent some time discussing their potential buffs against the lich, including 5 castings of death ward. (All the while I was stating up a pre-buffed Kroma, which looks like he would get steamrolled anyways. Everyone in the party has double digit saves anyways. The tiefling regularly is smiting for 140 when critting that gets through DR, which kills him almost twice over. Smite getting through DR is a source of great irritation with me. )
[King Kroma is currently working for Belishan and traveling on the Plane of Negative Energy collecting minions for his next attack. Negative Plain Traits: Every round DC25 Fortitude or gain a negative level, positive spells are half as effective, negative spells are empowered. King Kroma has gathered 6 Greater Shadows and has acquired a Nightmare mount. Stat Changes +4 Strength/Con, +2 Natural Armor, DR5/Good, +3 Attack/Damage, +5 Damage, Protection From Good, Bark-skin +2, +2 DC’s, +2 Effective Caster Level; Overwrite Stats: HP 140, AC33. Calculated vs Scrying Will +18 (+5 for unfamiliar, +5 other plane).] (Not that I thought they would go after him on the Negative Plane, still I had plenty of time to prepare and King Kroma should be adjusting his tactics to the PC’s.) The party decides after shopping that it would be best to return to the Camp, they teleport without any problems.

Seeking the Dwarf King
Rather than scrying on him immediately the party decides to return to the hill in the Dead Fields where they saw him. They wait a day to get all of their teleport spells back and set out the next day. The morning weather is severe, but they push out and the cleric keeps Hide from Undead up persistently. A wandering group of skeletons is ignored. They find a pile of recent corpses (D2. Bone Collector) and do a cursory examination of it, but choose to ignore it remarking that it is likely a trap. Although the wind is horrible they spot several vultures circling nearby (D5. Carrion Birds) they also see the dire wolf, but are unable to identify it as no one has Knowledge Nature. They decide that the corpses might have something to do with the vultures and ignore the “moving bloody large ball of fur”. They return to D2, which wasn’t far away and cast Detect Evil and Detect Magic on the corpses, both yield results and the party is surprised for corpses to detect evil. They follow it up with a detect undead, but again are perplexed so the cleric goes up to take a look after some buffing. The Bone Collector pops out of the ground and they kill it in a round. After looking for loot and finding none, they go back to look at the vultures, unable to identify them. They walk close to the ball of fur, but aren’t sure whether it is a bear or a large wolf. While the party is trying to figure it out the vrocks overhead complete a dance of ruin. The sorcerer and tiefling fly up (after casting fly and drinking a potion respectively) and the vrocks swarm the tiefling, who only survives the onslaught because the cleric has Shield Other up. (Which he tried to convince me they could chain it around the party, IMO no, too much cheese.) Nearly dead the paladin retreats, but the remaining two vrocks swarm the sorcerer who flies away, the Tiefling gives chase after being cured and finishes them off easily.

After the combat the gnome tries to speak with the strange creature, but her speak with animals yields simply “I will bite you!” She is unable to get a decent Handle Animal, but surprisingly the tiefling has it and is able to get close enough to heal the creature. (Our druid has been absent 2 games.) Though he heals it, the creature moves away and seems to be following the party. Any members of the group who looked at it to long ended up getting growled at, except the tiefling. The party decides to head to the Dwarven Encampment and avoids more skeletons with Hide Undead. They worried about the creature who simply outran the undead. (They only cured it 16 hp.)

Epic Combat!
Getting near the Dwarven Encampment the party discussed using some scouts to check out the hill, though they had no sneaky characters. The cleric suggested sending his summons, but decided the durations were not long enough to have decent range. Again the party decided to discuss tactics and buffs (oh jeez….). After a few minutes they decided to get within an eighth of a mile buff up and charge the hill with the Magus and Sorcerer flying above. They charge straight up the center angling for the area between the pit and hill and stop right before they come around the corner, buff more, then charge in. The only thing they see is the abandoned and looted encampment, even the bone pile looks looted. At the center of the bone pile is a femur from the T-rex and tied to it is Old Gorack with his eyes and mouth sewn shut and he seems to be struggling, his holy book of Dwarfater hanging from a cord around his neck. The cleric runs up and smashes his skull realizing he’s undead, a ghoul. They examine his gear using magic, but decide to bury it with him. (Good for them because the Symbol of Death written in the book, hidden by Magic Aura would have done some damage.) The party decides that it is time to scry on King Kroma (We had a discussion that a 1,000 gold piece mirror is not something you carry in your backpack) so they headed back to the Camp. (I skipped the ghouls and ghoul wolves on the way back.) Game Ends.

Notes: The party spent quite a bit of time discussing tactics and the clerics new spells so the game got bogged down a few times, I generally stayed out of it unless they had questions. Since I decided to make King Kroma a more important enemy I’m going to up his difficulty a bit since right now any two people can steamroll him. Problem is Death Ward pretty much makes them immune to his death spells and doing half 9d6 to someone with 140 hp isn’t really a challenge. I’m going to have to find him some useful minions like debuffers or just throw him in with Belishan when the time comes. At least one member of the party wants to go and finish exploring the Desolation, they know they missed the cavern in the north Chaos Rift, Old Death’s Hollow. I hate to modify the game to much, but shouldn’t there be a counter spell to Holy Smite at least the DR part? The ability is given by one god, why couldn’t another god deny it? Seems like something a cleric could get “Protection from Smiting”. Anyways, it’s a little to gamey to have one character hitting for 140 damage a hit and regularly at that. Thoughts?

Roster XP: +5,400

Liz 203,630/220,000 Level 11
Jody 190,975/220,000 Level 11
Ryan 179,575/220,000 Level 11
Hinkel 160,400/155,000 Level 11
James 156,975/155,000 Level 10
Brittney 147,675/155,000 Level 10

As an aside, I like my Pathfinder pretty cut and measured. Gaming the system isn't really the play style I like. Like buffing your Armor Class to 40+ at level 10 or 11, its basically playing Godmode. I can also appreciate preparing for a combat and Death Ward has been toned down a bit, but the DC's for the upcoming challenges don't seem that challenging. Example Will saves of DC 20 when the average save is +14. /end rant

Edit: Well I've pretty much decided that on "boss" fights I'm going to have "protection from smite" and "greater fortification" spells active, should cut down on one shotting what should be hard fights.

Edit Edit: I'll probably add in another buff that doubles attack bonuses if your targets AC is more than 20+Level/CR. Some people might not agree, but if you want to play godmode gaming, just go read the adventure.

I would definitely opt for debuffing since you have to soften up your PC's a bit...

Unless an NPC cleric type of mine has an amazing power up suit geared towards melee, he sits his happy a$$ back and lets the goon squad swarm the PC's for a round or 2. During which he picks his moment to dispel magic or cast something similarly nasty.

As far as save or suck spells go, I dont mind my PC's having good saves and only dying if the dice betray them; where I get the rub, is it can be poor action economy on my part. A lot of times I'll hold it back for an opportune moment or I wont cast it at all. Maybe I summon extra baddies, maybe I just drop flame strikes or blade barriers or whaever.

You want my advice? Your window of opportunity to make Kroma a worth advesary is closing. He obviously wants revenge and Belishan obviously doesn't want the PC's having their way in Tsar. Kroma has resources, have him amass a decent size retinue of thugs and attack the PC's head on. Maybe have him attack the PC's while they're exploring Old Death's Hallow or while they're camping. He can focus fire on the sorcerror and maybe drop him before the teleports start popping.

@KaiserDM - Yeah, as far as the Kroma Confrontation, in the book he has a legion of undead attack before he shows his face. My group fled from the fight after defeating the legions, I'd probably be best to recreate those circumstances for the next encounter. I'm just hesitant to have fights that big. The way Pathfinder works is that one Big Bad goes down to fast, its best to have lots of support. Having good protections against save or die is important, I was just venting about a now relatively low cr lich who out of the book will get curb-stomped by well prepared players, Kroma should get stomped.

Action economy for enemy spellcasters is definitely an issue, I'd almost tell the designers to just list their top level spells and now worry about bothering with the rest of the sheet. I need to plan this out better.

@ James - I agree with you on big fights. They can be rather cumbersome. I just saw your note on Kroma recruiting in the outer planes. I was thinking along the lines of fewer, but deadlier minions. Maybe he can recruit a nasty or 2 from Tsar itself?

My thoughts on the Kroma fight.

1. Have him as a minion for Belishan, which would lend to Belishan's reputation and give him more weight rather than "just another undead". Pros - Will make the Belishan fight tougher, I could use Kroma As-Is because their attention will be split. Cons - Steals the spotlight from a well developed badguy.

2. Have Kroma confront the PCs in Tsar or along the road. Pros - It will give the spotlight to a well developed badguy. Cons - There will be a lot of setup and modification.

I'm a pretty lazy DM and option 1 keeps the party from steamrolling Belishan as well. Also I had another thought, I could just up Kroma's AC to whatever the Cleric is using, but that falls into the DM vs. PC's thing I try to avoid. Then again, they might try and tone down the min maxing.

Here is a thought, since the PCs are not pursueing Kroma, perhaps Kroma should persue them and make his attempt when they are weakest, or distracted (quick, check for treasure now that we have defeated the bad guys in this area...not so fast, now that you have expended yourselves against a weaker enemy, you will taste my wrath!). An ambush at a known teleport site (especially since they have to split the party for a teleport attempt, golly, it really sucked for the half of the party that where not part of that teleport error that took so long to recover from) is another way to go. No need to combine Belishan, unless you feel he would do the same thing...

@Thedmstrikes - that's exactly what I was thinking, at least along those lines. But, I think James is trying to minimize additional modifications and set up if I'm reading him correctly.

@JamesBCline - I don't think you're a lazy DM. In my opinion, anyone who can adequately run an adventure for as many PC's as you do, CANT be a lazy DM. Personally, I do try and avoid arbitrary stat pumping for NPCS to make them last longer. Rarely, I'll make an exception to the rule, but YMMV.

But to Thedmstrike's point, I think you can just have Kroma attack at a time of your choosing without resorting to a lot of extra preparation other than his own buff's etc. ESPECIALLY since I think you said earlier Belishan has his a way you could mix options 1 and 2.


Oh wow... I'm a terrible person.

I will mix options 1 and 2, but what's the most powerful trap in the game that I can make his "phylactery". Seriously, Kroma knows he's in over his head, why not have a "fake" death which is actually a trap. He could insert a fake phylactery into his eye, that when broken, drops an AOE plane shift (prismatic sphere?) or a maximized horrid wilting.... Ideas? I'm looking for something of appropriate CR.

a miniature sphere of annihilation? Willed to stay in the eye socket upon his fall by a contingency spell...

@ James,

Think about giving him anti-life shell and blessing of fervor to improve his combat abilities and defences

Wind walk makes him more mobile.

Has the Battle Hulk been destroyed? He may be able to lead it to them if it still exists.

Has he gained a level from all his dealings with the party?

Nasty ambushing?

- leave a symbol of pain / slumber etc outside the door to the hut MS II to have a Lemure knock on the door.

- He has access to Greater Glyph. Use it to store Plane Shift on a weapon given to a MS VI demon which then attacks the party in the middle of the night. They'll likely not be buffed at that point in time. This can also be put on the false phylactery.

- MS VI: Shadow Demon & it's magic jar ability attacking in the middle of the night. Kroma may be able to direct it against fighters etc.

- MS VI: Succubus: Has the ability to stalk the party etherially and pick a likely guard for domination. A Succubus can also be sent to steal weapons or other items. Locating them while ethereal, grabbing them from sleeping characters while material and then teleporting away.

- MS V : Xill same theiving ploy as the Succubus but with the option of pulling a paralyzed character to the Ethereal plan and leaving them there. (more work for you though)

Dispel Magic on their Hut/Secure Shelter and then Flame Strike and scram hoping for random monsters. (Not super effective but very annoying)

Better yet, dispel the secure shelter just as a storm approaches...goes from annoying to life threatening. Delay a recasting with some summoned monsters or an undead attack...

I realize you are not wanting to change the style of the module, but it is a sandbox and that requires it to do at least a little reacting to the invasion of PCs. Kroma has already made his appearance as written, but the PCs (or Kroma, not sure in this case) retreated before the whole fight could play out. These are just some suggestions for an intelligent resourceful bad guy to get a little payback for being missed on the first go around.

Looking forward to hearing about how it happens no matter what course you do choose...

Yeah King Kroma isn't that big and bad even for the 10th levels that the original fight was meant for. The idea was that the previous fights stripped the party of resources so they didn't have a full compliment when he showed up. A wasteful party that alpha strikes would be in real trouble. Somehow you need to recreate some of those conditions for level 11. It doesn't have to be massive undead in numbers, but a number of smaller combats before they fight him. That will lessen their available buffs.

I agree on limiting the massive buffing. I try and use the wandering encounters so that they don't have time to prepare and for the fixed ones, how do they know what they are getting into? Might make use of some dimensional anchor with them using teleport all the time.

Last week's game covered 16 days of game time which brought the party into the last week of July and the weather is becoming overbearingly hot (but it's a dry ash & bone dust choking hot) and the prevailing light has changed it's tint from grey to sepia. Now I need to remember to roll the weather and apply the effects.

A number of the group travelled to Bagdan (substitute for Bard's Gate) and sorted out business with the Medecinne (The benefactors who bankrolled the group's exploration of The Desolation & Tsar.) The experience was similar to teleporting to Acapulco from the near artic in the middle of February. The light became clear and healthy but instead of a temperature difference there was an absence of malice in the air. They've now offloaded a ton of loot and have a safe place for their gold.

After some 'because I say so' diplomacy from the cleric everyone except the summoner spent a night in a tomb located in the Ashen Waste. This undid the effects of the dreams experienced while sleeping in Tsar. It also was an opportunity for them to remember the Chain of Beguiling that they had been carrying. They used it on the earth elemental as they were afraid of killing it a leaving the tomb unprotected.

The wizard's familiar (a fairy dragon) managed the deed and was able to learn that the elemental was resummoned daily. This brought on worries of the chain disappearing with the earth elemental but some flying and invisibility and the powers of the chain allowed them to retrieve it and dash back into the tomb safely.

The next day saw the fairy dragon being killed when attempting to leave the tomb. They had been warned to fly high but 25 feet didn't count as high when the elemental's reach is included so the fairy dragon ended up being grappled by the earth elemental. An empowered lightning bolt that was intended to frighten the elemental off (or kill it) did enough damage to turn the fairy dragon into a dry-fried wonton.

The group then returned to Kirash Dirgaut and began exploring the lower levels. My favourite part was when they encountered an obvious door trap, looked at it for a bit and then opened the door without trying to disable the trap. (Woosh 10d6 fire). The group's favourite part was probably finding the secret door and associated loot.

On a side note I've always disliked the idea of there being magic shops where you could pick up a +1 sword or some wonderous items. Partly I don't like having magic be that easily available (it cheapens it) and the goods are so valuable that they are bound to attact thieves of the nastiest sort. (It doesn't matter what magical protections you have on your display case when they have your wife and children for ransom.) What I did for Bagdan (substitue for Bard's Gate) is arrange for there to be dealers in magic whom the party was able to talk to because they had a benefactor providing introductions and vouching for them. This moved the experience to the back rooms of power and gave the party access to magic that is not guaranteed.

If anyone can think of ways to improve this system or add flavour your suggestions would be appreciated.


What's a magic user shop? I have very few in my campaigns and those that run them generally trust no one. Oh, you can pick up an odd potion or scroll and your material components easily enough and can generally sell magic items. Buying them is another matter. Generally you have to commission to have one made.

I don't have substitutes for Bard's Gate, I just have Bard's Gate. They have to make that 900 mile trek from the camp.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

A magic item shop is basically what a PC opens when wanting to sell excess loot found while adventuring... ;-)

In all seriousness, I just allow the purchase of consumables. Favors earned from NPCs could allow for further enchantments on weapons or armor (turning the PC's +1 sword into a +1 frost sword).

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I agree with the assesments above regarding magic shops. Typically, I encourage my players to liason with certain institutions in their town of choice to assist in marketing items for them. For example, the church of one of the PC's could buy their gear from them and in exchange craft items for them at a reduced mark-up.

The same could be done easily with a wealthy merchant house or the crown/gov't of a city-state. Further, rogues or bards may have a black market connection that allows them to market items on the sly. (With plenty of roleplaying and adventure hooks to boot with this).

In the old days, (2nd edition AD&D and earlier) your character would just use what he found. Party members usually traded with each other and gauged the "good of the group" for distributing loot.

With the advent of 3rd edition and its evolution into the Pathfinder ruleset, adventuring became about being Batman and having the right tools to clear the next obstacle. That's cool from a tactical standpoint, but has altered the trajectory of the game considerably. Case in point, I have a fighter that has weapon chain feats for swords, armor specialization for heavy, etc, etc and you just killed an epic big bad with a legendary axe and mithral +4 chain. Cool loot right? Yes! Except it nullfies almost my entire build, D'Oh! Of course, some DM's allow you re-train feats, while others do not....

Or, you're a monk and monk items are never found/looted. Some DM's can insert Monk items for your PC, but again, many do not or don't feel like putting that kind of extra work in. What are your characters forced to do, go shopping! PF-Express, never leave your lair without it.

::Rant over::

Scarab Sages

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Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Absolutely agree with the approach to magic items having changed. I like the ad-hoc approach of the older editions. I know some people like planning out their character build with expected magic items to be acquired, but that's too orderly for my taste.

I allow fighters to re-train their weapon-specific feats to let them adapt to newly-found weapons (plus gives an extra boost to fighters).

I could get behind a house rule to allow fighters and fighters only to retrain their weapon feats because that is their sole focus of attention. With figher look a likes, such as rangers and paladins, etc. there is a focus on something else. Yes, they participate in a lot of combat, but they are restricted in their ability to retrain because their focus is divided amongst their other abilities. I may explore this more with my next group...

While I do allow for some feat retraining per Ultimate Campaign such things should be rare and expensive. IMHO builds should be more flexible. For example, our sword and board Paladin picked up King Kroma's Flail. He immediately shed his shield to use it.

As for getting items, I do encourage and allow characters to take item creation feats to fill the gap here and have done so since 3.x. I want my players to be more like Maguiver than Batman and be able to use what they have and find. These specialized builds in Pathfinder may sound cool, butt they allow zero flexibility. I once had a wizard in 3.x that was in a party without a ranger so he took the track feat and became the tracker for the party. Quickly, he had to learn to be out front, not exactly the typical spot for a caster!

Re monks, my players just picked up a +2 amulet of mighty fists in ST as that is the topic here.

How has everyone else handled the evil magical items such as the good slaying arrows and unholy swords?

I gave the cleric an XP bonus for destroying the arrows when another PC wanted to keep them but don't want to turn all unholy items into XP

Hey Geo Fix,
Just dealt with this is Rappan Athuk in which my guys came across Saracek's unholy wounding evil as hell sword (equivalent to a +6), but I make it clear that only a seriously bad dude will pay full price (36,000 gold). The group decided to sell it to a good church (for only 5,000 gold) so that it can be researched and destroyed (at the paladin's request). It caused some good party discussions and the connection with the church shall provide good subplots...

It can also turn into an ad hoc adventure to receive the commission to destroy the evil works. I like that result myself over just selling evil items to make money.

They considered trying to redeem them, but chose to just destroy them. To me there are too many evil items in this to give out XP. Besides, they got a bunch in that encounter as it was. It was enough for them to level to 12. With 2 paladins in that game it was really their duty to do so in their opinion anyway.

Usually for evil items, I have good aligned churces issue a "credit" for evil items turned in to be destroyed. Maybe their next Resurrection is discounted or they get a percentage of the gold value in diamond dust. I reason good churches want less of these items in the world and it serves to incentivize your average get-rich-quick party.

I agree on the Paladins being duty bound to take care of it as well. Kind of comes with the territory methinks.

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We have two paladins as well - as suggested I think I'll put the onus on them to ensure that 'the right thing' is done. It will give them an opportunity to up their role play skills.

I gave the cleric the XP bonus for going against the party (most of whom were suffering from sleeping in Tsar at the time) and agree with brvheart that giving out XP for destruction of evil items in general isn't the way to go.

I'm also going to steal KaiserDM's idea of some sort of credit/recognition from the churches. My group is a bit slow on the information gathering so I might have the churches give them details on Tsar's history.

Thanks All

I like your idea of a credit for turn in KaiserDM, it is just that their church is a long way from Tsar. They would have to teleport there to get their in less than a month of travel time.

Game 31

Roster: Gnome Magus, Suli Sorcerer, Dwarf Cleric, Halfling(kind of) Druid, Half-Elf Paladin, Tiefling Paladin

Reforging Purpose
Last time they had just come back to the camp and tried a few Scry spells on King Kroma, repeatedly failing. (Due to his off plane bonuses.) A camp drunk wandered into the Inn and started bothering them a bit before he wandered off. The druid was there so they started evaluating whether she could quickly create a road between one of the two possible fort locations and Tsar, mostly to have an easy path through the swamp where they could travel faster. They were putting a lot of emphasis on the Last Outpost thinking it would be the best defended and perhaps they could fly in to avoid encounters. Discussing weather problems they decided the hill fort (Firebase of the Damned) was a better idea. Either ways they took a look at their party funds and also looked at terrain ignoring magical boots, but couldn't rationalize spending all their remaining money even if the two crafters (Tiefling's Henchman and the Dwarf Cleric) could get it done fast and cheap. (I did allow them to retcon selling a misplaced +1 Acid Resistance Buckler for convenience.) Either ways they decided to go attack Tsar and do some exploring in the city.

Manbearpig part 2
Leaving the Camp after a night's rest the party encountered the most perfect weather they had seen in the Desolation, which was of course dreary, dusty, with gloomy cloud cover and just a few rays of sunlight. (Rolled very low on the weather chart.) Immediately upon leaving the druid noticed a large bear type creature, which she identified as a Dire Wolf, the same one they saw last game. It appeared to be following the party, and she was able to go up and touch it without it attacking, but not much else. The rest of the party kept its distance as it let out a low growl, so far the druid and the tiefling were able to get near it. Thinking it no more than a nuisance the party left it alone and it followed them.

Jeepers Creepers
About two hours into their journey through the Dead Fields, with the Druid leading them, the half elf felt something grab him from beneath. A skeletal hand reached up from the dust and bony fingers jabbed through a hole in his armor blood spraying (surprisingly high damage from a Morgh). The fight didn't last long, but the half-elf managed to get paralyzed by the Morgh, though the tiefling ran in and killed it. About two hours later (Again!) they managed to spot a similar trap up ahead, a single slowly moving tentacle up ahead in the dust. (Cue jokes about tentacles.) Although it was buried in dust, the sorcerer and druid decided to blast it with Lightning Bolt and Lightning Lord. After a couple of good hits it charges the tiefling who is out in front and the party dispatches it with only a few minor scratches. (The attrition always adds up, to what though?)

Forward to the Breach! (or something)
The next few hours were bringing them closer to the hill fort, it was getting dimmer as 4 pm rolled around and they hadn't seen any more creatures. They were still a half a day from Tsar, but they knew if they forced march two hours they could make it to the fort. The tiefling and the sorcerer ended up getting fatigued, but a few lay on hands fixed it. When they got there it was already dark and the druid used Stone Shape to repair one of the ruined buildings (the one the Clay Golem had been in.) None too soon, because the weather became severe, winds began to obscure vision and make ranged attacks more difficult. Still they set watch as always so they could get some rest for the day ahead.

The Last Night Watch (Just kidding)
First watch was quiet, the sorcerer and the magus held their posts in the small 20x20 shelter, they were only able to watch out of the doorway eastward as there was only one entrance, not far from the eastern edge of the fort. Second watch the weather seemed to calm quite a bit as the dwarf and druid took their turn, each taking an angle on the doorway so they could see opposite directions. The night was quiet, but the druid heard footsteps approaching, almost on top of them. She peeked out the door and saw a beautiful human woman in gossamer veils sneaking up to the doorway. The druid wasn't quite as quick as she hoped and before she could announce her alarm she fell under the domination of the approaching woman (Dominate person by a succubus). Hearing the words of a spell, but unable to identify or see who did it, the cleric cast Invisibility Purge, revealing a black skinned demon with leathery wings and smokey claws standing not to far from him, it charged with a sword covered in blue runes, it bit into him and the cleric felt the world falling away, but he resisted (lesser shadow demon, Greater Glyph: Plane Shift). The woman managed to slip in triggering the Alarm spell waking everyone up, but not before the succubus could slide the cleric's holy symbol away. The invisibilty purge also revealed a small horde of undead ghouls outisde, they appeared to be surrounding something, King Kroma who had enlarged himself. In the next round nearly no one managed to spot the succubus in the dark room and the attention was focused on the demon in the doorway, the cleric moved to block him from entry. The half-elf managed to get up, but couldn't get in close enough to attack due to the small quarters. The succubus seeing a holy sword laying on the ground near the tiefling, picked it up as well as Kroma cast Cloudkill into the building. The cleric had a trick up his sleeve and used a ranged touch heal spell on Kroma, even through the crowds, unfortunately Kroma saved and laughed menacingly. The sorcerer cast Mirror Image and the magus grabbed him and cast Dimension door, 100 feet to the east, down the hill and out of sight of the combat. This left the druid, cleric, and both paladins to fend off a small horde. The two paladins tried to square off against the succubus, the tiefling drawing a kukri and both declaring smite, though terrible rolls by the half elf left her alive as she tried to teleport out. (It's a Spell like ability, but I figured she'd have to use concentration so I just mirrored her other skills of +14, in hindsight she probably would have just got it off, but I wanted to give them a chance.) The druid had been commanded to stay silent, but now the succubus commanded her to heal her, which she started doing keeping it at full health. Making a mad dash away from the paladins, but unable to move past the dwarf the succubus tried to run across the room, but the tiefling grabbed her and the half-elf skewered her, but not before two more rounds of cloudkill (I think the half-elf was down 7 constitution by now, ouch!). The cleric was defending the doorway and trying to get some buffs off with the shadow demon in his face when it backed away and cast magic jar at him, the cleric succeeded, but knew his time was limited as the choking fog sapped his health. The ghouls began swarming the door as Kroma came closer and hit cast Doomwail through the doorway, further reducing some saves and paralyzing the druid. The shadow demon began using his shadow evocations to throw fireballs inside the building. In an effort to deal with King Kroma and realizing some of the monsters were summoned the tiefling activated a swift spell and rushed seamlessly through three lines of ghouls as well as two hidden greater shadows (some level 3 swift paladin spell that allows him to move through enemies and not provoke). He smited Kroma with his reclaimed sword, but the monstrosity still stood glowering with his red glowing eye. Kroma retreated, though the cloud was still overtaking the combat the ghouls swarmed to protect their master as well as the shadows. The tiefling was losing strength quickly, already injured by the cloud, and he wasn't wearing his armor as he slept. He was being clawed to pieces by simple ghouls. By this time the druid was nearly dead, already paralyzed, and not able to dodge the fireballs. She fell to the floor unconscious and the poison gasses ended her, another fireball incinerated her corpse. Nearly dead inside the cloud choked building the half-elf paladin and cleric decided to make a last ditch effort to give the tiefling a chance as they both channeled to kill the undead, felling all of the ghouls, but not the greater shadows. The cleric also had another trick, a ranged Heal spell, which he used on the tiefling restoring all of his abilities and health. The channels having cleared the way to Kroma the Shadow Demon threw another fireball into the room. Kroma followed it up by stepping back and Flamestriking everyone inside and only due to the heroic sacrifice of the tiefling (some spell he had) did the cleric survive the attack (at 1 hp apparently). (The druid corpse was at this point what I referred to “overcooked beef jerky”). Manuevering forward past the shadows the tiefling managed to smite Kroma down, just as the sorcerer and magus arrived who by this point had so many buffs on them and mirror images, they were neigh invulnerable. The half-elf managed to down the shadows with some powerful channels.

Is it over?
(New block of text for ease of reading.) The party gathered around the newly slain undead and with some hesitation began to talk about what just happened. The cleric healed himself a bit, Kroma was dead, but he wasn't wearing his customary crown nor the same dwarven armor, he was wearing simpler gear with spells cast on it to make it magical, temporary magic gear. Examining his gear they saw a glowing red eye that didn't register as magic, but was definitely evil. The cleric and tiefling had a look and the tiefling demanded the cleric destroy it now! (Before thinking about it.) The cleric's warhammer came down and the trap was sprung, a prismatic sphere washed over the group. The cleric was singed, the half-elf saved against some electricity, the sorcerer went insane, the tiefling saved against plane shift, and the magus went insane. After the explosion, they looked around just in time to see the magus casting Detonate in the center of the party, they tried to grab her but were unsuccessful. While the sorcerer babbled, a wave of fire washed over the party and the non-crazy members quickly subdued the magus and sorcerer (although I forgot they were buffed to heck). They were tied up and the cleric cast silence on them and they moved off to talk about an escape plan, no sorcerer no teleport. Meanwhile (I was still rolling for some reason, :) the sorcerer cast a silent still Lightning Bolt on the Tiefling, who promptly beat him unconscious, the magus got the same. It was night and they gathered up the remaining char from the druid's corpse, the cleric used an hour of meditation to memorize a heal spell in an empty slot (apparently this can be done?). He healed the sorcerer which made him sane again luckily and the cleric used Word of Recall to send him, the magus, and the druid corpse back to the Camp. The sorcerer teleported with both paladins, then mishapped four times in a row. They nearly had to walk back, but realized no one had survival, luckily he had another teleport and succeeded.

Resolved to Win
At the Camp there was some heated argument. The sorcerer was ready to use the Dweller at the Crossroads to hunt down Kroma's Phylactery. The cleric was conflicted as he had defeated Kroma and had his bones, he could theoretically return home. The magus was tied up and thrown in a room in the Inn. The druid was “crispified”. The tiefling wanted to regroup and hit Tsar hard and the half-elf was playing games on his phone. The cleric fixed the Magus the next morning healing her of her insanity and they teleported to Magnimar to reincarnate the druid. She stepped away from her old corpse as a young adult half-orc. The party reformed at the Camp and the cleric cast a Commune, mostly centered on Kroma (will post soon).

Fatalities: Halfling Druid
Total Count: 18

Note: I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help, ya'lls advice made the second encounter with Kroma super fun. Everyone was on their toes and cursing their dice! More later.

Xp later. More Notes later.

My PCs are confronting the blood mage.

Fight 1: PCs won, but the primary enemies escaped, leading to....
Fight 2: PCs got their butts handed to them and had to teleport out or they would have most-likely suffered substantial deaths.

Looking forward to Fight 3 in 2 weeks... :)

My group has been working their way down through Kirash Dirgaut having entered through the tower.

After a couple of rough surprises (juju's in armor, floating eggs etc.) the Sumonner sent his Eidelon away and summoned bearded devils to be the first through every door. This worked out especially well for the encounter with the thief in the armoury. He did get the drop on the invisible Summoner but the chopping up of his the thief's devils and the "May I help you?" reaction from the Summoner rattled him. He's now sitting at the top of the tower waiting for them to exit and figuring stealth is the way to go with this group.

The last encounter of the night was the succubus and she proved to be the Summoner's undoing. Dominated, he had his bearded devils keep the rest of the party out while he went into discuss a gift from the sucubus. This left the two paladins somewhat conflicted as the Summoner was still evil, having refused to sleep in the tomb. After a few draining rounds of discussion the Witch dimenstion doored into the room with the Cleric, the Barbarian (who was instantly charmed)and the Ranger who was not charmed and smoked the succubus with a whack of arrows.

The resulting Nefalshnee was furious and shredded the Summoner then went to work on everyone else. It was a nasty fight and I should have used the Nimbus of Light ability sooner but even when I did use it only one PC was dazed and with the Paladin's help the Defalshnee went down. (I rolled a 1 four times during the fight and they were well recieved.)

The group is no just 7,000 xp away from leveling up and their in full meta-game mode, trying to decide if they have enough umph to go for thos e last XP.

@ James,

There is a first level paladin spell: Grace that is a swift action and avoids attacks of opportunity until the end of your turn.

And you did the right thing with the spell like ability:

Go to Spell Like Abilities.

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