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I also have been waiting to download all month. I remember getting the Skitter Shot DL back at the end of July and pretty much all of August I cant download anything. I click, it says click again, I do, it does nothing. Please fix cause I have been looking at D&D 5e since.

I would buy any adventure path they put out in hardcover like the first two! They are great work and will last a long time. Not to mention they are great to read!
I would like to see all AP's come out in hardcover at some point. I dont see why they could not do 2 of them per year.

I have played both a few years ago. And like my wife, I had to make a choice. I chose Fantasy Grounds becasue of a few reasons. One being the support and development of the VTT is within reach. I actually got to talk to a few of the people making the content for FG. I also really liked the program, the look and feel of it, and the way you could customize it and save those things into a repository.
Now that Paizo has embraced the VTT comunity and WotC has a great library for it for playtesting, I went the extra mile and started getting involved in it more. I teach people how to play Pathfinder and soon Starfinder, I am a venture agent for the PFS, and I am getting more involved in the backbone of Fantasy Grounds and putting together a lot of interesting content.

I really like Fantasy Grounds, and yes, because it's the one I chose to put an investment in, I favor it. I would encourage others to look into it now that the "big two" have fully embraced it!

You can add a credit union run by thieves!

Theres Stronfhold builders guidebook for wotc. Id u dont like rules, just give it to him.