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(If this is old news, apologies - please provide a pointer and I'll link back to it.)

I see strong evidence that all of the +0 refining recipes are given to you free/automatically when you train the refining skill high enough to use them. The same is not true of the crafting recipes - there are a handful of +0 item recipes that my long playing alpha 9/10 toons have picked up as loot that aren't learned for free.

Also, there are about thirty refining and crafting recipes (at least one in every skill) that you can craft w/o training any skill whatsoever. EG: Hide and Steel Banded, Introductory Trophy Charm, Pine Buckler, Coarse Yarn, etc. They are marked out in the Official Data spreadsheet as requiring Rank 0. That should make it somewhat easier to get those first Crafting achievement points w/o spending XP outside your preferred craft.

SSpitfire1 and Guildenstern helped me out w/ some raw mats (Thanks!) and I burned through 40K+ XP on a blank toon to collect the data and verify all the refining/crafting skills through level 2 and about half through level 3 before I ran out of XP. REbM2WCA/edit?usp=sharing

Is there official info on recipe origin and availability? Do you think that higher levels of refining training will cease to provide free recipes?

(and hehe - Ryan just posted on the status of EE - maybe no one will even read this... :) )

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Is the final plan for all recipes to be drops?

If not, is there a list of the recipes that are available via the trainers?


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What's the latest on the character name reservation from the Kickstarter? With Early Enrollment imminent, I'm thinking that I've missed my opportunity to reserve my character name.


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I didn't find an existing forum for finding folks to join up with - if there is one I'll move to it.

I backed both kickstarters, didn't go in on the alpha, and I'm very excited for EE! I'm hoping to find some similar folks to join up with before EE so that all those early achievements don't go to waste. :)

I'm generally Neutral Good in my world view and that's how I'll play the game. I'm most excited by the escalation cycles (PVE), the gathering & crafting, and team based PVP.

I'm forty-something, married, with children, live in the Pacific timezone, and have a steady day job working in software.

Are there other folks lurking out there in a similar situation who want to form a new company? Or are you in a company that's looking for players? Post or PM!