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I didn't find an existing forum for finding folks to join up with - if there is one I'll move to it.

I backed both kickstarters, didn't go in on the alpha, and I'm very excited for EE! I'm hoping to find some similar folks to join up with before EE so that all those early achievements don't go to waste. :)

I'm generally Neutral Good in my world view and that's how I'll play the game. I'm most excited by the escalation cycles (PVE), the gathering & crafting, and team based PVP.

I'm forty-something, married, with children, live in the Pacific timezone, and have a steady day job working in software.

Are there other folks lurking out there in a similar situation who want to form a new company? Or are you in a company that's looking for players? Post or PM!


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The Empyrean Order is always looking for new players. We are a NG organization, dedicated to providing a space in which players can play without the threat of random PvP. We won the first landrush and secured a settlement site in the South East mountains. We have several divisions planned for the game, and it sounds like you'd be a good match for our Argent Guard, the PvE focused division. We'd love to have you aboard, and if we sound like your kind of people or want to know more, head over to our forums!

We are a part of the Covenant of the Phoenix gaming organization, which means if you join up with us, you'll find like minded gamers in lots of other games as well! Hit us up over at our forums! Or feel free to PM me any questions you might have!

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If you haven't seen it already, Nihimon has an excellent collection of all the different guild recruitment pages under wishlists on his account info page. Unfortunately most of them don't have a description on the list so finding the right one takes a bit of work.

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Talonguard is an extremely promising Neutral Good settlement.

They have positioned themselves in the crossroads, a place likely to be one of the most relevant positions on the map. They have experienced leadership and so far have shown a knack for sound tactical decisions.

It's the group I really think anyone looking for Neutral Good group that will be strong and successful longterm can't afford to ignore.

PS. I am not a member of Talonguard. I simply believe in what they stand for.

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Sunholm is an international NG settlement. Companies from the USA, Europe, and New Zealand currently call it home. You should PM Kadere of the Torchbearers (New Zealand) or Jericho616 of The Phoenix Brotherhood (USA) for more information on their companies. If you're looking for some cool, laid-back Good companies, you should visit them.

There is also Agents of Erastil, who reside in Blackfeather Keep. It's a single company town in Hex A. They're clerics and paladins of Erastil. You can't get any more good than Paladin good. ;)

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First of all: Welcome!

You might start by looking at Caldeathe's Excellent Spreadsheet, which has details about all the Settlements and their Companies, and the Companies not yet affiliated with Settlements, on the first tab. Contact info is on the second tab.

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Welcome to the boards and the game! If you want to delve right in, I'm sure someone will still have an Alpha invite around somewhere; unfortunately I gave all of mine for this week away already.

I was in exactly your position a few months ago and picked Talonguard. Haven't regretted it since. From your self-description, you should fit right in. So, as much as I disagree with Andius otherwise, I think he got it right this time :-).


Or pm me, if you like. Keep in mind, I'm still somewhat of a newb myself :-).

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