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An 'orc' weapon is what we call a weapon that orcs (at least, those who take martial combat seriously, which is almost all of them) grow up using. Butchering Axes are 'orcish'; they're made by orcs, but they're still unusual. Orc children would love to have butchering axes to play with, but they lack the strength to even begin the rigorous training that's required.

Similarly, katanas are generally made by human smiths. Nevertheless, they're not called 'human katanas', and not all humans are good at using katanas.

I hope this helps.

Jolken Jenkins wrote:
Huh, never seen that weapon before? Where did you find it?

I was going to say, from the Melee Tactics Toolbox, but the honest answer is, I got it from this thread.

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Melee Tactics Toolbox wrote:

Orc Skull Ram

Two-Handed Exotic Weapon
Cost: 15 gp Damage: 1d10 ×3 Weight: 20 lbs. Type: B Special: Reach

This weapon consists of a wooden log with a shoulder strap to carry some of the weight. The name comes from the orc tradition of making the ram’s head out of a large skull. On a successful critical hit with a skull ram, you can attempt a combat maneuver check to bull rush your opponent as a free action.

Or, from the technology guide, the Laser tORCh?

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Oddman80 wrote:
Thank you, Mr. Nice Orc. I was going to say the exact same thing - but I see you've beaten me to the punch. Your speed at posting thoughtful responses is only exceeded by your kindness on consideration towards others.

Thank you, friend. A kindly halfling couple raised me to be considerate of the feelings of others. There is never a sufficient reason in this world to abandon politeness! And while it is true that my adoptive parents were taken by the slavers who burned their village and I swore bloody vengeance upon humanity, I have never disregarded the lessons they taught me.

Should we ever run into one another in person, I will endeavor to use my butchering axe with careful precision so as to give you the cleanest possible death. Good luck!

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Hello! I'm just dropping in to say that the idea orcs are naturally good with weapons like this is a little bit problematic.

Why, just because humans invented the Fauchard, it doesn't mean we should call it a Human Fauchard and assume that all humans are natural Fauchard-users!

Personally, I do use a Butchering Axe for butchering my foes, but I had to work long and hard to get any good at it, and it's a little bit irritating to have people make the somewhat racist assumption that it was easy for me! Yes, it was invented by an orc, but he created it as a test of strength and skill, not a convenient weapon that anyorc could use.

Remember: killing orcs may be an important part of being an adventurer, but hurting our feelings isn't.