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After reading the whole ruleset for the playtest, I get so disapointed.

Im not going to lie, there were some rules that I liked (equipment section only).

But as a responsible customer, one who take care of what i buy and such, why do i need to move to pf2 if the rules offers nothing new at all?

I mean, Racial Powers (now called Feats) were in D&D4thE. Class Powers (now called class feats) were in D&D4thE PHB.

Someone told me last night "the half elf and half orc are a feats only for humans"... yea, but that was also a rule from 4thE. You need to be a human, and take the "half vampire feat" to make your human a dhampir.

Skills: they overcomplicated the things you could do without feats in PF1, now you realy will need a feat to take a shower or so.

I think that paizo´s crew need to remember why we all moved to Pathfinder 1 back in 2008: because we all dislike D&D4thE.

Gladly this is the first step for what seems will be a loooong playtest (if they hear us all). So, with a lot of luck, we, the testers have a lot of work to do to make it the game we want/need/desrerve.

I will not test this round, tell me when round 2 is out because this one really sucks

I received the NPC CODEX BOX from Amazon.com today, and almost everything was well done as always, but one of the sheets was printed with diferents artwork in each of its sides. the current issue are for pawns 47 to 79 and the large horse pawn n°337 and in the other side it has the pawns reversed from 83 to 101 included the serpent large n°340 pawn.

What can I do?

So, I found this open office archive to make my own pawns, but this is only for medium creatures. Can someone tell me which are the high and broad for large and huge pawns for this open office sheet?

http://rpghacker.com/rpg-hobby-games/diy-pathfinder-beginner-box-style-pawn s/

I create the mythic Whipblade weapon that we have love since we know it exist. it is a blade which one of my personal character develop in the 3.5 days ago, and I were recreated it for PFRGP

(Customizable mechanical Sword)
Doble weapon, Trip, fragile.
Melee 1d8 (19-20 X 2)
Ranged (whip form) 1d6 (20 X2)
4 lb,
Cost: the normal price plus, triple masterwork (2 for the both weapons in the weapons [whi abd blade], and one assuming the mechanical devices cost).

It came with the Numerian technology, and created by the Bugbears who dwells there, in the search for a truly weapon which can do more than only slash their prey, also they want to bring pain and suffer to they enemies.

It is a blade, created with secionated sharpened-hollow metal plates attached to a metal string from inside, with a trigger (like a gun) mechanism in the hilt.

Mechanic: when you push the trigger (swift action to activate and free action to retrieve), the blade unleash the spring inside it and let the plates unfold and sectionate into a 5 metal sharped plates which extend 10ft long.

It fits for shadowdancers, and there are other versions of this blade (Short, Scimitar and Bastard).

Whipblade (Short)
(Customizable mechanical Sword)
Doble weapon, Trip.
Melee 1d6 (19-20 X 2)
Ranged (whip form) 1d4 (20 X2)
2 lb,

Whipblade (Scimitar)
(Customizable mechanical Sword)
Doble weapon, Trip.
Melee 1d8 (19-20 X 2)
Ranged (whip form) 1d6 (20 X2)
4 lb,

Whipblade (Bastard)
(Customizable mechanical Sword)
Doble weapon, Trip.
Melee 1d10 (19-20 X 2)
Ranged (whip form) 1d8 (20 X2)
6 lb,

The whipblade version of the weapons, weights the same because they are hollow blades, also, they suffer a halved condition (hardness 8) because it nature.
The fragile condition do not broke the weapon, only active the trigger. but you need a full round action to reacomodate the plates into the solid form.

i know Midnight mauler and murder´s mark were in ustalav, someone knows another which runs throgh ustalav from 3rd 4th or 5th session?

Hi! I´m searching for a pathfinder version of Skilltricks from Complete Scoundrel from 3.5. some one has already done it for pfrpg?

Actually, i want to make Equipment traits as a Skilltricks too.

If someone can help me and hand it to me the pathfinder version for skilltricks :3

Yes why
no why
txs btw

this spell says


(Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting)

Evocation [Force]
Level: Sorcerer 4, Wizard 4,
Components: V, S, M,
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 0 ft.
Effect: A spearlike beam
Duration: 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

A faint, gray, shimmering force in the general shape of a staff or spear springs from your hand.
You can freely make the force retract or grow to any size from 1 foot to 20 feet, but it always remains a straight lance of force.
This gives you natural reach of 20 feet.
You can use the thunderlance to make powerful melee attacks.
The thunderlance strikes as a Huge longspear, dealing a base 2d6 points of damage (crit x3).
You only need one hand to wield the thunderlance, and you suffer no nonproficiency penalties if you do not have Martial Weapon Proficiency (longspear).
The thunderlance strikes with a Strength score equal to 12 + your caster level (maximum +15) which replaces your own Strength score when you make attack and damage rolls with the spell.
If you successfully strike a target protected by any force effect of 3rd level or lower, such as a shield or mage armor spell, the thunderlance may dispel the force effect in addition to damaging the target.
Make a dispel check against the caster who created the effect.
If you succeed, the effect is dispelled.
The thunderlance remains whether you succeed or fail at this check.
You can choose to attack objects or to use the Strength score of the thunderlance for Strength scores involving breaking or damaging items.
Material Component: A small metal spear.

I was Wondering why we need a Fly Skill... i mean, spend points even for creatures who can fly, that´s not so clever to me btw

I suggest to use Fly like Concentration

So, when the enemies and violent enviroment affect fly maneuverability, you need to make a Fly check

For the DC´s check the concentration table and drop the phrase Spell Level and change Casting for Flying and voilá!

rebalance are made!!

we are using it since two months from now and it works fine, and feel better to my group

any ideas?

Hi people!!
Im making some house rules and im here to share, if you like something only ask, ill triy to update this one every chance i have
i would love the feedback.

so, let´s begin:

All scores becomes important.

-dexterity for light and one handed slashing and piercing weapon attacks.
-Strenght for bludgeoning and two handed weapons Attacks.
-str bonus always goes for damage.

-Armor as DR subsystem (pathfinder tweeked version)
-Piece meal armor (d20 Diablo 2 version)
-Hit points replaced by Wounds and Vigor from d20 Stars Wars system

-Skill Points only taken at 1st level (check dc is your own relationed ability with some pluses as DC [much like in 2nd edition but towards up instead of down]), then at 4th level and every four level thereafter you aquire more skill points.
-A new system for alchemy (based on the witcher series)
-A new system for item creation (based on demon and dark souls series)
-A new system for alchemy (based on the witcher series) Now have the alchemy skill worth evrything!!
-A new system for item creation (based on demon and dark souls). Forget the problems and take this ones!!
-Weapon proeficiencies comes at first level for weapons and armors (no more the same fighter in the game with all those options that youll never gonna use)

-Intimidate (Constitution + Charisma/2) and Dipplomacy (Intelligence + Charisma/2) (Bluff inserted here) becomes scores, nor skills,
-Sense motive goes away, now you use youre Will save check against the opposite roll as dc.

-Armor size require specific scores
-weapons have prerrequisites scores needed to can be used. the penalties come as you use the weapon without the stat, or the proficiency (proficiencies can be used as a weapon focus three).

-some feats like exotic weapon, focus and specialization feats goes away.
-Arcane Iniciate: non arcane casters or non caster character can use theyre int modifier as slots, maximum level as the mod itself.
with this feat you learn a cantrip.

-Divine Zealot: non Divine casters or non caster character can use theyre wis modifier as slots, maximum level as the mod itself.
with this feat you learn a orizon.

you need take 1 of each level before take one from higher level.
Now you wizard can heal and your cleric can blast (also one of this feats becomes prerreq for theurge master).


So this is mostly what we play at my home.
good point: the system stand alone and works perfectly with evrythin.
bad point: a lot of work to do

i hope your comments, and i know you probably shock and hate because it isnt raw. but i think this was a necesary upgrade.

Hi there, i need some help here!

at my place (all of you are invited when you are neraby), im running an always ustalaian campaigns because its seems more fiteable to my party.

so, i was decided to implement some elements form Ravenloft and Eberron (my 2 favorite campaigns).
So im planning to mix the counties with some domains of dread, because the Rule of Fear has a little information on it (no populations, short description, no fauna, no monsters, no nothing useable, even npc stats on it), thats why im putting the old flavor of a well made fashionated rule setting (Wes i hate you for all the job i have to do, im still waiting an errata for this crap piece of esque book you made here).

Things to do:
12 houses of the dragon, and in all avistan the lightningriel, airships, and those things, Patente de corso thing for all the world, and the ID papers you need to carry to travel one country to another.
an new Ustalavic Ethnity (varisian wanderers breeds), different coins and languages for the 3 regions (Soivoda, The Palatinates, and Vyrlich [even if vyrlich is abandoned long time ago])
Outcast Rating, Magic Rating, Cultural Level.
Vistani, and half-vistani races
Calibans (because Half-Orcs are very hatred in the country)

Now, im starting with Amaans, which will be the same region as Darkon and put in there the Zal´honan family as a noble family living there.

Someone can give me some ideas?

im wondering why the +3 at the class skills are some sort of OP
i feel that +3 is very abusive at all

at my table, i try to make a hard skill encounters (traps, falls, climbs, etc), but there´s a little chance to realy offer a challenge to the characters!!

Concentration is a skill no more, now is just a check (good improvement), but now, the highest DC for a spell is 38 (20+18) to can actualy need that check you need a lvl 17th character, so: 17+4(combat casting)+5(casing mod assumming it was a bad status)=+26 to the check, yo only need a 12 on the roll (40% probability of success).

With the skills, you have less than that check almost every time!!
dc 15 for a standard DC...

i was moving for the 3.5 skill system, that way, all characters get a X4 skill points at the beginning, and we can say good bye to that annoying +3.

Me encantaría saber quienes hablan español por acá

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i made one rule like this one for 3.5 some years ago, and my players still enjoy it.

Path: path is the name i made for the level 0 it represent the way youre character lives her life before becoming a Hero, and it represents what he does when his in a town, working in downtime!!

HD: Racial HD (humanoid d8)
Skills: 1+int mod (max 1 rank and the rule aplies normaly when reach level 1)

lvl Bab F/R/W/ Special
0 +0 +1to1 2 traits, 1 Ocupation (from Tome of Secrets), Bonus Feat

1000 xp are needed to reach level 1st

Weapon and Proficiencies:
All character are proficient with simple weapons, no armor, no shields.

its flavorful for long play characters. Perfect to play with slow xp rate

Hi there, i was wondering how to make spell points/pools instead spell slots. i was reading the power words but jezz its hard to figured out that i quit with that system.

So, spell points, the initial idea is this:

Spell points = mod+lvl for sor/wiz, clr and drd.
those who cast max level 6th is mod+1/2 level
and those who cast until level 4th get spell points equal mod+level-3

the spell cost is 1 point per spell level (fireball cost 3 spell points, etc)

and plus, one spell point per spell slot he already has in his pool
so a 1st level sorcerer will have 3+cha mod+1 spell points and a 20th level sorcerer will have a 20+cha mod+ 54 (6*9) spell points
a wizard will have 1+1+int mod at 1st and 20+36 [9*4] + int mod at 20th
Spell knowns dont change.
and maybe spell point feats and so.

Cantrips and Orizons do not grant nor cost spell points

im still figuring out if it worth at all or crushed at some point.

any idea?

hi every one!!
i just started playing a magus, and i make this spellbook... i just want to share. and im going to upload soon the next level spells... i just dont have time right now
you can downlad it here

i mean, one feat for use one weapon, shield, armor or alike is nonsense at all, or even why dont drop that feat and make it a buyeable by coin knowledge?

I (a fighter), want to learn how to use the weapon i recently found in a treasure (katana), and i came at the town and ask for the weapon and so, then i pay to the weapon trainer an ammount of gold for learn how to use it?

the same for armors and shields?

one feat to rule them all... errr

So my question is:

Why if you drop the use rope skill mantain this feats so useless (weapon proficiency, exotic weapon proficiency(Light/Medium/Heavy) armor/shield proficiencies feats)?

why dont just make it a proficiency skill or even a price to pay for requirement?

“The cards brought them together, binding them one to another. First, the ambitious Queen Mother—a Varisian harrower
descended from a bloodline of death; yet now she craves undeath. Her readings found the others. The Survivor—a vampire
lord from the Tyrant’s army, reluctantly ready to serve anew. The Sickness—a disease-ravaged daughter of Thuvia; she
who shunned the Pallid Princess to embrace Him Who Gnaws. Last comes the Lost One—victimized by alchemy; an
unseen killer carrying out his Reaper’s murderous will. All of them, dangerous adherents of the Whispering Way.”
—A nighttime harrow reading by Madame Aishe Trinowa, 4710 ar

Rival Guide is a Campaignt Setting Book, which has resently gifted to me by my girlfriend, a couple of weeks ago, and checking it (today), i notice this guys are from Ustalav, and has a flavor issue with the WW...

someone can tell me if they shows up in 5th or 6th AP (i still haven´t those)?

if not; are someone use them for any part?

i was wondering about the bunch of npcs classes in other books and systems and why we just have those five npc classes every time?


in eberron was the Magewrighter
in ravenloft was the prophet

And theres others from others companies which escape at this moment, but the wholy idea is that: why there´s only five of them?

i wish paiso makes theyre own npc classes for flavor. maybe something relative with the campaign (pathfinder)

mmmm lets try something here:

hp: d8
skills: acrobatics, , craft, perform, proffesion, knowledge (local, history, arcana, nature), survival.
Proficiencies: simple weapons, no armor nor shield, and they select a specific kind of martial weapons.

there are a bunch of gipsyes over the world, there nomads who travel with theyre kin and protect themselves against the evil deeds!!

lvl bab f/ r/ w special
1 +0 +0/+0/+2 Gipsy performance(+2 rounds every 1/3 levels as a bard)
2 +1 +0/+0/+3 -
3 +2 +0/+0/+3 sneak attack 1d4 (as a rogue but every 4 lvls)
4 +3 +1/+1/+4 -
5 +3 +1/+1/+4 Gipsy hospitality/hatred
6 +4 +1/+1/+5 -
7 +5 +2/+2/+5 cantrips (from witch list)

the gipsy is a community of peoples who lives traveling over the world and theyre are full of gossips and mistery.
protectives and enjoyable are those who lives the way as a Gipsy, dancing, singing, acting. more of this

if u like. you can make the rest of the remaining levels!

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im running this AP, and sadly, theres no minis nor pawns for this adventure path, i guess we realy enjoy the pawns for this one (i mean, important npcs, and unique monsters and so) but i realy want to know how many people like me, want this come true... maybe if paizo see this can be affordable, then, they make it for us!!

i actualy are waiting my pawns from amazon (Bestiary, Shattered Star, and RotRL)...

So, please, leave a comment with yes or no for this pawns!!

maybe if you put this one and the pact magic as one pdf the community commit with this one (2 pdf for 4
99 or something)

ok folks, im still running the HoH (with other party) and beginning TotB with main party.

I was thinking how it works for the game, if all the pcs were a vampires for the last adventure?

i read it tough, and, i realize its dont really matter.

So, what do you think about convert them in vampires?
which will be the end for them?

they stay at the vampire´s places, or maybe try to make theyre own realm of terror and dread?

im wondering if youll gona flesh out the minis pack like rotrl or ss or alike minis, or even pawns... im waiting for them and still nothing (actualy i neither know if your planning to do such a thing, and i has to say it would be great)

Thanks in regards

hi, im looking for an answer about one of your products. The item is:

Campaign Setting: Rule of Fear

the book in page 10 and 30 says there will be some description that actually it doesnt. after a some time, W. F, Schneider launch a post here with one of the missings descriptions, and says that was because the space on that book they have to cut it off. so, im wondering if you are going to launch a pdf errata with the kavapesta map, and settlement (because he says he has to "cut it off" i guess the pages were made)

so, i will be happy if you do this. to make me feel less unconfortable with. i already try to get my money back (because to my toughs, the item is uncomplete), i buy it at amazon, and theres a huge way to me to get my money back.

im from another country, and really, i dont wanna pay more for an item wich i dont want.

Txs in regards

in de module carrion hill only comes the map and some dungeons, two or three important npcs...

but where can i find its complete detail?

i buy the rule of fear and there is nothing about a carrion hill

why he calls antipaladin anyway?
why dont say Dark paladin or alike?
antipaladin can be a rogue because hes does the oposite than a paladin?
a silly question i guess, but, why?

why theres not an anti-any class then?
anti rogue, anti fighter, anti everything?

i like the dark knight for an oposite of a knight, obviously a beter verdsion of a cavalier than in ´pfrpg made by my self

sorry, im only wondering why,... txs 4 reading

hi i recently start a dming the carrion crown to my players, and since the begining i want to make more suitable to my players...

first of all: my players dont will adopt the idea of lorrimor as an background friend... to give them more flavor i do switchers:

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sorry if this is not the place to ask but i have an issue with wone 3.5 spell the lat sunday...

... and i wish to know if someone can help me please.

Level: Sorcerer/wizard 2
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 immediate action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 round/level
Two short, otyughlike tentacles sprout from
under your arms to hang limply at your
sides. When you think of grappling, the
tentacles twitch to life and wave about as
if seeking a foe.
You grow two tentacles that grant you
a +4 circumstance bonus on grapple
checks. These tentacles cannot attack,
hold objects, manipulate items, or perform
any action other than grappling.
If your caster level is at least 9th, you
grow four tentacles instead, and the
circumstance bonus increases to +8.

1.- that means if i cast it, then those tentacles can attak with grapple thread as a free action?
2.- they provoke AoO
3.-as a mage which cast it, can attack bymyself or what?
Really we will apreciate if u can help us!!

my group, i, and Harrowstone will thanku in regards!!

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im making a new rule for the spell casters where they can cast a second spell without metamagic feat:

check this out:

with the actualy movement rule, a wizard can cast a free action, swift action spells and he has a full round action and move action for spell casting.

without mess with move, or free and sift action casting, we get an extra full roun action spell

the wizard gets his second base attack at 12th level (+6/+1) so when he want to cast a second spell he has to do something like two weapon fighting with -2 at the attacks (if any) and -2 to concentration checks for boths:

max spell level he can cast will be 6th level/1st level spells, in this case, at level 20th the spellcaster can cast at max 9th level spell/5th level spell

hi, and good day to every one in paizo and thanks for reading me

im from mexico, and have a question:

did you can send dices set, starting box, and minis to my country?
cause in amazon i cant buy it cause theyre toys

i just done to test this one class, and i fun a lot
shes like a john mclane type, dodging attacks, slide and cinematics action like slide on the floor until get your friend and duck him to avoid threat and maclane gains deeds

remember stalone´s demoletor screaming
Finiiiiiiiiiiiix while jumping off the chop, in mid air?
if u like that scene
then a gunslinger is for you