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Sounds pretty Fantastic. I know the players in my area will be excited to hear. Offering perks for bought items is something Paizo has been doing for a while and has been pretty up front an honest about.

It is not much different than the Boons out of the Pathfinder Tales, the Free Reroll from having an official shirt or any of the other incentives to support the company.

I know the PFS members in my region have a great deal of faith in the Paizo staff to keep things in check, and make sure things are kept well and balanced.

Lets face it - keeping the PFS and other aspects of Paizo cost money. Pathfinder Online is something they are pouring much effort in to. So bottom line if you want to get the boon, if you want to support the company providing one of your hobbies, if you want to pitch in because you are interested in Pathfinder Online - These are all good and valid reasons to toss in five bucks.

If you are not interested in the boon, have no interest in Pathfinder Online, or just don't want to toss in money for any other varied reasons, than don't. No harm - no foul.

I'll be tossing in my monies - Boon be darned - I am having high hopes for the Pathfinder Online game. :3