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No weapon, no weapon fusion.

But an attack roll is not skill check. The rule as written says it applies to skill checks. Am I missing something?

Definitely. Armor Storm spec, and don't forget to describe the use of your jump Jets when he does the arm bar mid suplex ;)

I've got a bombard soldier who acts as a support/medic and is practically the MVP. I have the party find grenades because it makes a very cool character concept quite viable, and it's fun. Also his knowledge and background allows him to know where to look for weapons lockers, etc. if he makes appropriate skill checks. What makes him so valuable is the status effects, not the damage.

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My favorite ways to get my players over losing SP include comparing Stamina Points as "shield points" for their real HP. Players savvy to that mechanic from a bajillion other games don't sweat it so much of they're not "at full health". Also, explain that your SP is more like how tough you FEEL. Would you go to the ER if you feel run down? No, you go there so they can address damage to your bodily health (hp). You call up your buddy, the Envoy to psych you up when you feel down! Now your feeling like your old self again, and while you're at it, GET EM!! :)

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I think it's actually commendable that Paizo has laid the groundwork with a "BADGUY" race that is by its definition known for something that is morally reprehensible according to today's social dynamic. I think it's a risky, but interesting bit of responsibility to hand us g4m3Rzzz. By that I mean, we are given the opportunity, as GMs to say to our players, "Oh, you like good v evil? Let's see where you draw that line when my world building makes you look at your world view."

Gamers are creative people, and I for one am proud to think that for every hack-and-slash dungeon crawl, somewhere out there is a campaign going on that really makes its players think.

Cheers to us all for learning life lessons while rolling pieces of plastic around on a table!