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I’m all about Wizkids unpainted miniatures. For me, they’re the best rpg product to come along in years. Maybe decades.

I don’t care for prepainted minis and I dislike the blind box model.

I’m relatively confident once the mess with ND is cleared up WK will release unpainted miniatures for Starfinder.

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Please. Please. Please. Let this lead to an unpainted line. I adore what Wizkids has done with their unpainted miniatures.

Quite frankly, I’ve been holding off getting into Starfinder until such a thing came to pass.

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I hope this bodes well for Wizkids to also produce unpainted miniatures for Starfinder.

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Got my rulebook today in Portland, Oregon! Yea!

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I'm a minis guy through and through. I love little plastic (metal, if I have to)3D representations of characters and creatures and whatnot and won't play without them.

And, yet, the Beginner Box taught me the value of the stand up pawns, and I find myself very excited by the announcement of the Bestiary Box. These won't replace miniatures for me, but they will be a fantastic supplement!

Yet again, thank you Paizo!

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I picked up my set at my local shop the day before last. I love them. Very well done. So very much looking forward to Heroes & Monsters!

....and still hoping Paizo creates a skirmish game!

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Cyderak wrote:

So, like I said, I would'nt be surprised if Paizo farmed out the work that Wizkids cannot do to other companies all the while keeping the business that WizKids can do, with Wizkids.

The only problem with that theory is that Wizkids can handle miniatures on that scale, and have in the past with Heroclix. They've done Fin Fang Foom, Galactus and the Spectre which would all be in the Colossal scale.

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Cole Cummings wrote:
in the years since WotC birthed the idea of random miniatures

...just to pick nits, and not that it has anything at all to do with your point...but, Wizkids was doing random minis long before WOTC got into it. Wizkids launched the first blind-packaged collectible minis game, Mage Knight, in 2000.

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Honestly, i don't care for randomized minis either...HOWEVER, the problem I see is that many people look at it as Pre-painted random miniatures vs Pre-painted NON-random miniatures when the reality is our choice is Pre-painted random miniatures or NO pre-painted Pathfinder line AT ALL.

Given those options I wil happily choose random miniatures over no miniatures.

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Liz Courts wrote:
hayseed wrote:
Any news on backorders for this item?
It looks like our main distributor is out, and we're looking into getting a hold of it from another supplier, but right now, it's not looking promising. :(

I believe the 25th Anniversary edition is sold out on the manufacturer & distribution levels, but Catalyst has replaced this with the Introductory Box Set.

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It was originally due in August by Gen Con, but some production issues held it up. I think it's targeted for September or October now.

Note to Paizo staff: This game is being produced by Plaid Hat Games, NOT Catalyst (as it says in the product listing on this site)

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I don't wish to cast dispersions, and I'm sure the final product will look great...BUT...I.ve never seen a situation where the mass produced final product is actually better than the paint master. Production pieces generally show some form of degradation from the prototype.

I'm a long-time fan and customer of Wizkids, but I've never encountered a production piece that looked better than the promotional images.

The only reason I even mention this is to, perhaps, manage expectations. Will the final product be good? I'm sure it will, and I'm super excited for the Pathfinder Battles line. It's actually a pretty big factor in my decision to get into Pathfinder. But unless Wizkids has come up with a new process for these minis than that which they use on their other lines, I expect some paint slop, or mis-aligned paint masks or any other the myriad of mishaps that can occur in production..

That being said, the minis in their recent Star Trek Expeditions board game are some of the best I've seen from Wizkids. Really tight.

Bottom line, I can't wait for these minis...just don't be surprised if they're not markedly better than the paint masters.

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Sigh. Is it October yet?

Or, better...is it December yet?

(the waiting...oy...the waiting)

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I was listening to a podcast recorded at one of the Paizocon seminars where they were discussing the upcoming Skull & Skackles AP, and that there'd be rules for naval combat.

I was thinking, given the new relationship Paizo has with Wizkids, if WK was to produce a Skull & Shackles-based set of their old Pirates Constructible Miniatures Game to make some relatively inexpensive pirate ships to use along with that AP.

I think it'd be a fantastic idea (especially if WK made them backwards compatible with the old Pirates game which was pretty fun).

Of course, I also want to see lots and lots of pirate minis in the Pathfinder Battles line, too!

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Tamago wrote:

The main reason why one would not want a minis game is that it would take time to develop and produce. Every developer-hour spent creating a minis game is a developer-hour that could be spent creating new content for the core RPG line. Essentially, would you rather see a minis game, or another RPG rulebook?

Not necessarily. Paizo doesn't really have the experience in a straight-up miniatures game, so they'd likely have to bring in a developer to exclusively oversee that line and therefore no development time is taken away from the RPG. That's one possible scenario.

And, as someone else pointed out, if the RPG release schedule had to ease up some to accomodate the development of tabletop miniatures game that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

As for your last question above, it's not a matter of a minis game OR an RPG book. It would most likely be a minis game AND an RPG...just not as soon...

Tamago wrote:

There is also the possibility that people who would be playing the full Pathfinder game would instead play the minis game, reducing the audience for the Pathfinder RPG in general. Though, personally, I don't think that the people interested in a minis game would stop playing the RPG, so I think that argument is not as strong.

Yeah, not really a strong argument. I don't really see that happening, at least not in any capacity to adversely affect Paizo's revenue stream from the RPG.

I'm coming TO the RPG from being almost exclusively a minis games player. I haven't played D&D since around '95. It's been minis and boardgames since then. I just recently have started getting into Pathfinder. While I'm loving the RPG...I'd sure dig a minis game set in the Pathfinder world as well.

A miniatures ruleset, separate from the RPG, would provide a new revenue stream from Paizo. While, either earlier in this thread or another thread entirely, someone from Paizo said IF there was to be a minis game they'd be the one to produce it...it's also a viable option to outsource the game entirely to Wizkids. The licensing fee and whatever percentage of sales Paizo would receive would still be a new revenue stream AND it wouldn't take any development time from the RPG.

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Pax Veritas wrote:
Please, please, please do not water down Pathfinder RPG with a minis game.

Just because a minis game is not something you want doesn't mean that it is a bad thing. As others have pointed out, there are a lot of positives for such a product (extra sales revenue, gateway for new RPG players, etc).

I would love to see a minis game for Pathfinder Battles, and I don't think it would water down the RPG in the least.

Why do you feel it would?

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I'm hoping that the upcoming Skull & Shackles AP inspires a LOT of pirate minis in future sets! The more pirates the better!

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Mazra wrote:
Since Paizo is thankfully insistent on quality, my guess would be there will be more than adequate packaging to insure us receiving the miniatures intact whether we are in the US, Canada, Europe or anywhere.

Wizkids has also significantly changed the way it packs the minis within a booster to better protect them.

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Hobbun wrote:

Besides, even though the dragon has some exclusiveness to it (only when ordering a case), I am guessing there will still be an MSRP associated with it.

If Wizkids runs it the way they have with similar Heroclix promotions, no, there isn't an MSRP.

With Heroclix they've had a "Buy it by the Brick" program wherein if you bought a brick (generally 10 boosters, shrink wrapped together) you would receive the promotional figure for free.

The Black Dragon seems to be a similar promotion, only with a case and not a brick. Sadly (as I don't see being able to afford a case).

I'm not trying to argue, just pointing out how Wizkids has done this in the past. Remember, this is a Wizkids product, not Paizo.

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Hobbun wrote:

However, it would be nice to get a price on the black dragon.

The way it's being offered, it will be up to each individual retailer to set his/her own price.

However, if you order a case...you should, I would think, get one.

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Not sure if this is new news or not...but, just in case some haven't heard..here's the details on the Black Dragon promotion:

Game Trade Magazine wrote:
Retailers can order (1) dragon for every case (four "bricks") of minis they pre-order before October 12, 2011.


Time to talk to my FLGS and let him know I want one!

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Steel_Wind wrote:

I don't consider Chronicles to be a profanity laced podcast -- but that doesn't mean it's not there. After listening, you may have a different point of view. YMMV.

I didn't mean to imply anything negative, really. Just a personal choice that I make on what to listen to while my daughter is in the car with me. I'm very much looking forward to listening while I am out and about on my own.

Steel_Wind wrote:

There are some podcasters who swear by 20 minute segments, max, as the length for any piece in a podcast and they further believe that any podcast more than 1 hour in length is a VERY BAD IDEA. In terms of maximizing listeners based upon the overall average commute length -- that may well be true. .

Another gaming podcast that I've been listening to for a couple of years now is the D6 Generation, and it averages between 3-1/2 to 4 hrs per episodes (which come out about every two weeks). I love it. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with shorter podcasts, per se, but I personally would rather read a nice long novel than a short story any day. Gimme a podcast with some meat, I say! ;-)

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I just downloaded this today. Not had the opportunity yet to give it a listen (especially with that "explicit" tag on iTunes. Means no listening in the car while my 6 yr old is with me - which is most of the time)...but looking forward to it. Especially the Greg Vaughan interview. I'm brand spanking new to Pathfinder, and Greg GM'd the PFS game I played in last Saturday morning at Gen Con.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
David Wickham wrote:
Is there any Pathfinder Battles game in the works?
We do not currently have any concrete plans regarding a separate miniatures game. Is that something you'd like to see?

YES! I'd love to see a dedicated minis ruleset.

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I'll be tweeting from Fri - Sun


As well as covering the event on theruralgamer.blogspot.com

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This is, I think, my 5th Gen Con, and I couldn't be more excited.

This is also my first as a newbie to Pathfinder. In fact, I'll be playing in my first ever game of Pathfinder on Sunday at the con. So, I'll certainly be coming by the Paizo booth.

Well, I'd be coming by anyways since I'm press and need to take pictures of the booth and so on.

Just a few more days!

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LazarX wrote:
Umm it's not the silver surfer but a very drunk gamer dreaming he's the Surfer.

Which is why I said in my original post that it was a dream sequence...

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It's a dream sequence I presume, but check this out:


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No, these are new all-new editions, not clearance or remainder product.

Go to Fall River Press for shots of the covers, page count, etc.

Tarzan of the Apes and Princess of Mars were just release this month. Gods of Mars is due next month. The link above has more releases listed...

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Just an FYI to interested folk,

Fall River Press is producing nice new trade paperback editions of ERB's Tarzan series and Mars series. Nice new cover art and $7.95. I picked up Princess of Mars today, and looking forward to finally reading these stories...

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I went to Gen Con as press. I write for an action figure collecting site, so I thought it was a good opportunity to share my love for gaming with the collecting audience.

One of my Gen Con reports touched on Paizo and Planet Stories.


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I'm reading The Callahan Chronicles right now (which contains the first three books in the Callahan series). Found a copy recently at a local Half Price Books! Good stuff.

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I visited one of our local Half Price Books locations today and they had a spinrack of old sci fi (mostly) novels for $1. Another location had a similar rack, but their's were $3 (which is where I picked up the entire Asimov Lucky Starr series)...

...anyway, I found some books today from the Laser Books imprint, which it turns out was an imprint of Harlequin back in the 70s. I picked up 5 of them. One was by Jerry Pournelle, and I'm not familiar with the authors of the others - Christopher Lampton (Cross of Empire), The Meddlers (J.F. Bone), and Robert Hoskins (Master of the Stars).

There were apparently some 58 titles in the series. All stand alone. And, all the books featured covers by Kelly Freas, which is worth the price of the books to me!

Anyone familiar with these? Is there fodder for Planet Stories in these stories? I don't know how many have been reprinted. According to Wiki, some manuscripts were butchered by Laser Books

The series was edited by Roger Elwood. I need to look it up, but there was an author of Christian fiction in the late 80s/early 90s by that name who seemed to come out with a book every other month or so...

Curious to hear others thoughts on this series of novels? Any stand outs?

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I'm anxiously awaiting Before They Were Giants. I love anthologies (an opinion sadly contrary to the general public, so I hear).

I'll also pick up the Pathfinder novel. I don't RPG, but the overall quality of the setting (from products I've seen and perused) make it intriguing to me.

But, yeah, Before They Were Giants is high on my Must Read list!

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I'd love to see Earthmen and Strangers (edited by Robert Silverberg) back in print. I've got a beat to heck copy from 1968..and would love to see this anthology get a nice new edition.

I love the cover of the 68 edition, complete with bubble helmeted spaceman!

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BeneathTheEarth wrote:
I just do not see the appeal of ebooks. I mean, I realize that it saves space but I love my book shelf and I love watching it grow all the time. And I love old school cover art.


There's nothing like the feel of paper beneath my fingertips as I read a book.

I think ebooks are fantastic for textbooks, so students don't need to haul around 200lbs of textbooks or for readers who aren't concerned with the 'collecting' aspect of books.

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Cool. Thanks!

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Just curious if there was anything Planet Stories-related announced at the recent Paizo Con...

I'm reading my first PS book now (Secret of Sinharat) and loving it!

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Resurrecting an old thread to see if there's been anymore discussion about prints based on Planet Stories covers.

I think it's a fabulous idea!

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I just got my first two Planet Stories volumes (Secret of Sinharat and Worlds of Their Own), and I'm dying to dive into them as soon as I finish "Voyage of the Space Beagle" that I'm currently reading!

I came to the Planet Stories line in sort of a round about manner.

I'm a toy collector, and it was recently announced that The Outer Space Men (a 'bendy' line of alien action figures by Colorforms produced in the late 60s) was coming back. These wild alien designs stirred a desire in me to read some old, pulp-style science fiction. But, this sort of material is difficult to find these days...until I remembered Planet Stories.

I'll slowly be picking up the books already out, and am strongly considering a subscription.

Thanks for putting these books out there. I'm a fan already. Talk about new worlds to discover.

I write for an action figure collecting site, and recently blogged about this and gave a shout out to Planet Stories:


To check out the Outer Space Men check out the creator's site:


And, if upon seeing them anyone could suggest any books/stories that evoke this look/style please let me know!

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I saw some old editions of Asimov's "Lucky Starr" series at a used bookstore. They didn't have the whole series, so I didn't get them. I've searched online, and they do not seem to be currently in print.

Would that series be something Planet Stories would consider?