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those are some strong drugs in the gamemastery guide (which I dont have as a book). but as they say "meth, not even once".

well I went with dazzled for being happy drunk while winging it. But will have to do something else if player get more heavily drunk. slight hangover penalty might be in effect if the fort save fails.

and my eyes totally missed this part on the first glance
"Just like drugs, alcohol can be abused and have significant negative effects. In general, a character can consume a number of alcoholic beverages equal to 1 plus double his Constitution modifier. Drinks consumed in excess of this total cause the character to become sickened for 1 hour per drink above this maximum. Particularly exotic or strong forms of alcohol might be treated as normal drugs. Those who regularly abuse alcohol might eventually develop a moderate addiction."

A quick search for conditions concerning intoxicated characters resulted only finding rules for drunken barbarians and drunken masters.

But what about normal characters under influence excess amounts of wine or other alcoholic drinks.

of course there should be some variance regarding the stage of intoxication.

slightly drunk
heavily drunk
and maybe one more even severer stage? Any ideas?
benefits? penalties?

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U cam 5.3e Open office. still it seems that armies cannot be active or not active.
only option is this $'Drop Down'.#REF!$9:$L$10

and I seem to be too uneducated to fix it myself.

You keep up the EXCELlent work :)

I actually went with medium size but this was good to see :)

My version were more on the druid side. with fertile soil and stalker options.

I do want the d ;)

Open office version seemed to squeeze the guild hall into zero (0) lots. But we can all change the number ourselves. :)

and the army active? dropdown is broken too.

But question about the embassy optional rules, where does it show, when making embassy relationship, the increases of stats?

Quoting paizo srd
"If you succeed at the Diplomacy check, you create an embassy agreement with the target kingdom; if you succeed at the check by 5 or more, the target kingdom's attitude toward your kingdom improves by 1 step and your kingdom's Fame increases by 1. You may purchase or build a Mansion or Noble Villa in one of the other kingdom's settlements to use as an embassy (if so, your ambassador uses it as a residence). The target kingdom's leaders may do the same in one of your settlements. Your embassy is considered your territory (and vice versa). Your embassy grants your kingdom the normal bonuses for a building of its type (they apply to your kingdom's totals but not to any specific settlement in your kingdom) and increases Consumption by 1, Economy by 2, and Society by 2. If the target kingdom builds an embassy in one of your settlements, that kingdom gains these bonuses.

If you founded your kingdom with the support of a wealthy sponsor from another kingdom, your kingdom automatically has an embassy agreement with your sponsor's, and you can use Diplomatic edicts to establish a treaty or an alliance"

just so that I dont accidentally give twice the bonuses.

I am reworking a race for my own campaign world.

Race is a fey race that is green skinned, long eared forest humanoid

Stat bonus wise they have +2 str, -2 int and +2 wis and have the camouflage racial trait giving +4 to stealth in forests and swamps.

original point of the race was to be the uncorrupted orc.
I need ideas to make alternate versions for the more fey and more corrupted orc like stats when using advanced race guides builder.
power wise was thinking on the lines of 13-16 points.

in 5,3 version few new errors found (open office versio)
Rulers leadership dropdown just 0 as an option.

Army sheet active? dropdown broken.
Army sheet Unit CR does not allow values of under 1 as CR.

And a big thank you for your work my current campaign would be difficult to run without these sheets :)

Doing a cardinal messageboard sin here. (did not search the whole thread and look for possible reposting)

There is some discussion on population density and if I wanted lower population than 250 per lot/claimed hex where one should try to alter it?

this for my own campaign world use and I love the sheets :)
lost track of the version but after titles update on open office version the ruler dropdown gives error.

Bobson wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
Qik wrote:

I'm working up a lvl.8 alchemist for a PBP game, and I've purchased a Headband of Vast Intelligence +2. I understand that, generally speaking, the sorts of bonuses applied by such items are applied retroactively, which makes me think that I have an additional 8 skill points to divvy out. However, in the item's descriptive text, it says "a headband of vast intelligence has one skill associated with it per +2 bonus it grants. After being worn for 24 hours, the headband grants a number of skill ranks in those skills equal to the wearer's total Hit Dice. These ranks do not stack with the ranks a creature already possesses." Do these skill ranks count as the retroactive skill points endowed by the bonus, or are they in addition to them? I'm guessing the former, since the latter seems a bit too good to be true.

Many thanks.

The former, and this is because in PF you get the skill points retroactively when you raise your INT but in the case of the headband of intelligence it would have been a pretty big amount of bookeeping if you have to add hit die skills and then you remove your headband or it got dispelled or something like that.
It's phrased a bit oddly, but the reasoning for the way it works is here. Effectively, you don't have 8 skill points to divvy out, you get to pick a skill when you acquire the headband and get treated as if you had max ranks in that skill (after the int bonus becomes a "permanent" bonus, which takes 24 hours). This is really something you need to work out with the GM - obviously, if you craft it can have whatever skills you like, but if you're finding/buying it, it's between you and the GM whether it has the skills you want it to have, or just arbitrary ones.

I have been reading the entry all wrong for about a year and then actually there should be a listing about the skills and languages the headband provides and the creator should have ranks in those skills and know the languages the headband of Vast intelligence provides?

or this meant that the creator of the headband chooses engineering for the headband and puts it on and Voila after 24 hours he is an expert engineer without ever actually having ranks in it before?