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I am betting on a core set part 2 around december.

Matsu Kurisu wrote:

I was talking with Keith R. (CEO Lone Shark)

There is definitely stuff in the works, however Covid has messed things up and he is not sure when announcements will be made

Thanks for the info, that's great news. Maybe they could do a kickstarter to help them finance the product ? It would be cool.

This new rule convinced me to do my very first session for a home play of Pathfinder card game society using the new rules. I used Quinn (Finesse + Alchemy) and Hakon (Support, Smash and Divine). Lot's of fun, works well so far ( 6-1A and 6-1B).

I especially love access to a bunch of good blessing level 1. It ended up being my first deck upgrade.

character Name: Kyra (Core)
Role Card: Dawnseeker
Skill Feats: Strengh +3, Wisdom +3
Power Feats: [X]+1 hand size, [X] gain the skills fortitude : Constitution +2 and Perception : Wisdom +2, At the end of your turn, you may recharge a Divine card to ([X] remove a scourge from a local character or )heal a local character a card ( [X] or 1d4 cards).
Card Feats: Weapon +1, spell +1, armor +1, item +1, ally +1, blessing +1
Unspent Hero Points: 2
Weapons: Ukwar axe, Wounding spear-axe, Ashbringer
Spells: Breath of Life, Deathgrip, Holy light, Repulsion, Quickened Ray
Armors: Moon Maiden Armor, Kazavon's shield
Items: Wayfinder, White War Paint, Sacred candle
Allies: Lanshark whelp, Lyrune-Quah Moon Maiden
Blessings: The lucky drunk, Lamashtu's Madness, Master of Masters, The Trumpet, The Dance, The Betrayal

Character Name: Varian
Role Card: Blackjack
Skill Feats: Dexterity +4, Intelligence +2
Power Feats: 7 hand size, Before you reset, you may recharge [X] 2 Arcane spells, On a local check at an Urban location, you may recharge a card to add 1d4 [X] +1. [X] When another local character would encounter a monster, you may discard a card to encounter it instead[X]Gain the skills Acrobatics: Dexterity +3, Stealth: Dexterity +3, and Diplomacy: Charisma +3.
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +1, Armor +1, Item +1 , Ally +2
Unspent Hero Points: 1
Weapons: Blackjack’s Daggers, Blackjack’s Rapier, Guardian Bow, Serithtial
Spells: Acid Rain, Enervation, poison Blast, Enhance, Sadomasochism, Shapechange
Armors: Shield of resistance
Items: Staff of Greater necromancy,Blackjack’s Gear,The lost harrows, Lyre of storms, ring of splendid security,
Allies: Formian Myrmidon, Ausio Carowyn, Skoan-Quah Bonelsayer, Sklar-Quah Thundercaller, Darb Turtle
Blessings: Gozreth's Growth, Cayden Cailean's revelry, Our lord in Iron

Additional notes :
- Completed 6D
- Solo, normal sized location, normal dificulty
- No character died at any point
- Played with only the core+curse cards

Frencois wrote:
I would rather have an extension deck with new story banes, monsters, barriers, locations, scourges... so I can create new stories than new boons (we already have thousands). Especially monsters and barriers (that must be shuffled in), story banes, locations and scourges can be printed on paper or proxied so that's less of an issue. Just saying.

I agree. A pack with banes would be cool. Why not some alternative vilains/henchman to spice up the game

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skizzerz wrote:
Jayjazz99 wrote:
So happy I bought 2 core and 2 curse ! Question : It I play a new character ( example : from core), how many pacs would I add if I only want to use core/curse cards ?
3: one to replace the class deck and two to replace the ultimate deck. You would also want to ensure the character you want to play is legal for OP (although I believe all of the Core characters are).
It looks like you can use anywhere from one to three Adventurer's Packs for new characters, though I can't think of a reason why you would use less than three.

Thanks, I think you're right. I will look at the core character equivalent character deck. If I own that deck and an ultimate, then I can use 3 pacs. For example, If I want to use Fumbus, I can use 3 pacs if I already own the alchemist class deck and an ultimate deck. Cool.

So happy I bought 2 core and 2 curse ! Question : It I play a new character ( example : from core), how many pacs would I add if I only want to use core/curse cards ?

Hi everyone,

I just realized something and wanted to make sure i'm correct.

At the base location, can you use a card that let's you make additional exploration (blessing, allies, etc.) and use the effect of the base again ? Also, since you can choose to heal a card after exploring, you can actually heal the card you used to make your additional exploration ?

A monk with a hand of blessing could end up drawing a handful of supporters, lol. The only requirement I can see is that you need to display the supporters before leaving the base.

Thanks for the response. You're right, the sidebar does mention that gaining the condition in the middle of the turn doesn't affect your number of actions for that turn. I find your example very funny. Will probably house rule the same way you do it.

Additional clarification : If you stun a creature while it's the creature's turn, it would loose the reminder of it's action for the turn. It will loose it's reaction also. Then, the next time the creature acts (assuming next round), the creature would regain it's actions reduced by the stun value. Correct ?

If so, this would make stunning a creature on a reaction very good.

I love the market mechanic, would love to see it back. The lost ''characters'' class deck would make a cool concept. If this could create a new class deck, we could at the same time update old cards in newer versions, allowing for more Pathfinder society players to replace cards.

I am really exited for PF2 and can't wait to play it. Kingmaker annoucement is great, since this is one of the most popular AP ever done. This being said, I believe it's a marketing mistake to announce a 5e book before PF2 even being released. Not that it's a bad idea per say, but it overshadows PF2. Converting Kingmaker to PF2 was one of the reason to buy PF2 products. Now, I don't have too if I have the 5e books. I hope they won't have new DnD 5e announcement for awhile and spoilers from PF2 will increase, to focus back on PF2.

Great post !

Salut tout le monde,

J'habite la rive-sud de Brossard. Je ne suis pas présentement dans un groupe et j,aimerais bien participer à une game de Pathfinder. Je n'ai jamais été au gamer's, je vais donc aller faire un tour éventuellement. Je suis pas trop hot à l'idée de jouer par internet par contre.

One of my favorite adventure path so far. The Pathfinder lodge is incredible, with details, story, and memorable encounters. I love also the article on the Pathfinder relics. Now, if only I can find a group,...

Thank you so much Treantmonk !

I didn't play 3.5 much and althought I like pathfinder rpg, I was a bit lost when creating character's. This guide will help me a lot. If this was a book, I would buy it.

Here's a suggestion for Paizo : Sell a starter kit, which contains Pathfinder rpg, dice, bag, portfolio, character sheets and Treantmonk guide as a free pdf !!

Does anybody have completed converting LoF ?

The content of this book looks incredible ! If there's anything I would add, it would be a section '' how to deal with a X player ''. For example, how to deal with a new player, a hack and slash player, rule maniac player, etc. A few tips from the pro's could help me deal with the different type of player's I encounter. Maybe a few house rule suggestion for each of those type of player's.

Anyway, it's just a suggestion that crossed my mind.

Great preview !

It looks to me that rangers are now very different than fighters, which is to me a very good thing. That means my player's will be more willing to do some research before attacking a evil ranger, to find out what are his favorable terrains, enemies, etc. Lots of good stuff in this preview.

I'm a financial planner in Montreal ( Quebec, Canada). Don't ask me what the job consist of, I haven't started yet !

For me, it's obvious that Paizo should stick with 3.5 for now then move to it's own RPG down the road. The 2 rpg groups I know doesn't intend to switch to 4th edition, I'm the only one who's a little bit interrested.

If Paizo stick's with 3.5, I will be more interrested to continue purchasing products since I know I may eventually convince one of the 2 groups to play in Paizo's world. If they switch to 4th edition, I might just go to Wizards directly since they will offer character creation, dm tools, online content, etc.

I'm intrigued by the ''3.75 edition''. We could use the community to suggest adjustments to 3.5 edition without changing completly the game. It's funny, but I feel I will be part of something bigger, the creation of another RPG, it's cool in a way.