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Excellent start to a new system


It will not matter if you are a seasoned Iron Kingdoms player or a total n00b, you will find the fluff as well as the crunch in this book to be outstanding. The binding is heavy duty and pages are thicker than any RPG book that I've ever owned and of course it's printed in full color. I've had the book since the day it released and the only complaint I have are 2 format errors I've spotted.

If you are an IK fanboy, or a Warmachine/Hordes player looking for a bit of RPG fun, I can not suggest this book and system highly enough.

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****( )

Very handy for large groups if you are using the Combat Pad, or if you just want the magnets to throw on a white board to keep track of the order your PCs, the BBEG, and his minions go in.

A fun product

****( )

When I first introduced this to my group all but one of the players were willing to give it a go. I did not make the PC that didn't want to use it draw from it, but by the end of the night he was. We use Action Points in the game I run and I let my players burn an AP to re-draw.

All in all, a fun tool that makes me look forward to more critical "whatever" decks. I hope future critical decks are done as well.

A decent tool

***( )( )

My biggest problem with the combat pad is that when I wrote on the small magnets with the pens it suggest and then went to re-arrange them, I wiped of the names of the PCs and badguys. I took care of this by putting a piece of clear tape over the magnets, then writing on them. Makes the names un-wipeable by my fumble fingers and I can still re-use them by peeling up the tape.

A bit on the small side.

***( )( )

I was pretty excited when I saw and ordered this guy, but when he arrived I was a bit on the disappointed side. He's a touch on the undersized side. Overall he comes off a bit short and skinny when compared to the rest of the minis I have. Don't get me wrong, it's a good, dynamic sculpt, but a just kind of small.

Oh, and for those of that haven't noticed it (like me) those are holsters with black powder pistols in them, not more knives. I had to cut the pistol grips off and file on it a bit to make him usable in my D&D campaign.