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Sara Marie wrote:
Note: The fugitive adhesive holding the map to the back of the book appears to be quite robust. Use care when removing the map from the book or fugitive adhesive from the map so as not to tear the map.

Too late for me. After 5 solid minutes of gently loosening the molecularly bonded material from the back cover, my map is torn and wrinkled! I am livid. Why not glue along the plain brown border edge instead of right in the middle of Father Tobyn's mausoleum? Ugh.

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tribeof1 wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
As with all of the stuff we're doing, of course, if there's a huge outcry of interest, chances are good we'll get to them sooner than later, in any event.
I'll throw my support for more detail on the cyphermages and some of the other unique vocations mentioned in the Player's Guide.

Was searching for more info on cyphermages and came across this. I've got a player who is looking for options on this class, so it's good to know it may eventually be fleshed out.

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