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I'll have to wait until their in hand to be certain, but I suspect Ruins of Lastwall will be my favorite PFB set to date. I like gargantuan monsters as much as the next guy, but this graveyard set is exactly what I've needed for a long time. I'm also grateful that you're not scrimping on the gravestones, though I wouldn't mind if additional gravestones became available for purchase directly.

I'm always excited to get more real-world folklore monsters, and the kirin is a fantastic way to conclude this set's previews. It'll go well alongside a couple of tanukis, and maybe I'll use it as a sort of anti-Wendigo in my home campaign.

Thanks for getting through the whole set so quickly, Mark. I'm looking forward to whatever next week's update brings.

This set is shaping up better than I hoped. I'm excited to have a non-giant eagle and a non-dire lion. I agree with the others that the tiger could stand to be larger (and terrestrial) but it's not going to be a dealbreaker for me. I'm still hoping for a few more animals within the Jungle of Despair, like an elephant or dire rhino.

This is shaping up to be my favorite set since Dungeons Deep. Plants, faeries, and possibly a hawk companion? The Coatl looks pretty but I'm not sure the angle of the photo does it justice. On the other hand, I hope the final paints on the dryad look half as nice as the digital rendering.

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The only existing terrain piece I find myself actively needing more of is bar stools. Chairs in general, really.

As far as future sets go, I'm holding out hope for a proper wilderness set—more basic animals, plant creatures, and non-creature plants. My group desperately needs a camel, and I've personally been longing for an Ent that hasn't lost all its leaves.

I'm also in the market for a flying sword mini, an animated rug/flying carpet, or any other animated objects. The mimic and matching treasure chest from Dungeons Deep are still among my favorite pieces to date, and I'd like to see more fightable objects, or even traps.

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I haven't posted here before, but I want to echo Marco's frustration about the punctuality of this blog.

I don't generally play Pathfinder, so I only found out about this line of miniatures about a year ago from this very blog. Since then I have been following the weekly updates closely, and I've ordered a brick of every set that has come out (plus a few older ones).

Like everyone else here, I wait each week with anticipation for the next round of previews, refreshing the page during work, and it's legitimately disappointing when the day ends without an update.

Now, I have always considered this blogwork to be above and beyond my usual corporate expectations (after all, WotC has never been so forthcoming with minis previews), but it has always given me the distinctly warm impression that the Paizo team is as excited for the next set as I am. These days, only my fellow commentors seem to match my enthusiasm.