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"New options for existing races"

I'm sorry but what?
What does that sort of thing entail?

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I want to create robots out of living creatures... =/
Like Dr. Frankenstein?

No! No... Not like him... Well... Yes... But you know, in a lawful good way. =)

"Yes, Hello, is there a lawful good way to play God and to create an abomination of life itself?"

It's a tough one indeed. If you want to stay on the good side, the creature would have to volunteer to be turned into a robot - for example because its natural body is close to death. And even then you would have to make sure the process inflicts as little pain as possible.

On the lawful side, there might be a bunch of restrictions what creatures are allowed be turned into what robots. For example you shouldn't provide a typical goblin with a battle robot chassis that allows him to tear down whole villages.

But it could be Goblins villages...

Suddenly I have this vision of Goblins getting hold of a mecha and going on a rampage through a Pact World city . . . Starfinder AP hook, anyone?

What I'd like is a construct book or construct creation rules for SF period. Only constructs PCs can use are the Mechanic drones, the spell bots from a technomancer, or summoning one of like maybe 3-4 types of constructs from the summon creature spell as a technomancer....... Hardly anything towards a creative construct other than mild battle assistance unless it is higher lvl robot summon....

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One thing I'd point out: If the baleful goes permenant duration, and then another shape shift ability is used on it, it cancels out the oldest ability.

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And now, to only hope that catfolk appear in one of these new books.... in an AP or the alien archive 2

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Please let there be a cat race in this one.... you have them in the lore of being in the veskarium. I really wanna see the cat race.

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Just got my PDF, after a very brief read-through, I noticed what I think is a mistake.

** spoiler omitted **

Dont think so because of the altered critical

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All this talk of Power Armor, why do we need so many Iron Men?

Also, although I know the book is finished, I am really hoping for a mutagenic ray gun or a laser that makes Fleshwarps/Rebuilt/Mutants/Drakainia-Spawn (sorry, that's the Dominion in me speaking...)

Pretty sure about half the people who play starfinder presently fantasized about mecha gameplay since before the core book came out. I know that I for one have. Especially after I saw the wondrous way they changed up starship creation in pact worlds! I mean, being able to have interceptors on your big ship? Thats like a sci-fi wet dream right there, especially if you add mechs.

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hold your cybuster mate. we need more toys for toy gods before we get our turn to akashic buster the akiton out of system
More powered armor then?

That is basically the same thing as asking for Mecha, if ya look closely at it :P

The present powered armor is basically everything for a strength increasing exo skeleton to a full mecha flight frame. We don't need new mecha or powered armor necessarily. What we need is a powered armor construction system like what we have for starships.... :P

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Hmm, very nice. I have a feeling that may run a bit "chunky" on the combat. I may just be inexperienced as a GM in that, but I had been planning on increasing story as opposed to just upping encounters.

How I am planning on expanding the story for higher leveling:
I was going to expand the story by tacking on more story at the very beginning. Instead of starting off in the starport and watching duravel kreel get shot dead (apologies if I misspelled his name), I was going to start everyone off in the station where they're waiting for the last person of their team to show up. A mystic (most likely a GM controlled npc. Cool your jets, this guy/girl is the main villain of the whole series. It is the real leader of a rival cultist sect that will betray the PCs near the end of the adventure path.) The mystic starts as a healer, however it has 2 personalities, one that is a calmer and laid back mystic healer who spends allot of time like they're tripping out. End of the adventure in the confrontation, most likely right before the PCs are getting ready to destroy the solar degenerator, then, your dearly beloved healer goes berserk and switches personality, along with gaining an evil aura as its focus switches from healer to devourer that lashes out at the whole party, level +1 on the average party level at full spell slots, every spell aimed for pure damage.

Sorry, got distracted with the reason you don't start in the starport. Anyway, while you are waiting for your teammate, kreel starts explaining the society to you, and, then there are some "fixers" that start showing up, making hell for the society, and, while they aren't obviously trying to kill him, these fixers are aiming to take him down. I built him as an envoy. anyway, the main reason I originally added this: I wanted some real drama when he dies in the space port, so they actually had ties and really want revenge at that point. He dies right after they feel like theyre now in the clear, the hitmen/gangsters/fixers seem to be cleaned up but they don't find out that those fixers were puppets by the gangs to lure everyone out into the open to bring on the main initial combat where he dies. The other reason was: I wanted some vehicle chase scenes because it looked like a fun mechanic I didn't see in the main story much if at all.

The other main thing I wanted to do was chain the Aeon throne adventure path into the end of dead suns so, as soon as the PCs feel they can take a break, that whole series starts up in full swing and that brings everything to level 20 at the end. (yes, I know, I would have to scale up the enemies in that series by a large margin as it is made for level 1 characters at start.)
Anyway, that was some of my main ideas for increasing character levels.