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I noticed that after issue #1, there are no Paizo exclusive covers. Are those over?

Is this cover going to join to other covers in the series? Like the Paizo exclusive covers did in City of Secrets? It has that look.

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Sweet! This will be a lot of fun to read!!

A couple observations:
The first bullet is missing a word. Perhaps the dungeon is populated by Grey Maidens?

Which of the characters will be getting Thrown in the "Updated illustrations of classic Curse of the Crimson Thrown characters?"

I'm guessing that this is a parody of an iconic comic book cover, but I don't know comics well enough to recognize it. Can someone let me in on the joke?

Howdy folks! I know that Q-Workshop and Paizo are working together to produce some really fancy and pretty dice. Their kickstarter has funded and is wildly successful. Heck, I'm one of the backers!

However, I wanted to let you all know about another kickstarter producing metal dice that is currently active. It's called Zucati Dice: Plain and Simple.

What's up for sale?

These are solid metal dice in a variety of metals that are simply gaming dice.
-Solid Brass
-Solid Copper
-Solid Stainless Steel
-Solid Tungsten Alloy
-Solid Aluminum (available in 8 different colors!)

These dice are simple: They look just like the normal dice that we all use, but they are solid metals. Very pretty, very cool!

It would be awesome if you could at least take a look! Thanks!

Ondorum is talking! This must be a prequel to Forge of Ashes. I wonder is this will tell us the story of why he decided to take a vow of silence?

I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one.

Has anyone else noticed a reference to a surprise in your May subscription order? I was looking over my email and it shows my 4 subscription items. Then at the very bottom it says:

5 items. Estimated package weight: 3 lbs.
An item isn't being displayed here because it's a surprise.

If you get your surprise before me, don't tell me what it is. I want to be surprised when it arrives. I'm just curious if others are seeing this too?

Actually, if you have read this post and you get your shipment before me, post it in a spoiler tag so I can see if we got the same thing!

I saw this in an email from Rite and I'm interested.

Is this book Hardcover or Softcover?

Please tell me that this is a tale of redemption! Otherwise, the story is a bit depressing. :(

It's nice to see Ravi ready to betray the captain that is treating/ allowing him to be treated so badly.

Yay! More Rodrick and Hrym!

It looks like this is the finalized cover?

Good morning! I wanted to register that I have noticed the conspicuous absence of Web Fiction on the Blog in the last few weeks. I am assuming that it is due to a combination of the recent Thanksgiving Holiday and the recent sales getting everyone super busy.

Be that as it may, I miss the web fiction. I genuinely enjoy reading it on a weekly basis (or sometimes letting them build up and reading them in one sitting). It's like an old friend has gone on vacation for a while. I know she's coming back soon, but I miss her while she's away.

Farnick? NOOOOOOOoooooo!

I noticed with issue #3 that the covers are all one big image of our characters fighting goblins on a boat. I was going to try to create my own City of Secrets Wallpaper by joining the images together, but I ran into some difficulties. The art from the store is not all at same size/resolution and there are gaps between the cover images.

Might we someday get a pretty City of Secrets Wallpaper with the entire picture all lined up? Pretty please with sugar on top?

The hardcover is using the Carlos Gomez cover from Issue #1. I think that's a great cover, and thematically appropriate for a hardcover compilation in that the book tends to be Goblins telling their stories, and that's what we see on the cover.

I like that the cover shows us goblins from the stories themselves. I'm going to have to think a bit to decide which cover I like more.

Edit: Sudden realization: The Carlos Gomez cover will be INSIDE the book too, I'm not sure that the exclusive hardcover image will be inside the book as well. That may make the decision for me...

The cover has been announced/released. It's okay. I think I like the cover more.

I know that they tend to be referencing other pop-culture stuff with the covers, is this a reference to a classic X-Men cover?

Woo Hoo!! Another Darvin and Fife adventure! I am most pleased!

Well, that's no way to get ahead in life, unless you are a Chimera.

The story is good so far. I enjoyed The Weeping Blade, so I have favorable anticipation that this will be at least as good.

I like the different interpretations that the contract is open to. That is what I would call a poorly written contract. Granted, they were drunk when they wrote it.

Musings on classes:
Ralynn: a fighter of some type

Tali: Bard? Sorcerer? Expert?

Aberny: Expert? Wizard?

Just an observation: Today this product is listed for $107. Buying all of season 4 individually will only cost $104, unless there is something that I'm missing.


OMG! Paul F. Thompkins bleached his hair and has joined the Andoren guard! :)

Hmmm... I'm assuming that she is shooting over his shoulder, but it didn't sound like it at first read. I look forward to the final chapter later this week!


Reputation and Distinctive features (like a blue plume in your hat) can be a double edged sword. Sometimes they cut in your favor, sometimes not.

I'm very much enjoying this story, and looking forward to reading Stalking the Beast.


Excellent! I have been eager to pick up most of these! I'll probably space them out over the next couple months, but these will be fun to read again!


Interesting! A very enjoyable tale. I may look at picking up a copy of the Curse of the Crimson Throne AP just so I can find out what all this backstory led up to.


PRD wrote:
Larger Than Life: You wield firearms with truly terrifying menace. When you use the Intimidate skill on a creature while wielding a firearm, you are considered one size category larger than your actual size.

One of my players is playing a gunslinger with this trait. I'm wondering if you rules gurus could help me out with the fine points.

So, if the player intimidates an enemy, she is considered one size category larger than actual size... against whom?

1: Against all enemies? or only against the intimidated enemy?

2: When she is considered one size category larger than her actual size, does that mean that her weapon's damage increases to the next size increment? Does her 1d8 pistol now do 2d6 damage?

3: How long does this last?

It seems like this trait gives any player with an intimidate score an unlimited usage of Enlarge Person as long as they can make the intimidate checks. That seems a bit powerful for a trait.

Thanks for the help!


I like the art! That's... a lot of knives.

I also enjoyed the chapter, though I already had read it.

Wow. That's one tough little halfling! I may just put aside my third reading of Blood of the City to start this one today.

This was a really fun read.

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Interesting! I was wondering how Torius would kill his first mate.

It is also interesting to see him getting withdrawls, but not realizing it.

Looking forward to the conclusion. :)


Excellent! I liked that over the four chapters, each character got a little bit of a chance to shine. The teamwork was fun to see, and the story ended with a bang!

This last illustration was excellent, though for some reason, I pictured the lieutenant as bald (death's head smile). The expression is excellent. He really looks just a touch mad.

I'll pick this up when it gets converted to ePub, I would also very much enjoy seeing these characters given a chance to REALLY wreak some havoc in a novel.


That artwork is one of the best I have seen yet. That's just beautiful! It reminds me of the gnome druid I played for my second PC.

The first paragraph of this chapter has some great imagery. I love the descriptions. The action throughout is fun and flows well.

I am really enjoying this story and looking forward to more.

It has a bit of a "Western" feel to it. Part of that is the terrain. Part of it is that every time the Lieutenant addresses the group as "Irregulars," I hear an echo of "Regulators! Mount up!" in my head.

Now I want to go watch Young Guns.


I like Hrym's single mindedness here: "Are you mining gold? Answer me man!"

He and Roderick are remarkably alike. It's nice to get a glimpse of how their relationship developed.


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Marking this for the rules of the game.


Oh! Good! A pre-Called to Darkness Kagur/ Eovath story!

I just finished reading this book and it was good! It's one of the darker stories in the Pathfinder Tales. Maybe it just felt darker because Kagur is broken for so much of the story. She doesn't really find healing for her psychological injuries until near the end of the book.

The story is a tale of revenge, but also a journey of healing for the main character. It doesn't have a rosy happy ending, but the ending IS good and positive. Also, there are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are awesome!

If you like this chapter, you will enjoy the rest of the book


Bring out your dead!
*Rings Bell*
Bring out your dead!

Excellent! I like the way that Norrett uses his alchemy to mutate his body. It's a lot of fun to see.

The spellbooks are in the snuffbox. I'm just guessing.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Orontius and Zharmides really ARE just old friends. They both seem to have the odd habit of scribing their first initial into just about everything they own.


If you haven't read the whole story yet, start here: Proper Villains, and don't read anymore. Spoilers are below!

Erik Scott de Bie wrote:
A severe woman with long black hair and her own set of fiendish Hellknight armor stepped through the circle of judgment.

The illustration is a silver-haired (platinum blonde?) woman in Hellknight armor. I'm just picking nits now (and they are delicious!).

I'm glad to see that Ephere was NOT a worshiper of Asmodeus. Good twist on the twist.

At some point, I could see Tarrant's schemes catching up with him. Altara seems to be a woman who should not be taunted too often.

Tarrant Liespinner quite reminds me of Gad from The Worldwound Gambit. He's very clever, very self assured, and plans his plots well enough that he is 5 steps ahead of his opponent.

I think that I would enjoy a full novel from Erik Scott de Bie, but not necessarily one about Tarrant Liespinner. The writing was very good. The story was very good. The characters feel like a slightly different gang of Gad's people. I guess if Tarrant had come first, I wouldn't have wanted The Worldwound Gambit. Regardless, I would like to see more of Erik Scott de Bie's writing in the future.


I took one look at her and I said to myself, "Treacherous!" Never trust an elf!

I predicted that she would sell them out. I'm a bit surprised to see an elf worshiping Asmodeous, though. That runs counter to the general elf stereotype (or archetype, if you prefer).

Looking forward to the conclusion.


Excellent! I like how the Bard's music is visible to him but no-one else. A compelling antihero.

Altara the Hound has had previous romantic involvement with Tarrant Akayn the Liespinner.

Also, I'm not entirely sure the elf is actually an elf.

I look forward to the progression of this tale!


The plot thickens! It sounds like Seyusth's "deathbed confession" may not have been entirely truthful.

Also, storing a weapon like that in the flesh of your hand? OUCH!! That takes extreme intestinal fortitude!

I am looking forward to the conclusion!


Not the ending that I was expecting, but that's not a bad thing. I enjoyed getting to see a bit of a wizards' duel!

I'm a little sad that it will be a full month (plus shipping time) before I can read the rest of Krunzle's adventures.

Overall, I found the writing style interesting. I would like to continue that line of thought a bit more while I am not a work, though.


Wow. Purchased for a copper and then dominated? That's what I call a bad day.

I am enjoying the Mission:Impossible feel to this story. The cloak and dagger-ish tone is a lot of fun. It was amusing to see the wizard concerned about someone scrying in. The spider and cockroach listening apparatus is an interesting spy movie gadget made fantasy.

I like how each different story on the web fiction (and in the novel line) has a different feel. Yes, they are all fantasy tales, but they are different kinds of fantasy tales.

This is not a Paizo book, but a book by the Author of Plague of Shadows. If you have not read Desert of Souls I would advise you to read no further. This thread is to discuss the book and maybe tempt the author himself to get involved in the discussion.

I just finished reading this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is an adventure spanning hundreds of miles. There are sorcerers, djinn, artifacts, swordfights, undead, fortune tellers, romance, revenge and more.

I had a couple of questions about the book though, and was wondering what other thought.

Question 1:

In the Desert of Souls itself, as Dabir casts the spell on the grid, the Djinn changes from a beautiful serpent into an ugly decrepit snake. At the same time, Asim loses his "superpowers" (for lack of a better way to put it). Was this what the Djinn really looks like? Or is it just what he looks like on the Material Plain? What do you think was going on here?

Question 2:

The staff that Dabir takes from the caliph's treasury was from one of Solomon's magicians. Fair enough. But then they tell Asim that it was handed down to David. King David (the one who kills Goliath with a sling and a stone) was the father of Solomon. Is this staff traveling through time in reverse like Merlin? Are they talking about a different David? Or is there something in Islam where they believe that the Hebrews got their history wrong? Or was it simply an author's error?

Question 3:

Was anybody else really sad when Hamil died? I loved that he saved Asim and Dabir one last time in the Desert of Souls, but he was fast becoming a favorite character of mine.

Feel free to discuss these and any other questions/thoughts you have about the book!!

I understand that release dates are subject to change based on more factors than I care to think about. I just noticed that the projected release schedule is:

Song of the Serpent: April
City of the Fallen Sky: May
Nightglass: June

There is nothing listed after that. James Sutter is playing those close to his chest.

So are you trying to do monthly releases? That seems like a very ambitious schedule!

I would like to make/glue a folder into a hardcover adventure book or two to hold the maps. I have some ideas, but I am looking for input, especially if someone has done this before.

I have been mulling around an idea this morning since I just received a new hardcover adventure book with a beautiful map included.
Problem: once I unstick the map from the back cover, I will have no way to keep it in the book. My first thought was, "It would sure be nice if there was a folder included to hold the map." I know that would add cost to the book, so is not an option for the publisher. However, there is nothing to stop me from making my own pocket in the book.

Here are my thoughts thus far:
Option 1: glue a mailing envelope into the back of the book

Option 2: trim a manila file folder to fit and glue the backside of the folder to the inside of the cover.

Option 3: trim a manila file folder such that it has tabs that I can fold in and glue to the inside of the back cover. Glue tabs on 3 sides (top, bottom and outside edge) so that the opening faces the spine of the book.

Any input would be appreciated. Suggested glue types, what has worked for you, etc.

Dear Wife and I were lamenting today about how we have no use for the canvas shopping bag of styrofoam packing peanuts that came with our case of Heroes and Monsters so we are throwing them out.

I recognize that decisions like packing filler are mainly driven by price concerns, but have you considered using the biodegradable puffed cornstarch packing peanuts? They are better for the environment and easier to dispose of (throw in the yard on a rainy day and they are gone). An extra bonus is that they make phenomenal tub toys for toddlers.

"Whoops, you dropped it in the water. Where did it go? Here's another one. Whoops, you dropped it in the water. Where did it go? Here's another one..."

Just a thought. Thanks!!

See, now that's why you should never trust NPC's. You are better off just slaughtering them all wholesale before they turn on you. j/k.

LOL!! Incontinent hero!! That goes right along with the Infamous El Guapo.

With the blog title being "Don't Eat the Faerie Food," a quick glance at the cover of the book makes it look like the title is "Faeries of the Fridge."

Okay, time for my breakfast!

The artwork is not how I pictured Mirosoy, but nice nonetheless.

I really enjoyed the story. I enjoyed it enough to read it again even though I was able to listen to it 2 weeks ago. Salim is an interesting and complex enough character to grab my interest.

Very well done!!


Bravo! An entertaining tale. I especially enjoyed the banter during the battle. The interplay of descriptive action with words kept the tension, and my interest, high.

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