Pathfinder—Runescars #1 (Standard Cover—Igor Lima)

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Story by F. Wesley Schneider
Art by Ediano Silva

An exciting new Pathfinder adventure begins! The Pathfinder heroes receive a desperate plea to unmask a killer stalking the chaos-gripped city of Korvosa. A new queen has ascended the city's Crimson Throne, and now deadly armored Hellknights and Gray Maidens clash in the streets. With the help of a cagey adventuring detective, the heroes race down the perilous trail of a brutal murderer-only to realize that the next target might be one of their own! Dare the magic and monsters of gothic Korvosa in the first sword-swinging issue from Pathfinder co-creator F. Wesley Schneider (Pathfinder Hollow Mountain, Bloodbound), with art from Ediano Silva (Grimm Fairy Tales, Hellchild: The Unholy). Contains pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!

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Is this cover going to join to other covers in the series? Like the Paizo exclusive covers did in City of Secrets? It has that look.

Silver Crusade

Hmm, like the setup, but I take it we're not going to get any archetypes or anything like we were with the Worldscape, correct?

As long as I get more maps, I'll be happy!

Silver Crusade

Maps are good, yes ^w^

Sovereign Court

Ooh, look forward to renewing my subscription!


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