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Full Name

Lithert Meralis




Level 6 - paladin




3 ft. 3 inch










Common, gnome, sylvan

Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 18

About Lithert Verloren

Lithert is a crusading paladin who fights the evil and unholy by charging headfirst into the fight upon his bonded Dire corgi mount.

Lithert's story starts in the land of Middenstrath where he was adopted by human parents and lived most of his young life within the shire until a dark day came. Middenstrath was attack be undead and unholy warrior that killed most of the people who lived there and even Litherts parents, managing to escape But not before being scared by the sight of the death and even undeath of his friends and parents, the burning of his home and more. Lithert vouched to avenge those who died in Middenstrath and make the unholy pay, so he became part of the order of paladins, wishing for Iomedae's power to help him fight the unholy and learned how to fight in combat mounted on his only living friend and survivor of his home town, a Dire corgi who he named snuffles.

Lithert like any paladin, has a desire to bring all evil to justice. But he also an eternal conviction to kill the unholy and undead which burns in his heart like a sea of flame and none will stop this. After barely surviving what happened in Middenstrath, Lithert is always on guard, slightly sketchy to those he first meets at best and downright paranoid at worst. But what seems like a noble determination to avenge his friends, has also become a sea of suffering which threatens to break Litherts good will, what is his spirit of avenging justice in the name of good, also is teetering of also becoming a spirit of vengeance and anger which comes with whispering from dark patrons who promise him untold power to kill these murderers, ironically enough in turn becoming the unholy knight that they desire and what he resents.