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TriangularRoom wrote:
I'd be happy to help in whatever way I can (not exactly sure what way that would be but this seems like a great idea!)

Very good. At the moment we have just a very preliminary file collecting some of the very good material we have collected during these years.

Digital Mystic has also prepared a shared depository where you could find that file and a lot of images he started to share. Send him your account and he'll grant you access.

Soon I would like to start sharing ideas on how to work on the project. I was waiting to see if someone else could join the project to help us.

On Monday I'll share a version 3 of the file but then we'd start defining better where to go and how to reach that destination.

SoylentG wrote:
Italian FAN wrote:
Updated V0.2 of the document with different revisions and improvements.
I'm also interested in contributing. You've got my permission to add anything I contributed to the Community Created Stuff thread, and I've got some ideas for other materials.

That's wonderful. You should request to Digital Mystic access to shared folder (pm him your google account for drive). I'm just back from my vacation. Asap I'll upload v3 of the document and we could start thinking in which direction to move.

Any contribution is more than welcome.

Updated V0.2 of the document with different revisions and improvements.

I shared the document I started working on before even thinking to involve someone else. It could be a starting reference you could look at. I'll start adding to it what you shared DM. Then we'll need some time to understand what to add, what to remove, what to change, how to organize that, which format to use...

If someone else would like to join the project helping us please pm your mail to me/Digital Mystic.

Let's see if we'll be able to achieve what I wished to see appeared on the messageboard for the last few years when I connected to

Digital Mystic wrote:

Oh my goodness! I just stumbled across these AMAZING works by David Hemenway / Hero339 over on Deviant Art. This is just STUNNING! I think that Glassworks may be even better than Tintagels already awesome map! I want to send him a message letting him know that I linked it here, but I cant seem to figure out my Deviant Art psw lol. Anyway... Show this guy some love and perhaps he will make some more amazing maps!

Swallowtail Festival

Rusty Dragon

The Glassworks

Glassworks Basement

Catacombs of Wrath

These maps are really fantastic thanks David for his work (let's hope you'll help the community with some other masterpieces) and Mystic for the discovery

Digital Mystic, I have sent you my mail by PM, if you send me your I can send you a preview of what I started putting together. Tell us when you'll be able to create shared documents.

Callum, it's very good you could help us, I hope next week we could be able to start organining a list of what we would like to see in a version one of the document so that we could start working on that. Proofreading will be useful for sure, for example I cannot be good with that using English just for RPG and for work :)

Let's hope someone else will join the project helping us.

Yeah that's wonderful. I suggest to keep the working file reserved for contributors only until we'll be confident that what we put in is respecting sharing rules from Paizo, copiright material and it will be also of a quality acceptable level. I have already a lot of material ready to upload, as soon as I'll be back from vacation I can upload it and perhaps I'll be able to send you a preview if you pm me your mail.
Later we can define what to put in, what to left aside and who should work on the different topics to complete/improve the different parts. I hope however we'll be able to involve someone else on the project as things will start to roll up.

I'm completely open to the way we could use to reach the goal. A shared document as drive could surely be a good tool and a messageboard could also help keeping track of ongoing activities. Every member then could give a contribute in line with available time, capabilities and interest in the project. I was suggesting some web meetings just because half an hour of a phone call is sometime more profitable than a lot of messageboards to take decisions on where to move and so...
For what you were referring for example I'm thinking to a list of small preview images with the info to what moment in the campaign they should be used with also a zipped shared file containing all the detailed jpeg images.

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I've been following Paizo community for new RotR material for almost seven years now. I have collected tons of maps, images, documents, ideas, stats, documents, DataBases, calendars... to fill a small hard disk. And I have created quite a lot of stuff too. It's not as simple for me to find what I need when playing among that material and this is even worse if I think to all official material that could be used for the AP but has been released in different books (and sometimes need small revision for RotR). Because I'm going to master the AP for my second time, I would like to see all this goodness well organized.

Can we set up a community group to prepare a tome of supreme knowledge collecting all the wonderful add-ons created in these years organizing those for anyone who could need to start this campaign in the future?

If you think you could give your contribute to this project, please state your interest. I plan to use web meetings to coordinate activities, reviewing different parts prepared from the different contributors and to release a preliminary version of the document just after the summer.

Thanks a lot Samirah, I tried doing something similar but with less success, well done.

This product is very very good and, as someone already said, a must be for anyone who will have to run this AP in the future. I can just imagine how much useful it will be after the complete release. Next one? I hope Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Merisiel: ... Speaking of which, you stink!
Valeros: That's the musk of the open road
Harsk: Something in the air
Merisiel: That's Valeros

this site seems to have some info...

I have followed Paizo work on Pathfinder and Golarion from the beginning so I'm almost confident (and I also own) with all the books' contents. But I remember when I was attracted by Forgotten Realms but it seemed too vast for me not knowing well from where to start. I was unwilling to start any campaign there because I feared to be inadequate and missing something important.

Now the suggestion... A book that summarize the contents of what is out up to now, categorizing contents by regions, levels, suggesting how to prepare APs or campaign based on Pathfinder modules, how to improve those using pathfinder society adventures and, likely, also some third party scenarios or add ons. Where additional knowledge could be found on the explored regions for each suggested campaign, as pathfinder tales, companions, inner sea world guide, player guides...

Ok I think a book like this could be useful for me too...

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I win.


Is it possible do something similar to download Paizo blogs archives (month by month for example)... what about downloading a section of the messageboard (RotR part for example)...

Perhaps I'm asking too much, I see. When I'll have time I'll try understanding main programming commands, but what you did seemed so simple and powerful at the some time...

Tried it... wonderful thank you... I still have to understand how everything has worked out and if I can improve that but I have now my ebook

That very interesting I always have problems during gameplay to improvise things like that... grabbed and filed.

Thank you TheRisingPhoenix

James Sutter wrote:
Audiobooks for Pathfinder Tales are still something we're very much looking into, but in the meantime, working with Big Finish on the Rise of the Runelords adaptation has me really excited about these audio dramas! Hopefully you'll all like them as well!

James you HAVE to tell me if Paizo will do that... I'm wasting hours after hours to prepare txt files from my pdf to use TTS to prepare mp3 from my tales collection. If you are going to do that I'd stop this mad project right now...

P.S. I have started (and sometime done) so much stupid works like this with Paizo material (collection of Paizo images, Pathfinder Glossary...) that it's really a pity I cannot share those with other fans for obvious copyright reasons... sometime I wonder what can be present in Paizo fans Hard Disks and what could be the community if we could share everything on which we have worked...

For me this is n.1 ad from Gen Con...

Thanks a lot Stonk, everything grabbed. Wonderful add on to bring Sandpoint Alive

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Paizo Publishing And Big Finish have just announced Licensing Deal To Create Pathfinder Legends Full-Cast Audio Adventures... I'm really excited about that... I have hoped for something like that for quite a long time... Thanks Paizo.

I have read the first 15 pathfinder tales and I love them. I really appreciate once a year a collection of best Web tales in the same format as part of my subscription.

Still following your work Dj patch and I'm going to copy and print everything to be kept near my monster manuals. I suggest it to everyone.

Ohh I really appreciated your Work! A GM book from Paizo with material like this is what I would buy without any doubt. I'm playing ROTR, my players are on thirt book right now and I have found it too easy... I'll use some of your suggestions to make their encounters less trivial. I already knew a lot of the things inside your guide and I also used a similar XP based approach to define PC's antagonists but I lacked something I hope I'll be able to fill thanks to your effort.

I think to have found a pair of typos on the text, being Italian I'm not sure about it.

"Each adventure will typically have nine spaces adjacent to it" - - - shouldn't it be "adventurer"? And however aren't eight the spaces?

Somewhere I found "weighing" shouldn't it be "weighting"?

I really appreciated the example on Carrion Crown and then I'm planning to do something similar with the complete ROTR AP. I know it will be a very hard and long work however I'm not new to such tasks but I need a team to be sure to do something good enough to be useful for the wonderful Paizo community. Anyone would like to help me with this project?

Just started reading... after few pages I'm already loving your tale

I'm running ROTR AE and sometime i was in need to sketch some NPC in PCGEN to slightly change or advance them. For me it's however a quite long work... Is there around any collection of main AP characters for this wonderful tool?

Still a very good read... Thank You!

That's still very good and I was waiting to see your way to deal with goblin assault without taking your tale to a classical campaign journal... the result is wonderful, grats

I really appreciate this, I hope you are going to continue this intro of a wonderful tale...

My French is not so good, and I have some problem with English too to be honest, but this is a wonderful link full of so good add ons and not just for RotR... and you can still use Google translate...

Go to Wonderful Pathfinder material in French.

Vic Wertz wrote:
The battlemats will be included *at least* through issue 6. We're still in discussion with Dynamite about making them available digitally—for now, the print comic is the only way to get them.

Wonderful if the printed copy has not the token superimposed to the map this is another reason for me to buy it... The problem here is still that I pay more for the order than for the books then I'll have to wait my next pathfinder novel shipping...

Heaven's Agent wrote:
I asked a while ago about a method of obtaining the encounter map in an electronic format, as Comixology does not include it. Any news?

Any news about this possibility? I bought my digital copy at comixology and I have tokens on the junk beach map. Is it this the case also for printed copy? Paizo could you share a copy of the clean map in someway? I'll buy my printed copies with the next order...

Are these the same images from RotR AE? Or are some new included?

Murdermaw labels are wrong (also on base... There is written just Mudermaw). It's a small fix you could add if there will be need of another update.

Also you have added a lot of animals, and that's great, but there is no boar for the hunt with Aldern (I have already seen boars in other paper minis but not here or in Burnt Offerings).

However 5 stars product... thanks a lot

Callous Jack wrote:


Belor Hemlock's label was fixed.
Belor's base was fixed.
Chopper's base was fixed.
The Barret family was added.

I'm sending these today so hopefully Liz will post them up when she gets a chance.

Thanks a lot, added a review and going to buy other of these

I'm completely in agree with you on this topic. I think this could be a wonderful help to improve mastering skills and to give everyone interesting idea for his gaming sessions. Also it could be a wonderful reclame for the AP. Perhaps the problem could be that just one book could not be enough but you could split it...
+1 It could be an optimal add on in my opinion too.

I bought some of these paper miniatures a lot of time ago (first two legacy of fire) and their original quality value were not very high...). The fact that you updated and added new miniatures to these old products (incredibly adding product value) convinced me to buy others and now I'm thinking to buy them all... So yes please when you have time and you discover some errors or something missing, correct or add... You'll gain customers fidelity.

The product is awesome... I'm not sure to remember because I have not it with me atm but I think the barett family, of monster in the closed, is missing... This is a pity... However let my repeat... Wonderful product.

Yup the best cover around of the original song...

Cynge wrote:

Stolen... Good ideas thank you I love these small add ons... I'll use that for my campaign

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I have been using maptool and skype to play pathfinder for about three years. They are wonderful tools and after a quite big amount of time requested to the GM to prapare the encounters can give big results. But there are two problems I have experienced:
The first is the time needed to prepare the campaign
The second is linked to the fact that no prepared map is tried before the gaming session and I can't remember a night where one in my group didn't encounter at least some problems with two much data due to too big images or wrongly setted fog of war or sight limits....
So if there could be avalaible a system where most of the work is well done and tested, I will have no problem in paying for that.

Detect Magic wrote:

These aren't official stats, but it's how I envision him (the only thing I'd change in my campaign is his alignment; I think CN fits the Sczarni better). He's built on 15-point buy and has wealth appropriate for a heroic NPC of his level.

Detect Magic I really love you mate...

yes I know I could have done it by myself but even if I read this AP five years ago for the first time, there is still so much to do before the start of an AP especially if you plan to use a a virtual tool (perhaps Paizo game space will help us with this). Vhisky stats was on the bottom of my list even if one of the most important topics still missing because I need it for my first RotR encounter...

Why I needed it:

This evening I'm going to play a We be Goblins intro for the AP. The PCs (goblins) will have to conquer a place for the Sandpoint Burnt Offering through the mission of recovering the past expedition of Fireworks from Magnimar to Sandpoint fallen in the hands of Vorka.

Next Tuesday will see the official start of my RotR campaign with the real PCs traveling from Magnimar to Sandpoint escorting a caravan of old maps (for Veznut) and other Fireworks (for Ameiko who lost her first expedition).

During the travel they'll encounter Vhisky and some of his companions joining them in the trip to Sandpoint. But during the trip, in a night, they'll have an encounter with two Faceless Stalkers. These have been sent by the Skinsaw cult to protect Ironbrian recovering an item stolen by the Sczarni able to prove that Tsuto real father is the Magnimar justice...

Vhisky plan is to use the item to blackmail Lonjiko... So the PCs will assist to the battle between the Sczarni and the faceless stalkers and will also start to have some doubs on the Sczarns...

The goblins of the Licktoads who will remain alive during tonight gaming will be found from the real PCs or during the Sandpoint raid or later in the adventure...

Thanks again lot detect magic!!!

NobodysHome wrote:
quote omitted

Oh yes Nobody, there is a lot of useful adds there but, if I'm not wrong, no Sandpoint NPC pfrpg stats at all...

I have read that in Hero Lab there is an add on with a lot of Pathfinder adventure and AP materials but I don't know if only for monsters or for NPC too.

However let me try again... Is there anyone around who can give me Jubrayl Vhiski pfrpg stats or tell me where I can find those?

I'm starting a rotr ap next week... It's almost ready in maptool but... For the first session I would like to make jubrayl vhisky help the players in a special mission before the festival... But I need his stats... Can these be found somewhere on the net? Any other sandpoint npc stats available?
Thanks for any help.

Perfect i have almost finished reading the previous part and you posted a new long reporting... Fantastique.

P.S. Longshanks isn't the name goblins give to humans?

I'm about half way through my reading and until now I have especially appreciated your lucky removing of the two npcs (shaman and cleric), the image found by brodert in the old light and the explanation about the origin of foxglove surname.

Why Hi's father was thinking both goblins and gnomes like to ride dogs? Goblins one are not usual dogs... Probably he was not aware of this.... However fantastic reading. Gratz and thanks again for sharing. Today I hope to finish it.

Omg I've just started reading the pc backgrounds and I'm already fully immersed in the story. I was asking just few days ago for AP tales amd what I find on the messageboard... I'm going to read everything you wrote soon and for now I just can say that your knowledge about golarion is impressive... If the rest will be as the first part I read this will be my favourite reading for a long long time. Thanks for sharing this...

I have just finished reading all the 9 novels published at the moment. I have liked them all especially because reading them is an easy way to improve my knowledge of golarion. I have almost all printed paizo materials but it's not the same fun for me to read the inner sea guide for example.

What I really like is when I can find in the books something I can steal for my gaming sessions, and because I play with paizo published AP and modules, I would really like to see something directly related to these.

For example I'm going to master ROTR soon so what a wonderful story could be one in which some of the locations involved could be discovered throuth its pages.

Thanis thanks again for your list, it's very useful indeed.

Could you also add the info Jacen drop in this other wonderful post Roleplaying-the-NPCs?

Also I think you could add Shalelu... she is not a regular of Sandpoint but I think we could consider she so.

Jacen wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

I was thinking to do something like this just few days ago. This post could be one of the most useful for this AP. Please continue the very good job. Thank you. It was quite a long time I didn't find something really useful for rotr in the messageboard.

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