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The items added to the order by combining it with Order 3999971, seem to be missing the subscriber discounts for the AP and Pathfinder battles subscription. I'd appreciate if you could look into this.



I realised, I made a mistake when ordering and would like to cancel the order if possible.

I already own the item that I ordered, my intention was to order this year's Free RPG Day release, not last year's.


Marco Massoudi wrote:
Only about half an hour left for a preview post... :-O

where do you get this number from? In the past they have been posted at least as late as 19:23 pacific time - never give up hope ;)


The AP Subscriber discount has been applied instead of the (higher) PF Battles discount that the order should qualify for.

I would appreciate if you applied the correct discount before shipping the order.


I'm only getting 15%

Is this one not eligible for the 30% PF Battles subscriber discount?

Thanks for taking care of this. Just got the confirmation email and everything seems to be in order now.


I got my authorisation email on Friday. However, it only includes the AP, not the pre-ordered boxes of Iconic Heroes 1+2. Will Iconic Heroes not ship with my subscription this month?



I haven't received an authorisation email and was wondering whether everything is okay with my subscription.

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And to add to Leo's point, not all of us have been collecting minis for as long as you have. I only started collecting when PFB got first released. So to answer one of your questions, I am in need of a dire boar (or three) and don't have one yet. And I am almost certain that I am not alone in this.

Chasing after some minis that were released years ago (at occasionally ridiculous costs) is not really my cup of tea.

From what I have seen of some older miniatures those sculpts seem to be far behind in the quality that PFB is putting out, so I am not quite sure I would be willing to pay for that lower quality with the additional effort of having to track them down.

Arikiel wrote:
Yes! Finally a female giant. They are so underrepresented. It is awesome that they're finally putting one out there.

there also was one in the previous set

I see, thanks for the clarification.

Cleanthes wrote:
Erik, a quick question for you, since I know you follow these pages: I recently stumbled on to a mini being sold on Ebay as a Paizo promo called the Albino Wererat, clearly a repaint of the S&S Wererat.

This one? If it were not for the name shown on the bottom I would have thought it might be a mini somebody personalised.

Also glad to see that Dungeon Dressings won't become chase pieces.


I noticed a discrepancy between usual shipping costs for AP subscriptions and my authorisation email.

Entry in the email:
Subtotal (1 item) $15.99
Shipping & Handling $9.66

Usual charge (also shown if I watch the pending order through my account):
Subtotal (1 item) $15.99
Shipping & Handling $6.54

Could you please clarify which one is the correct shipping cost? If shipping has indeed gone up by almost 50% I would most likely be better off to buy my AP in the store.


Marco, have a look at this

Scribbling Rambler wrote:
Well... we've had [...] a plant (vine choker)

by the book the vine choker is actually an abberation

Flesh Golem + Carrion Golem? to "flesh out" constructs?

Edit: Fleshdreg in the abberation department

including a major one people have been demanding from the start, but which we've not yet included in a single set

my bet is on plants

Cleanthes wrote:
And I know my players would love to see more half-orcs too; I can think of only 2 that have come out so far in PF (the barbarian in the first set and Imrijka).

You missed at least two more. The paladin from Wrath of the Righteous and the pistol wielding one from Skull and Shackles. But I agree that some core races need some more love, including dwarves, halflings and half-orcs.


the authorisation for my December subscription failed. A case of bad timing of the November shipment and other charges coming in at the same time and on top of that I underestimated the current exchange rate. I have resolved the issue at my end and the card now has enough credit available. Please let me know if you need anything else process the order.

Thank you,


Since my November subscription has not been shipped yet, and authorisation for December is starting tomorrow, I was wondering whether the shipments could be combined to save on shipping costs.


"Iconic Characters" can mean a lot more than the classical way of looking at it. I for one hope to see beloved characters from the setting in that line as soon as all the classes are dealt with.

Characters like Eando Kline, Ostog the Unslain, Shensen and several Pathfinders immediately come to mind, that I would not mind seeing in high prepainted quality should this line be successful enough to warrant continuation beyond the class iconics.

Joana wrote:
Unlikely to be Giantslayer, imo. They've had issues in the past trying to get mini sets out at the same time as the AP, as creatures and NPCs have changed past the cut-off date for deciding on the sculpts.

This. They struggled with this a lot for Shattered Star


jimibones83 wrote:
I'm dying to see if we get a preview of some Giantslayer mini's today.


Hello again,

the order arrived today and I noticed a problem. Instead of 3 packs of Bones: Skeletal Archers it contains 3 packs of Bones: Skeletal Swordsmen.

What should I do?


edit: the archers on the invoice are coded as RPR77017, the number on the swordsmen boxes is 77017, there seems to be a mistake in the database. The archers on have the serial number 77018.

@Kor, that looks more like poor lighting conditions in the picture.

Thanks again for all your help. I was wondering whether all items are at the warehouse now and are ready to be shipped with the current subscription run.


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Too bad, mountable miniatures are one of the few things I miss about PFB so far. (Alternatives similar to Alan of unmounted, mounted and mount without rider as separate minis would of course be welcome instead)

Notice how Extra Arcane Pool says how the effects stack while Extra Panache does not?

Unless otherwise noted benefits like that do not stack. So without ANY additional language you would only get a total of 2 panache points regardless how often you take that feat. The comment about increased benefits replaces the stacking, but has the same effect.

While keeping to existing language should have probably been preferred the two different wordings mean exactly the same.

@Erik: Will the Lini figure from the first iconics set be able to ride the accompanying Droogami?

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I think that is light reflecting of her all-black eyes


since it is already September, would it be possible to combine this shipment with the next subscription shipment (assuming all items are ready to be shipped by then)?


In addition a demon lord with Pazuzu's optic can, in a different setting, be any kind of unique creature of any CR of 5 and above. I could even see a monstrous humanoid race with those characteristics.

My Bones Jabberwocky is always melting back into his weird position, regardless how often I "boil" him. As soon as the heating is on or he gets some sun he's getting weak in the knees. So sadly even bones is not without fail.

But this is the only bones mini so far that I had problems with. Otherwise I'm quite happy with them.

"Better" material is something that depends on your point of view. I personally prefer the less soft material that allows for weapons to stay in shape and better detailing in the sculptures. I wish they went back to the material they used for H&M which was even "better" in that regard than the current material.

I have had close to no breakage out of the box in all the cases I received so far, i.e., 1 out of approx. 850 minis, and none from usage. And I am not particularly careful when handling the minis.

A lot of the breakage others observed seemed to stem from rough shipping. But with the new packaging this seems to be happening less often.

Sounds great, thanks!


I was wondering whether there is a specific item that you are waiting for to ship the order? Or is the shipping queue just a bit longer than usual ('tis con season, after all)?


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The starter pack might be an "evergreen"

It is on a four inch base.

Is Lini going to be "mountable"? Her legs almost look like they could fit around Droogami's back.

And now I'm wondering whether it already said so in the title when I wrote that...

Skulks, if memory serves...

I can see the Lamashtu figure finding use as a Lamashtu statue coming to life (I'd probably put the mini down every time the group comes across a statue, animated or not)

Minor correction, you only add Evangelist levels beyond the first to your aligned class, i.e., a maximum of 9. Which makes sense as the feature is gained at second level.

She gains all the class features for this class,
essentially adding every evangelist level beyond 1st to her
aligned class to determine what class features she gains.

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Well, the real question here is whether the lantern that is clearly related to a certain faith, namely Sarenrae's, would make a consecration containing an altar of Groetus impossible.

While it does not clearly state so in the lanterns description the lantern does have a Sarenrae descriptor.

Since it cannot move while the consecration is in effect it can be interpreted as a fixture for that purpose (and in my opinion is intended as such) the same way a portable alter would be.

RAW you may have found a loophole, but you should talk to your GM before you invest in it.

This Eagle Knight is probably the closest so far published in this line.

The mini is not too obviously female and could pass for a male with long hair.

The giant weasel from the adventure path is in fact large. This arctic version seems to be different from the one published in B4.

Mojorat: You do not need the feat "Two Weapon Fighting" to be able to fight with two weapons, it is just very impractical to do so. The feat "only" reduces the penalties for fighting with two weapons.

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