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Ragadolf wrote:

But that's OK, I live in America, where we are free to like or dislike any TV or Movie that we see. :D

You're wrong old man, you'll like what I scream at you to like

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Fergie wrote:


This is not directed at any particular poster
OK, I know the almost irresistible lure of the pointless thread, but what are people really doing here?
You don't like the thread, OK, that is fine.
If something breaks guidelines, FLAG IT AND MOVE ON. Beyond that, IT ISN'T YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SABOTAGE THREADS YOU DON'T LIKE! Running up the post count just keeps the thread alive longer. This thread would have fallen off the page if people just ignored it.
Again, if you don't like a thread, or don't agree with it, just ignore it! Don't try to control what other people talk about on the internet.

Sorry for all the bold, but malicious thread derailing just rubs me the wrong way. (Non-malicious thread derailing, and generally pointless threads are absolutely fine however.)

Shut it rat! nobuddy asked for your two cents

Paladin of the Tetragrammaton wrote:

@gtg --

Dude, the vigilante is so appropriate it's inappropriate. It is, without a doubt, the ultimate in lukewarm.

Oh, look! I can do all the things! I'm a vigilante! All you other guys are the lolzers.

If Clive Staples Lewis were an rpg philosopher, he'd tell the vigilante class to sign on with Screwtape & Co.

It doesn't f*$%ing matter you f+%%in f~@$er. F&$!ing paizo is gonna errata it because they hate jocks/martials.

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Batman is clearly a Paladin.

Are you kidding me f$!&face, he's a f@~*ing ninja

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NH wrote:

LOL. OK. I posted. And yeah, that is one hostile crowd!

I'll hide in my friendly neighborhood FaWtL thread, thanks.

You can run, but you can't hide. Ima gonna kick your ass all the way to Albany...New York

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Dracoknight wrote:

Man this thread sure took a head dive into lunatics and general silliness of the internet. You have your default socially backwards argumentative loony, you have the OCD corrector, you have the peanut gallery, the "I agree, buuuut" and our all time favorite the offrailers who tries to derail the "discussion" to something more lighthearted.

And as always... It all starts with someone with a viciously toxic attitude.

I agree, but...