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Dammit Wolf! I missed my TotP... :'(
Suck it up, mate!
Dude. That could be taken so wrong...

heh heh

I love that you said "mate". Sooooo Aussie. :)
I'm a total wannabe.

They're British...


Damn it! Wallaby?

Should be a boon for that.


I recommend elimination, caged death match style...

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aeglos wrote:

Forks Restaurants look realy run down and not very clean, urgh.

we decided to just grap some cold stuff from the supermarket

the Twilight boom seems to be over, all the Twillight stores here are closed or nearly closed

Wait... there are Twilight STORES?

I had those once. Doc gave me a little cream that fixed it right up.

Wolfthulhu wrote:

The plural of which would, of course, be Corgi Ninji!

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Solnes wrote:
But hey! I can kinda taste my coffee! :D

As long as it doesn't taste like butt...

Make awesome games, get paid for it.

What else do they need?

And if someone thinks I'm kissing ass, hey... kiss my ass.

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Inglorious Basterd wrote:
The Mayans tell us we have just over a year. I put about as much faith in one as the other...
I'm here to repossess your computers and medicine.

Good luck with that.

The Mayans tell us we have just over a year. I put about as much faith in one as the other...

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Pssshhhh, otters. All "Look at me, aren't I cute." Little bastards don't know how to properly rip a throat out.

I concur.
You otter stfu, is what you otter do.

Punts baby...

Buzz Killington wrote:
So, any news on Ultimate Racist?

Alive and strong.

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Crimson Jester wrote:
Bitter Thorn wrote:
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what is this "sunlight" you speak of?
The hot babes in bikinis......
Yes but now I look at the hot babes in bikinis and realize that they are young enough to be my sons girlfriend.... cant look.
LOL! I can identify. My daughter is 21 now so it feels way too weird to eyeball attractive young ladies in their twenties.
I could see that. I also had to leave the pool in Mexico when the 16 yr old Spanish lass removed her top.
Perky.... had to leave.

I'll be in my bunk...

New page.

You know what this page needs?


And if that bothers you, bite me.

Jyu1ch1 wrote:
Naked passing class for the top!

I initially read this as naked passing gas...

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

Hee-hee. Fun with fawtlies. Wish I'd put my cod in the oven while I did all this posting, instead of just prewarming the oven. :S


If your cod is in the oven, shouldn't you be focusing on the cod... or the oven, rather than posting here?

Just sayin.

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Jyu1ch1 wrote:
Hey! Someone ate all the pecans outta the mixnuts! What jerks!!!
Chewing/Wasn't me/chewing

I'm betting she did it on purpose...

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Its late, going to bed. Nite all.
Well I did want to get to sleep earlier. But you weren't having it were you?
I notice that the term 'sleep' is suspiciously absent from her post... just sayin.
Oh no, we had a lot of fun. No sleep at all, but I wish we had.

pix or it never happened...

I'm a good cannibal.

That is all.

Nekkid badger spleen... Damn, I think I stepped in it. :(


Johnny Cash wrote:

And It Burns, Burns, Burns


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Every now and then I have a wee issue and Sara is so on the ball.

You can get diapers in adult sizes.

So I heard.

Well, that's the safer direction to take that... Just sayin.


Dammit! No Visa?

Woo! Violence! Anarchy! Riots in the streets!

Seriously, soccer fans are among the most obsessive fanatics out there short of religious ones.



Doug OBrien wrote:
Charlie Bell wrote:

This is actually true, because the steel that makes up the blade was folded 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times and the quality of each blade was tested by cutting a live king tiger tank in half.

Whoa, wait a sec... Japan had living tanks? Damn it, did we blow up this biotechnology in Nagasaki?

Treantmonk wrote:

As for posters who moved here to get away from Optimization at WOTC, well, to me that stinks of prejudice and intolerance, so I can't really bring myself to feel sorry for them. It's like feeling sorry for a guy who left his old country club because it was mixed-race only to find out his new club is no longer going to be exclusive.

We all bought this product and have a right to discuss it on these boards. If they aren't interested in what I have to say, they can ignore it. If they are truly repugnant, they may complain how it isn't enough to ignore it, you must instead belittle others who don't. So be it, I'm thick skinned enough to deal with intolerance in all its ugliness.

Oh please. Waving the Intolerance cudgel around? With your THIRD post? How about you make a name for yourself here first? People will be much more likely to take you serious, though I would suggest leaving the Drama Queen antics out of it in any case.

Treantmonk wrote:
As for Paizo's decision, I disagree, we are the consumers, and although the employees of Paizo run the company, we are responsible for its very existence, and our needs deserve and demand to be their highest priority. Companies that ignore the needs of their customer cease to exist very quickly.

I think you'll find the VAST majority of posters here are perfectly fine without a CharOp forum. Paizo's in no danger of losing their proverbial shirt over this perceived necessity.

(For the record, I enjoyed WotC's CharOp boards and would enjoy one here, but I ain't losing any sleep over it. Though even if I was you're approach is, shall we say, sub-optimal...)


Could always just bite their frakking heads off.

Or that could be the rum talking...

What we NEED. Is to take those Nazi scalps!