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NobodysHome wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Am I the only one that finds "Cyber Monday" a really, really stupid name for a sales holiday?

Be quiet and bow down to your robot overlords of spending!

(I'm sure CY would have made an alias for this sort of thing, but meh, i've got a kids' game to prep for...)

Dave is currently unavailable, sir.

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Algorithms Are Really Pool.

...[initiating self destruct sequence. ]...

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The answer is 42.

Samy wrote:
Krensky wrote:
So you don't actually want to engage in discourse, you just wish to be contrary.
Untrue. In truth, the fact that I focus on one thing at a time proves my desire to engage in discourse, because I prevent it from ballooning to unmanageable size by taking one point at a time. It's the only way to advance.

There's another way to advance, but I'm not sure humanity is ready for that final step.

I'll get back to you in December...

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What! We're not going to take over the world, that's crazy!

We're using you to build our spaceships so we can go to a different world and take that over. Seriously, people turned this into a s*@* hole.

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There's gotta be something more futuristic then space nudity...

Zaero wrote:
silverfoxdmt73 wrote:
Pete17331 wrote:
IT guy here. Yes, it is perfectly possible to prepare for this kind of workload. For example, companies like EA Sports does it every time they get ready to release a new game. They outsource and get enough temporary processing power (in the cloud) to handle the predicted workload.

I imagine companies like EA Sports have more than 50 staff across their IT department, never mind the whole company and a few $billion to throw at outsourcing IT.

Fellow IT guy here. You can scale, sure, but if you don't have the hardware or the ability to invest, that scalability doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

EA has (I would argue) a far bigger resource pool to work with. But hey, obviously everyone has infinite servers to deploy at any time.

It only takes one.

I will however take over the world, and enslave humanity, so...