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Grumpus wrote:

I am a bit confused trying to picture the Armageddon Orb.

It says the Orb rains fire from the sky, and that the fire covers 100 mile radius.

So are we disabling an Orb that is floating 100s of feet above the ground? Or does the Orb magically teleport from the bad guys lair up into the sky? or what?

I'm guessing the disarming is before the orb has been triggerd

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I remember having a DM that allowed the ranger to make up some details himself depending on his roll. He give the base details the amount and type, but then the ranger could choose some details as long as he rolled well enough and it was his favorite enemy.

as example.
Tracking raiding party of giants, "according to the placement and weight of these footprints this one giant is absolutely plastered". when we found them there was indeed a drunk one that was given a chance to miss and if he moved his full movement had a chance to fall over.

This probably wouldn't work on all tables, but I liked it. It added some character to the smaller throwaway minions. the best one was when he rolled a natural 20 and turned a pack of dire wolfs into a bunch of bandits wearing shoes with wolf paws on the bottom by saying the spacing was all wrong.

there is an abundant step power feat it is in the blog. i was talking about how the blog makes it seem that you only get bonus ki from taking ki power feats

Im kinda curious on ki progression. Like for me personally the only ki power i'd want would be abundant step (cause teleportie monk is fun).

Going by the blog i'd have ki equal to my wisdom from ki strike and then the bonus to ki I'd get from taking the abundant step feat.
Will there be other feats to increase ki widouth having to take ki abilities that I'd never use (mostly out of RP principle)

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Biztak wrote:
The info about Barbarian's fatigue was really interesting, they don't become useless in between rages, which is good, but they potentially open themselves to attacks. This open up some strategy for barbarian players on whether or not taking all of their actions while fatigued, each -1 to AC increases the enemy's chance to crit by 5% up to a total of 20% counting the -1 they start with that round making it the smart move to maybe take only one or two actions while fatigued

Might also allow for hp tanking mechanic. Enemies might be more inclined to attack the durable barbarian if he leaves himself open during his fatigue.

Could we have the possibility to combine legendary feats. Cause all I am imagining right now is buying ballerina dresses at level 1 leaving the DM wondering, and once I get both those feats just redress all npc in silly costumes.

"Before you stands king Leoford, a champion of the people, a god among men, a legen.... Who is now wearing a nothing but female lingerie."

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I don't mind that the pool of skills capable of reaching legendary is small, but I do want to have some choice on what those are.

I can understand if a rogue always has stealth and thievery as signature skills. but that there are 2 i can choose myself. (social skills for face character, athletics and acrobatics for assassin/swashbuckler character)

graystone wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
graystone wrote:
So fish being good at climbing is thematicly linked?
Fish have a swim speed, who says they have Athletics at all?

Fish had to roll swim checks in pathfinder classic. Spiders had to roll climb checks in pathfinder classic. But sure... [and apply to humanoid that live underwater and/or climb. Merfolk, aquatic elves, catfolk, ect can be from locals where the other mode of travel isn't avalible]

The trained climber from a desert local somehow learns the backstroke by osmosis? A trained locksmith that's never 'thieved' in his life, a true artisan, gets sleight of hand magic tricks because 'theme'?

Sorry, IMO it's all the same in theme and realism.

Athletics is more of a check on physical endurance or capability. it is capable to be used for swimming and climbing but that does not mean it always encompases it.

swim, climb and fly capabilities are determined by their respective movement speeds, you would use athletics to determine their endurance on actually moving that way.

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John Lynch 106 wrote:

So in this blog post we see Paizo have gone a particular route in divorcing skills from ability scores that make sense (Int for knowledge) and instead gone for whichever ability score best suits a particular class  (wis for knowledge religion). Can't say I'm a fan* and I know the reaction my table will have to this (based on how they reacted to other games that implemented this) and it won't be pretty.

Knowledge religion might still be an int skill. Like lore religion to recall information on religious subjects.

Always felt that wisdom is more spiritual/emphatic
wis nature is not your knowledge of nature but how well you attune to it, like connecting to a wild animal, or sensing the power of nature.

Wis religion would in this case be sensing the presence or power of deities. connecting to that power.

Just speculation but we have not yet had a list of all lore sub thingies

I like what we are getting so far with backgrounds, simple and general.
making it easy enough to create your own as long as you can justify it to the DM.

On the AoO, It's odd that only the fighter gets it, but that's mostly since that is a main reaction for them. And we don't know many of the class related reactions of other classes, like the paladins support reaction.
Like imagine that instead of AoO a monk can counterattack as a reaction from the get go, or the brittle wizard can have a movement of oppertunity when a creature charges at him he is allowed to move a bit forcing it to waste another action to get to them. or similar to the rogue to as a reaction walk out of a area of effect of a spell. or for a ranger an overwatch reaction for a free attack on a creature that leaves cover.
Point is that it feels crappy to lose an ability like AoO but I think that's just since we don't know what kind of class related reactions might take its place

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Like what I am seeing so far.
Question, what are the spell points used for. The litanies or something else

Thebazilly wrote:
Gunny wrote:
Clerics of Sarenrae = unlimited fireballs? Who needs wizards.....
Not unlimited. Domain spells still use spell slots, you can just prepare them in any spell slot of the correct level now.

Given that they are domain powers wouldn't they cost spell points instead of spell slots

Going back to a question I had in the Cleric blog.
Can the spells gained from a domain come from outside the divine spell list.

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About the spell slots, I think, well speculate that we might be getting more spells than just the spell slots. In pathfinder 1e your cleric domain gives you specific spells you can cast. So I think that your domain might give you access to more spells (that might be outside the divine spell list) and these spells would be cast by spell points. So we would have
1) scalling cantrips
2)channling heal/harm
3)chosen spell slots and
4) spells from domain that are determined by that domain but can always be cast using spell points.

Also if this is the case domain might also give access to spells from the non-divine spell list, like a nature domain cleric has spells from druid spell list.

Friday blog will tell I guess