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1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Imeckus and Lord Medvyed listen to Zokon's proposal, the house lord looking nervous but hopeful, whereas the wizard looks stony.

When Zokon finishes Imeckus says: "And such is the apology of a base bastard." His eyes move over to Tengar. "This is not over, Santyev."

Then in flash of violet light that causes Medved to hop away, Imeckus Stroon vanishes from the room. He reappears through a similar flash in the great hall to the surprise of everyone.

"Come Pavetta. We are leaving." he says grimly.

Confused, Lady Stroon nonetheless gathers Jewel, and complies, taking her brother's hand. With a word and a gesture from Imeckus they vanish in clap of thunder that echoes through the hall, and puff of charcoal smoke. It as if they had been smote by unseen lightning.

The second vanishing act from the great hall (ID a spell as it is cast, DC 20):
Imeckus just cast teleport.

Fergus Bouldershoulder Ironmug wrote:
I'm sure the lords are working everything out as we speak.

Meanwhile in the stuffy sitting room.

Zokon Santyev wrote:
"[Alia] is no mere courtly trollop to foist upon someone for political gain...."

"You have inferred that my sister is of low breeding. This will not stand." says the wizard gravely.

Still in the sitting room

Stroon turns to Lord Medvyed gravely says "This is a grave insult to my family's honor, done to me by Santyev and this bastard. I demand satisfaction." While there was but a hint of politic anger in his voice it isn't until he turns to look upon the two Santyev men that they can see the depths of his cold-burning hatred. This is a man who has killed for much less.

Medvyed stands there seemingly gobsmacked.


Imeckus appears from behind (nearly within) the assembled party as if by magic. He is bigger and older than his sister by what looks like two decades. And while he is dressed in finery the accoutrements of the arcane arts dangle from his belt and bejewel his fingers.

At his sudden appearance, the tiny dog quavers once, and quiets settling deeper into her mistress's embrace.

"A pleasure." he says in an even resonate tone quite at odds with his sister.