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"The Watchmen movie is like listening to someone with a perfect memory and no sense of humor tell a joke they heard last night."

― "Cordelia Ceps", City of Heroes player

Round 5, on the road again!:

1d4 ⇒ 1



1. You see a flock of rabbits fly by. Rabbits. With wings. Fly in the air past you.
2. Being self-confident is one thing. Being so confident that you yell "I AM INVINCIBLE" as you attack, giving your opponent plenty of time to dodge is another. You miss.
3. A fly just flew up your nose. Your opponent must make a will save <insert appropriate DC> or lose 1d4 rounds while laughing at you.
4. Prepare to meet your mak.... AAAAARRGGGGHHHHH, CRAAMP!
5. Your attack knocks over a bookshelf. Librarians now hate you and will attack you on sight.
6. You stab your opponent, yet he seems uneffected. His eyes meet yours as he says, "my name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father, prepare to die!"
7. You accidentally step into an alternate dimension and pretty soon you get abducted by some aliens who's faces kinda look like Jaime Farr!
8. You scream your name drawing out the vowels while charging directly into the point of the enemies sword much to the consternation of your allies.
9. in an attempt to feint you put your left foot in then take your left foot out, then put your left foot back in and shake it all about. This fails.
10. Evil Lincoln is your GM. He asks "Was that your first attack of the round?" and you say "Nope." and he says "Your attack misses. No other effect." Real suggestion: You left your sword in the scabbard. Miss, and spend a move action drawing the weapon.
11. Ker-click! Looks like you forgot to load powder into your weapon!
12. You are distracted by a parade of clowns.
13. You attempt to Quick Draw your Greatsword, but the blade sticks in the scabbard. You wind up flipping yourself forward and are now prone on your back.
14. Your opponent moves against the setting sun. You are momentarily blinded and miss an otherwise easy mark. Nasty DM version: you are also dazzled until your next turn.
15. Nothing happens. You hit if your total equal or exceeds your opponent's AC. This roll triggers an environmental effect. Your GM rules that rain starts to pour. Terrain becomes slippery on the following round
16. Bugger keeps moving. Rather than swinging wildly, you consolidate your position and thus end your round. All your attacks gain a +2 bonus on the following turn.
17. Loose rubble makes you lose footing. All further attacks this round are made with a -2 penalty.
18. Your quiver topples and empties its content on the spot and your attack misses as you curse the merchant who sold you the stuff. Further attacks are unaffected as long as you stay on the spot. Otherwise, picking up your arrows is a full round action.
19. You ready your attack and right as you make it you sneeze causing your <spell, sword, arrow, etc> to miss its mark.
20. You take a stance and ready your attack. Right as you are about to attack you break wind, loudly. Everyone makes a <insert appropriate dc> will save or spend the next round laughing.
21. You take a step and hear a *riiiip*. You tore your pants. Who knew you wore underwear with pink hearts on them!
22. As you draw back your sword for a devastating slice, the blade suddenly comes free from the hilt, and flies back behind you in a straight path, lodging itself in the nearest surface. Meanwhile, as you bring your sword arm forward, you meet your enemies eyes, and without missing a beat you shout, "HA HA! Slash! Stabby! Stabby!" as you poke him with your sword hilt.
23. Your attack connects, but you become distracted as your opponent looks at you with goo-goo eyes. Your opponent then claims [b ]"Aw, you must like me, you took it easy on me. You're kinda cute yourself big boy".[/b]
24. As you stare down your adversary, you are blindsided by a sudden thought: How many people have I killed in the past month alone? What am I becoming? Make a Will save or suffer the effects of a terrible remorse spell with a CL equal to your character level.
25. You accidentally fire your gun BEFORE drawing it from its holster - make a REALLY HIGH Reflex save; if you make it, you won't have just scored a critical threat on yourself, nor will you have been spayed/neutered.
26. You decide to experiment with a new and different battle-cry, but as soon as you say the first word of it, a strange duck statuette abruptly drops from the ceiling on the end of a string, with the word you just uttered on a placard around its neck. Everyone else in the room - bystanders, your enemies, and fellow party members alike - erupts into spontaneous applause.
27. You nock your arrow and let fly - you can't imagine how or why, but it flies in the direct opposite of the direction you were aiming. If there's a creature behind you, it is the target of the attack, but due to being hit by the arrow's shaft, will suffer 2 fewer points of damage if hit, as well as that damage being bludgeoning.
28. Rather than withdrawing and hurling an entire fan of shuriken from your pouch as expected, you withdraw your hand only to discover a single shuriken that you've somehow managed to fold into a perfect origami goose. It's worthless as a weapon, but is worth at least 25 gp as an art object.
29. You reach down for your weapon, and wind up exposing yourself instead. Roll 1d6 on the following table:

1 - All creatures of the same type as you in a 15-foot cone must make a Will save or be overcome with laughter for 1d3 rounds.
2 - All creatures of the same type as you in a 15-foot cone must make a Will save or be fascinated for 1d3 rounds.
3 - All creatures of the same type as you in a 15-foot cone must make a Will save or be shaken for 1d3 rounds.
4 - All sentient creatures of a different type than you in a 15-foot cone must make a Will save or be fascinated for 1d6-1 (minimum 0) rounds as they try to figure out what they're looking at and why.
5 - One creature who can see you and might be capable of sexual attraction to you must make a Will Save or suffer the effect of a charm person spell.
6 - All attacks against you within the next round have their critical threat ranges tripled.

30. Instead of a normal acid arrow, you spray your enemy with a powerful, epiphany-inducing psychedelic; in the apparent blink of an eye, they embark on and return from a mind-expanding dream quest, permanently raising their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores by 1 each.
31. The weapon that you are holding suddenly falls apart, leaving you holding a red cylinder with a wick burning in one end, which quickly burns down as the cylinder explodes. Make a Reflex save... evasion does NOT apply.
32. You step onto a wet bar of soap and slide 10 feet in a random direction, arms flailing all the while (roll 1d8 to determine direction, roll Reflex save DC 20 to NOT fall).
33. Okay, who dropped the soap? That stuff's worse than banana peels! Make a DC 25 reflex save or end up prone, but very clean.
34. You slip on a bar of soap. It flies across the room, catching air, ricochets off a few walls and then hits <determine person randomly> in the face stunning them for 1d4 rounds.
35. Uncontrollable Muscle Spasm: Make three separate attack rolls and then roll a d10 for direction. 1-8 are normal direction results, while a result of 9 or 0 means you hit yourself with your own weapon.
36. Somehow, a bit of the essence of the last creature you slew with your weapon yet lingers within it, and has chosen this moment to flare up before passing on - for the next 1d10 minutes, your weapon acquires one of the following special properties: holy (if the last creature you slew was Good), unholy (if the last creature you slew was Evil), axiomatic (if the last creature you slew was Lawful), anarchic (if the last creature you slew was Chaotic), or vicious (if the last creature you slew was Neutral Neutral); if the last creature you slew was LG, LE, CG, or CE, determine which of the two properties the weapon takes on randomly.
37. Your sword flies from your hands and goes missing. No you can't find it by rolling perception. I don't care if it's got Returning. No, using locate object won't work. Just go along with it!!!
38. Brain decides to remind you of every mistake and stupid thing you ever made, distracting you while also destroying your self-esteem.
39. Your compatriot decides this is the right time to tell you that he slept with your Significant Other. Twice. On your birthday.
40. Your weapon freezes in your hands, demanding a share of the loot and refusing to strike another enemy until it gets it. Meanwhile, the potions you keep on hand are chanting "Union! Union! Union!..."
41. You flail around so embarrassingly, your allies witnessing this receive a -1 morale penalty next round on all attack and save rolls.


There once was the sword of a knight

that traveled much faster than light
it lashed out one day
in a relative way
and came back on the previous night.

You swing your sword at FTL speed, causing you to have stabbed yourself in the back with it last night. In addition to normal damage from the attack, you suffer Sneak Attack damage as a Rogue of half your level (minimum 1st), minus however many hit points you heal by way of normal rest.

43. You utter "Oh no, not again" as you leave yourself open to a free attack of opportunity from your opponent.
44. You spend the round debating the number of fumbles you've made so far.
45. Not only do you drop your weapon, your hand gets scared and jumps off your wrist!
Roll 1d20:
1 - It goes berserk from panic and tries to throttle you until someone "puts it down".
2-19 - It skitters into the unknown, never to return.
20 - It skitters into the unknown, never to return - or so you think, until it comes back several levels later in the adventure, with class levels and loot of its own, as the greatest GMPC your players have ever seen!
46. Your weapon begins to sob uncontrollably, interladen with exclamations of, "I can't believe I'm stuck with this loser!" for the next 1d6 rounds, as you also gain a -2 to hit and damage as the sobbing as rather distracting and throws off aim.
47. You suddenly fall into fits of uncontrollable sneezing, so disruptive that all combat stops as your compatriots, and even your foes stop their activities as they look at you with either concern for your well-being, or worry that whatever you've got is contagious.
48. Stumble over an unseen imaginary deceased turtle. You loose 2 rounds of offensive action but can parry.
49. You stumble over an invisible, LIVE, irritable turtle, which in turn bites your foot for 1d4 points of damage. Your next attack is at -2 due to distraction.
50. You and your opponent are hit with an invisible wizard's baleful polymorph spell, no save. This only targets your weapons. Your weapons are now fluffy bunny rabbits, spend four move actions to pet the bunny or take a -1 penalty on everything due to bunny cuteness. Attacking the bunny results in your weapon returning, with the broken condition.
51. You have angered the invisible weregoat! Now you have another combatant to fight.
52. You stumble over a Crunchy Raw Unboned Real Dead Frog - make a successful Craft (Confectioner) check if you want to avoid prosecution.
53. You get so mad you forget what you were doing and bite your opponent instead. Roll 1d4 for damage unless you actually have a bite attack.
54. You've been sweating so profusely from your palm for so long that it at last takes its full toll on your weapon, which must make a Fortitude save (DC 13+your Constitution modifier) or suffer the effect of a rusting grasp spell.
55. A cat yowls in the distance. You momentarily hate it more than the goblin before you. The feeling quickly passes.
56. You become inexplicably sovereign glued to your weapon... (One hand only if it's two handed)
57. You are overwhelmed by your own battle-frenzy and suffer a small stroke. You are stunned for 1d4 rounds, take 1 point each of Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom drain, and a negative level. A successful Fortitude save means you are dazed instead of stunned, and the ability drain is ability damage instead, and a separate Fortitude save can negate the negative level.
58. Your opponent thinks you want to dance, so he/she/it grabs your flailing arms and waltzes with you momentarily.

A - If you fight, then he/she/it turns that motion into a Grapple with a +5.
B - If you dance with him/her/it for 1d3 rounds, it will not attack you, bows politely afterwards, and walks away.

59. Your flaccid attempt makes even the gods cry (or laugh) … and it rains, just on you, for the rest of this battle, wherever or however you move. And if you try to metagame your way outta it, it starts hailing… just on you, for 1d6 damage per round, until the battle ends! So take it like a ... PC!
60. You accidentaly hit a random passing bird in midflight, which is now impaled on your weapon, causing -1 on your next Attack and Damage roll.
61. You whiff so badly that your party members literally facepalm themselves in total disbelieve, losing 1 round of attack, Attack of Opportunity and movement.
62. Your incredibly dexterous but wildly inappropriate flailing has carved a sigil of incredible power into the space between dimensions, drawing the unwanted attention of an ancient-beyond-time’s-reckoning being. An immense … “hand” (of sorts) reaches between the void of time and space, plucks your weapon out of your hands, wags its “finger” at you, and disappears (with your weapon).
63. Whatever you ate last night clearly isn’t agreeing with you, in a VERY loud and squishy way. Yup, you dinged your diapers so bad its running down whatever armor you have on. The odor is so atrocious that not only do your own party members all immediately take a 5-foot step away from you, but any opponent(s) within 20 feet of you immediately move 5 feet away, as well. Any opponents already fighting you, back away 10 feet (full defensive). Any character (PC or NPC) or creature on the board within 20 feet of you that can’t move away as indicated starts gagging for 1d3 rounds. If character tries to move forward to take Attack of Opportunity, slips in his/her own …debris … Reflex save DC 15 to not fall down, into that mess you made.
64. That cheap replacement belt you bought in the last town simply was not designed for the frenzied motions that you call “fighting”, and snaps. This drops any weapons, potions, etc on the ground (no damage), AND your money bag … which does split open, spilling all your coins and gems everywhere. Any opponents with INT between 3 – 10 immediately rolls WILL save DC 15, else stops fighting and jumps onto your life savings like a broken piñata. If you don’t jump in too, they’ll make off with your funds next round
65. Your so-called battle motions cause you to lose your balance.

A - If swinging anything (e.g., axe, sword, quarterstaff, etc), roll 1d3 to determine which direction you've spun yourself around (1=90 degrees, 2=180 degrees, 3=270 degrees).
B - If firing any loaded weapon (e.g., box, crossbow, firearm, etc), its recoil has knocked you on your butt.
C - If any other martial motion (e.g, movement in/out of battle, acrobatics, ninja/thief special actions, etc), you've tripped yourself, halting your motion & losing any stealth you may have been attempting.
D - If a magic user performing any magic, roll 1d3 (1= tongue-tied for 1 round, 2= finger cramps for 1 round, 3= mental block for 1 round).
E - If a bardic performance, you've hurt yourself (e.g., hit a note 1 octave too high, spun too quickly and dizzy, choked yourself on your own seven silks, etc), and lose the effect for 1 round.

66. Several random NPC creatures walking through the area see your wild shenanigans and stop to verbally harass you for the next 1d6 rounds, which messes with your mojo enough to cause a -1 on your Attack and Defense rolls while they continue.
67. You move into a micro-pocket of wild magic, causing 1 random magic item on your person to lose 1 use (if multiple uses remain) OR lose 1 characteristic (e.g., keen, holy, etc) OR lose 1 level of stored magic (e.g., ring of storing or similar) OR release its magical contents (e.g., bag of holding or similar). IF you have zero magical items on your person, then your mouth is suddenly filled with worms, refilling each round for 1d4 rounds causing a -2 disgust (distraction) penalty on all rolls.
68. You suddenly have an incredibly strong inclination that your opponent is imaginary – some critter straight out the spellbook of some out-of-sight spellcaster – and you decide to attempt "disbelieve" right there on the spot.
69. You are so lucky! Your mad flailings have your opponent so confused that in their attempt to defend against you, they (roll 1d6):

1 - Drop their weapon
2 - Hit themselves (max damage)
3 - Hit themselves & knock themselves out cold
4 - Hit one of their own peers (if no other opponents, then their weapon goes sailing off at least 10 feet away from them)
5 - They are confused (NOT like the spell) and cannot take an action this round as they try to figure out WTH you just tried to do.
6 - They roll a percentile dice against this same chart!!!

70. You’ve uhhhh, un-gendered yourself. Whether by axe, sword, arrow, etc, or wild magic, however it happens, you are now a eunuch!
71. You hit yourself on the head, inexplicably causing you to lie about everything for 1 full day.
72. You suddenly find yourself with terrible heartburn, causing you to belch what appears to be tiny blue flames (“what was IN that stew?”, “I guess that ale really has gone bad.”, “last time I eat at THAT halfling’s ramshackle hovel!”), for 1d3 rounds, causing 1d4 HP damage to yourself each round. [Player may attempt to use this against his/her opponent, but must successfully Grapple, then successfully Bite.]
73. For whatever reason, your opponent reminds you of someone (roll 1d4):

1 - You tear up thinking of your dear mother (gods bless her soul) - take a -1 penalty on any action that requires you to see whatever you’re doing for 1 round.

2 - Your heart burns in fear and anger as images of your hard-nosed, penny-pinching, never-gave-you-a-thing-but-beatings father – momentary “rage” gives you a +1 to your Attack rolls (+2 if you Charge immediately) for 1 round, but decreases your armor class and saves by -2 for 1d4+2 rounds.

3 - Memories of your wise maternal grandfather, including how he saved you once from those gang of young thugs (who knew Gramps was a Soldier of the Realm!?) – gives you a +1 Wisdom-based gain on your next roll, but then causes you to be distracted as you reminisce about him for the following 1d4 rounds (-2 to all actions and saves).

4 - Your stomach churns at the … ahem, “creative”… dishes your paternal grandmother used to make (this clearly explains your father’s anger at the world!) – take a -1 penalty on any motion or magic action for 1 round, but also take a +1 bonus on your next Will-based roll (you learned to swallow a lot of bad things in this world from dear old Grams)(one time, but can be used anytime that same “day”).

74. As your swing your blade, a choir plays an angelic song for the beauty of your swing that echoes throughout the battlefield (no matter how large). Unfortunately, this beautiful music distracts you, since this is not the critical hit chart. You spend 1d4-1 (minimum 1) rounds sobbing at the beautiful music, during which you are unable to act.
75. Your attack finds its mark! Unfortunately for you, you wind up striking a malignant tumor your enemy hadn't even realized they were suffering from, and completely excising it from their body, dealing 1d4 points of damage to them and permanently raising their Constitution score (which would have been higher but for the cancer) by 1d6 points.
76. You make yourself look like such a dolt that you come off as nothing so much as a common mook, and your enemy has a sort of personal epiphany regarding where they stand relative to you qualitatively, consequently gaining the benefits of a heroism spell as cast by a 5th-level Wizard.
77. Your fancy weaponwork fails to harm your oppenent, but the precise combination of motions and seemingly-incoherent gibbering turn out to be the somatic and verbal components to an otherwise-unknown spell, which causes an explosion of magical weapon-tips to burst from your weapon, dealing the weapon's base damage die and damage type, multiplied by your character level, to all within a 15-foot radius of you, with a Reflex save (DC 10+3d6) allowed for half damage.
78. Your attack breaks the time-space barrier. It deals normal damage to your target, 1d6 rounds later.
79. Your attack breaks the time-space barrier. It deals normal damage to whoever occupies the space you attacked, 1d6 rounds later.
Thanks to a disruption of local ley lines, you do max damage with your weapon. However, it is dealt in 1 point increments per round, for as many rounds as you dealt damage.(In effect, a 1-point DoT attack until you reach your max damage)
80. As you make your attack, you suddenly recall dirty joke told to you by a gnome prostitute. Your weapon gets thrown 5*1d6 feet away as you fall prone with a fit of hysteric laughter.
81. Your attack breaks the time-space barrier. Roll as if you had missed with a thrown splash weapon. You deal normal damage to what or whomever is within that square.
82. Your attack is interrupted by the ground beneath you shaking and jerking upward as one of the Mole People from the Center of the World suddenly opens one of their secret hatches into this room. You are moved 5 feet upwards and must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be knocked prone. "Oops, sorry, wrong door," says the Mole Person 1 round later before heading back down and returning your patch of floor to where it was.
83. You inadvertently pass gas while swinging wildly (so embarrassing). You fight at -2 while standing in your own cloud that persists for 1d6 rounds. Unfortunately, it also seems to cling to you if you move, too. This negative effect can be averted or redirected with a gust of wind spell, or by a full out run at max speed for at least 50 feet..
84. In mid swing you suddenly realize how heroic you look. You hold the pose for a round for your imaginary adoring fans. The enemy you were attacking get an attack of opportunity.
85. Your attack breaks the time-space barrier. It deals normal damage to a random person in the battle immediately (no distance limit), as your weapon (or magic) seemingly appears out of nowhere in that person's / creature's space (even though still in your hand).
86. You should have known not to [fill in appropriate stupidness that recently happened in your campaign - laid down in flea-infested boarding house, drank that free drink from the freak barkeep who called himself a "mixologist", crawled through XYZ dank/dusty space, etc, etc]. You clearly are having a sudden allergy attack. Roll 1d4:

1 - Your eyes getting watery, blurring your vision for 1d6 rounds, creating a -1 to all martial and/or magical attacks, defense and Reflex saves.
2 - Your nose gets all stuffy, making it hard to breath for 1d6 rounds, creating a -1 to all martial and/or magical attacks, defense and any motions (e.g., running, jumping, climbing, swimming, acrobatics, magic-based finger-waggling, etc).
3 - Your hands getting all itchy, making for a serious distraction to concentration for 1d6 rounds, creating a -1 to all martial and/or magical attacks, defense and Will saves.
4 - Your whole body breaks out in pus-filled welts and hives, which break open with any motion and making it hard for you to move and hold your weapon for the next 1d6 rounds, creating a -1 to all martial and/or magical attacks, defense and Fortitude saves. [DM: Player gains a temporary +1 bonus if Grappled due to the pus sliming his/her/its body ...and a -1 for him/her/it to Grapple an opponent.]

Character now has a permanent allergy to whatever caused this allergy attack, and must note it on their Char Sheet. DM's discretion how to allow Char to manage (or attempt to cure) this allergy going forward.
87. You start your attack, and .... O!M!G! what is that?!?!?!?! Off in the distance you see a truly gargantuan reptilian head and neck slide out of the water, look in several directions (all except where you are, thank the gods!), and then slide back into the water. If you are not near a large body of water, its head appears in the distance - over the trees, on the next mountain over, even poking out from the clouds as it flies by.
88. You hear maniacal tiny laughter near you, as if skipping / running / flying by, just before (roll 1d4):

1 - Your off-hand arm polymorphs into a tentacle for 1d6 rounds. Whatever was in that hand is now loosely “held” by your tentacle, and using that limb for anything at all is at -4. At end of time, the tentacle withers and starts to smell like really old fish, before it falls off, revealing the char’s arm inside unharmed.
[o]2[/i] Your armor transforms into living crocodile scales for 1d6 minutes (which cannot be removed since its alive), >>replacing<< its AC with a +1 & no encumbrance. At end of time, the skin sloughs off their body like a snakeskin, after which it then transforms back into their prior armor laying there on the ground.
3 You become incorporeal for 1d6 rounds, so while your opponent can no longer hit or hurt you, neither can you do anything to the material world. [DM: You could play this out into NEXT round before the char or opponent realizes what happened, only after a weapon “slices” through ineffectual].
4 Your vision hazes over for a brief moment, and when it clears every one in the battle is suddenly staring at you [DM – ask each other party member their favorite cartoon character – the funnier, the better; think Who Framed Roger Rabbit! And group then votes which one]. Your character (as well as all possessions) has been transformed into [fully describe the animated character, in soft Saturday morning cartoon colors], including the character’s voice. Your character is so confused that he/she suffers a -2 to everything for 1d6 rounds. [DM – if player actually hams it up and full-out roleplays his/her character as the cartoon character and voice, DM’s discretion to add slight confusion to opponents, as well, like a -1 on their attacks]
89. A blue box suddenly appears next to you. A man hops out, hands you a banana and says "Never go to a party without a banana." He then leaps back in and the blue box disappears. You now have a banana in your hand. If anything else was in your hand, you appear to have dropped it.
90. Years of reckless potion-quaffing catch up with you in the form of a flashback. Roll 1d6:

1 - You suffer the effects of a crushing despair spell for 1d10 minutes.
2 - You enjoy the benefits of a good hope spell for 1d10 minutes.
3 - You are blinded for 2d4-1 minutes, and receive the Clouded Eyes Oracle Curse (1st-level effects only; if you already have Darkvision, you also gain a +1 alchemical bonus to Perception checks) for 1 hour thereafter.
4 - You are confused for 1d20 rounds.
5 - You suffer a negative level due to neurological damage.
6 - The DM reveals a noteworthy secret about the campaign to you.

91. The battle is interrupted by the Great Modron March choosing now to barge its way through the area (causing, irony of ironies, chaos)! The party is separated from its foes by a wall of solid modron for 10d% rounds, and all corporeal beings in the area take 1% of the result as bludgeoning damage, with a DC 4d6 Reflex save permitted for half.
A IF character "kills" any of the opponents in this battle, character searches body and finds a small cube. As char examines the box, the "dead" opponent breathes one last phrase - "Its always belonged to you" and then truly dies.
B IF character doesn't kill any opponents, then character finds small cube while looting the bodies or in their own possessions later that day/night [DM's discretion how/when], and as char examines box they hear a nearby whisper on the wind that sounds like, "It's always belonged to you."

[DM - note the sequence of events possible here - nothing happens immediately. After instance 'B', now describe the box: "You've found a small metal 6-sided cube (link1) (link2), roughly 2"x2"x2", that is black and either inlaid or etched with gold on each face. In the center of each face is a solid circle of gold ~1" across, surrounded by unique intricate filigree that are different on each face." Thereafter, if character is ever confused (the condition), it has a 25% of playing with the box .... and therefore an X% [DM's call] on opening the portal to Hell and confronting PinHead!!!! If character DOES open the portal to Hell, all beings within 100 feet should also be sucked in, too! Finally, note that the character can not get rid of this box by anything other than a wish or similar spell. It always seems to find its way back to them within 1d4 days. It might be inside a fish they catch, found on corpses along char's path, somehow attached to any equipment they buy next, etc. Eliminating this should be considered a curse requiring some kind of side adventure up to the DM.]

93. Melee - Whoops! You accidentally throw your weapon at the closest ally instead. Make an attack roll as normal.

Ranged - How the!?!? Your weapon is shot 1d6 squares towards your target while the ammunition falls at your feet.

Magic - Wrong spell. Your target is affected by a random beneficial spell from your spell list instead, and that spells slot is used instead. If no beneficial spells are prepared, the spell slot is simply lost.

Natural - Muscle spasm. Unable to use this attack for 1d6 rounds.

94. One random item that you own and/or are using has finally been "triggered" as a Minor Cursed Item. [DM - use Cursed Item Rules to determine specific curse.] This item can not be easily discarded by the character. [DM's discretion, but some ideas to do so might include: to fairly trade or sell it to an NPC whom should have good bargaining and appraisal skills; or use it to bargain with an opponent (which means the opponent could gain the "curse" as a benefit!); etc]

95. You stab the enemy, but instead of blood, a severed monkey's paw leaps out of your foe's chest and begins to strangle you. Monkey's paw has a CMB equal to your attack roll and otherwise is treated like a choker's Strangle ability, preventing speech and inflicting an amount of damage per round equal to 1d6+1d6 for every door leading into the room you're currently in. So stay out of the foyer. The monkey's paw goes away once the grapple has been broken for 1 round + 1 round per aforementioned door.

96. Your deft motions have hit or triggered a magical item or effect that your opponent had at the ready (but not yet activated … or even planned to activate yet). Roll 1d10:

[DM: recommend only describing the effect when it actually manifests – all of these effects are temporary, for the duration of the fight/event only, and the opponent knows immediately what benefits that they’ve just been given. Also, if player’s character is a spellcaster not in the immediate battle scene, then recommend replacing or adding to below with – “Opponent transported to spellcaster’s area” or similar to put spellcaster IN the fight.]

1 Opponent’s weapon or spell is now considered aligned opposite to the player’s character’s alignment.
2 Opponent’s weapon is now keen (slashing or piercing) or thunderous (bludgeoning), or its next spell is Maximized.
3 Opponent can now fly, with average ability.
4 Opponent is healed for 1d8 HP [DM: increase this for higher level CRs].
5 Opponent is now under effects of rage.
6 Opponent is now under effects of enlarge.
7 Opponent is now under effects of haste.
8 Opponent’s armor class increases [DM: your call – due to magical armor enhancement (e.g., impervious), mage armor, or similar for your scenario]
9 Opponent gains a summoned creature, appearing wherever benefits opponent most (e.g., flanking player’s character, next to opponent, on ledge above, etc)
[DM: wide latitude on this one, obviously, but intent is to give opponent equivalent benefit of +1/4-1/3 CR level]
10 Reroll 1d10 (ignore 10) and effect benefits ALL opponents in this fight/event!!

97. You suddenly develop an exruciatingly uncomfortable itch in your... erm... nether regions. Lose your action for this round as you try desperately to reach inside your armor or find a tool with which to scratch. You opponents must make a DC 15 Will save or burst out laughing at your antics.
98. "Ow! My EYE!" As your reach for your weapon / magic item / spell components, you somehow manage by sheer bad fortune to poke yourself in the eye. Your next attack is at a -2 penalty due to your sudden loss of depth perception as your eye begins to water uncontrollably.
99. Your weapon somehow snags on the very spot in spacetime in which some wizard long ago sent a secret chest into the Ethereal Plane, and while your attack thus amounts to nothing, you manage to reel a really nice treasure chest back into the Material Plane - whichever side wins your present battle has an extra CR (1d12+8) treasure hoard to look forward to!
100. Wandering specters of long-dead adventurers possess you, that they may again taste the thrill of battle! For the remainder of the battle, all combatants gain 1d4 levels in a random PC class.
101. The Genesis Dweomer of Scheherazade is upon you!!! Everyone rolls up new characters to play in a "mini-campaign" for the next few sessions, after which the primary game resumes, with consequences appropriate to how they fared in the mini-campaign!
102. You get rudely interrupted by a gold-sniffing troll. Your enemy and you tacitly agree to enough of a chivalrous truce to jointly slay this new foe.
103. Your weapon lodges deep into the ground at your feet - and breaks open an ancient pocket of toxic subterranean gas. The effects of a cloudkill spell erupts centered on your location, lasting for 1d20 rounds.
104. Your weapon flies out of your hands, crashes into the ceiling overhead, and releases a swarm of vermin that falls down in a square 1d4 squares in front of you, potentially engulfing an enemy or ally.
105. Such is the precise angling and centrifugal force of your weapon swing that you inadvertently perform a Whirlwind Attack, even if you don't have the feat. It does not discriminate between friend and foe.
106. Your weapon strikes and momentarily sticks in the ground, functioning as a pole vault. Move 2 spaces in a random direction. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
107. A bored djinn happens to be attracted to the sounds of your battle, and decides to have some fun. He/She announces, “The loser to this little battle of yours’ will gain some beneficial boon of my own choosing. Of course, losers tend to DIE in battle. Hahahahahahahaahaaa! Carry on.”
108. Just as you are about to swing, you feel a tap on your shoulder - turning around, you find yourself face-to-face with an enemy you could've sworn you'd already killed a long time ago in the campaign (who is now flanking you with the enemy you'd just been trying to swing at)!

David M Mallon wrote:
Whenever someone mentions Ironheart, this is all I can think of...

That video is cacophonous as hell, but otherwise, lucky you, that seems like a definite step up.

"I had hopes for Ironheart. It did not meet them. You can understand the plot very easily because it's pointed out first thing, but also pointed out is that the main character doesn't care about the plot. So that's the movie in a nutshell."


"[O]h man when they made Red Skull quote Jordan Peterson I was like 'What the hell - is that where we are now, Marvel? Kermit the History Prof is now your punching bag?'"

― "Gemknight Kyber", City of Heroes player/movie critic

1d4 ⇒ 4

and documentary-worthy rides!!!


C'mon, people!!! Round 4!:

1d4 ⇒ 4

You might think I'm

And look what I can do!
*pokes the next poster*

The next poster must now make a DC 1d100 ⇒ 38 Fortitude save or be turned to stone!

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The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

It's raining updates! HALLELUJAH!!!

Additional Resources: Concordance of Rivals wrote:
You may only consume your own flesh or blood in obedience to Mother Vulture, not that of others.

As a Society DM, I abhor the implication that the Pathfinder Society is a haven for cannibalism - it is well-known that we now have the problem relatively under control!

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

That would be this one.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.
GM Abraham wrote:

* Yanda (Alchemist 5 or 6)

Firewarden Yanda!!! You've come a long way from that strange little burg in the Mana Wastes, haven't you?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.


The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Tiger Tail ice cream was new to me; it sounds...kind of unbearable.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

The guy you never actually met? I assume you don't mean the assassin who took his place (and Syl'las's poison makes it very unlikely he survived)....

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Whom do you recruit?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Also, I DID make one mistake: I should've crossed out the higher-Tier loot section on all of your Chronicles; please do that manually when you print them.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Glad to hear it.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Alright, you should all now have been sent your Chronicles! Let me know if anything's wrong.

Final order of business: Now's your opportunity to claim Faction Card Objectives, if you wish and can!

Just tell me which Season's Card you're presently using, and I can tell you whether you managed to achieve anything from it in this adventure (if it's a "roll-to-recruit-NPCs" deal, I'll let you roll that ex post facto)!

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.
Claudia Treeskipper wrote:
When we started this game, my campaign service coin and new number had been announced, but not yet implemented in the system.

I don't understand; "campaign service coin"?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

@Claudia, if I may ask, why/how the huge change in Society serial number? If I were one of the few and proud with a 3-digit number, I'd be pretty unhappy with a 'demotion' to 6 digits.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

So, I just finished DMing a game that came out before Out-of-Subtier gold was introduced, so when faced with how much gold to award out-of-subtier players, I took the liberty of manually averaging the two subTiers and giving them that. Is that kosher?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.
Mykel Therinor wrote:
did you get my pm with my email?

Yes; I'm sorry it's taking so long.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

The star looks important.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

It was a little unclear to me whether you, the PCs, were supposed to translate the logs on your own, but whatever; Mission Accomplished.

If everyone could please give me an E-mail address, I will get you your Chronicles as soon as I can.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

F%@*it, sorry for the delay.

You are able to determine that the Tekritanin books are in fact records of the past Sun Orchid Elixir auctions, with records of all bids both winning and unsuccessful, over the last 100 years. The records contain no names, however, merely long series of coded numbers to distinguish bidders from one another. You also note that these logs are marked "Copy 4 of 7."

The bottom shelf of the column contains an unlocked chest containing (beneath a handwritten note saying simply, “to get you started”) gold, platinum, and gems worth a total of 1,500 gp, a +1 Longsword, a Candle of Truth, a Javelin of Lightning, a suit of
masterwork chainmail, an oil of keen edge, a potion
of remove blindness/deafness, a scroll of fireball, a Spined Shield, and a wand of cure moderate wounds.

Upon exiting the Conundrum, you find yourselves no longer in Ofarah's quarters, but in an austere guest room with only the Ring Gate affixed to the wall. Upon leaving, you startle a passing guard who had no idea that any guests remained from the night’s festivities. She escorts you out of the embassy, informing you that Ofarah herself left shortly after the attack on her life, boarding a ship bound for Lamasara.

When you report back to the Grand Lodge, Kreighton Shaine greets you with an eccentric bow and squeals in delight at the information you present him. He seems less interested in the actual contents of the books, however, than excited about the challenge of deciphering
the codes that are used within.

THE END - Congratulations, Adventurers!

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Mykel and Andor (mostly Mykel, really) carve the poor bastard up like a pair of old Taldan matadors slaughtering a bull!


Now that you are free to explore the chamber, you quickly discover that all of the column-libraries in here are sealed against time and thievery by walls of force - all but one.

This one carries only a single shelf of books, but the many sharp eyes among you recognize signs that many more books had stood here recently, only to be removed.

The remaining books are all written in a nearly-forgotten language...Does anybody here know Tekritanin?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

@Andor, it looks like you were unable to reach him this round, correct?

Andor skirts the column to make his way to the remaining foe while meticulously sizing him up...and Claudia gets her tongue stuck to the column in a weird variation on what so many hapless children in colder climes have experienced.

The remaining sphinx foolishly continues going after the wounded target....

All VS Mykel:
bite: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25

claw: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (7) + 11 = 18

claw: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (11) + 11 = 22

The beast hardly even comes close with his claws, but his vicious bite would hit...were it not ingeniously, spectacularly turned away by Mykel's masterful swordsmanship, who parlays it into a truly vicious counterattack to the neck!

That Riposte was a CRITICAL HIT, Mykel! Roll the damage for it!

Mykel 47/73
Andor (deaf)
Prilla (deaf)
Syl’las (deaf)
Friz (deaf)
Gold sphinx DEAD
Silver sphinx -??

The party is up!

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Shoot, missed that; well, with those rolls between the two of you and the fact there's not that much to tell, I'll just give it to you.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Claudia, you have saved against the deafness.

Claudia recognizes the monsters as Hieracosphinxes, the least and lowest of the Sphinx family. Though foul-tempered, they can be subjugated by those stronger than they...but it's still kind of weird to find them guarding a place like this. Perhaps they've been ensorcelled? You get 3 questions.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

I'm going to have to put some brakes on there, Andor; that degree of advance preparation when you didn't know you were headed into a fight is a bit too much strain upon plausibility. I will let you have done all the 10 minutes/level and longer stuff, but none of the 1 minute/level - i.e., I will allow all of that EXCEPT shield, long arm, mirror image, and fly.

If you need to re-evaluate your actions because of that, you may do so now.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Okay; whatever; "uncle".

Mykel's mighty swing damned near knocks the monster's (still waiting on those Knowledge [Arcana] rolls!) block off, but he remains standing through sheer bestial vigor...

...then Syl’las jabs him in the side, prompting a pained croak...

...and Minata finishes the job Mykel started.

Still ROUND 1:
Mykel 47/73
Andor (deaf)
Claudia (deaf)
Prilla (deaf)
Syl’las (deaf)
Friz (deaf)
Gold monster DEAD

Claudia and Andor, show us what you’ve got!

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.
Lorian the Peacemaker wrote:
The 5th level swash buckler ability also gives you Improved Critical.

Then why does Mykel's character sheet say it threatens on 19-20?

Swapping 'hats' for a moment:

Mykel Therinor wrote:
the Rondelero swashbuckler uses the Falcata,,,add slashing grace and you get a decent melee character.

I don't want that, though; my intended character's weapon of choice is very specific. Why the hell do Swashbucklers get MORE leeway with slashing weapons than piercing???

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.
Mykel Therinor wrote:
hey guys...do you think we'll be done for Gameday? wouldn't mind getting another game on this toon...

Gameday's the start of next month, right? I am happy to say we will almost certainly be done by then! I was not sure at all, but we pulled it off.

Speaking of what you gents are speaking of, what can you someone who's considered making a Swashbuckler, but is held back by certain qualms?:

1) - It feels a little too rigid, not customizable enough, I wouldn't mind an alternative to parry-and-riposte
2) - It seems, strangely, that one can do better damage by pledging to slashing weapons than can ever be done with piercing; am I wrong, and if so, what am I missing?

Laying more of my cards on the table: I have a very specific concept in mind, and I want it to be someone whose weapon of choice is a punch dagger, katar, or pata (she may use a shield in her off-hand, or nothing, but dual-wielding will not be her cup of tea in any case).

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.
Mykel Therinor wrote:
the hit was a critical...hence the crit confirm roll..sorry i should have made it clearer...

Doesn't your weapon only threaten on 19-20? Your riposte would threaten, but it looks like your attack this round just fell short.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.
Arnold Perlstein wrote:
Are these two at ground level, and how high is the ceiling?

Well, if you'd read the above, it should be pretty elementary to deduce the ceiling is 30' high. They are at ground level now, yes, and their reach turns out to be no better than your own.

@Prilla, please roll your spell failure chance.

Mykel nearly vivisects Claudia with his first wild swing, but scores an excellent hit on his attacker with the second, deeply wounding both his anterior region, and to a lesser extent, his resolve!

Mykel 47/73
Andor (deaf)
Claudia (deaf)
Prilla (deaf)
Syl’las (deaf)
Friz (deaf)
Gold monster -23 (shaken)

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

With the guidance of Minata's mastery of the elemental speeches, slotting the gems proves an almost disappointing no-brainer; when you do, the mechanical lotus unfolds with astonishingly non-metallic gentleness, revealing a narrow, dark stairwell.

Minata, unless you can pull some crazy stunt to make it otherwise, your steed cannot follow you down these stairs.

Arnold, please place your maullaby.

Forty feet down, it opens into a vast chamber stretching over a hundred feet from end to end. Spread throughout the vault are a series of massive columns, each rising twenty feet from the ground, leaving ten feet of open space between their beveled capitals and the domed ceiling above. Each column is covered from plinth to capital with shelves sized for books and scrolls alike.

More pressing concerns make themselves apparent, though: From their nests atop the abacuses of two columns at the further end of the chamber emerge two large and fearsome beasts, with the bodies of mighty lions, but the heads and wings of vicious falcons!

You may try to identify them with Knowledge (Arcana) checks.


Init(Mykel): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15
Ini(Andor): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Init(Claudia): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
Ini(Minata): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
Init(Syl’las): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12
Init(Arnold): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10
Init(Prilla): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10
Record Guardians: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

Aaaannnd sonufab$+@*, they go first!!!

One lands before you and looses a blood-curdling shriek right in your faces!

Fortitude saves:

Arnold: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25
Friz: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Prilla: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
Prilla's Bat: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (17) - 1 = 16
Andor: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14
Minata: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25
Mykel: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
Claudia: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12
Syl’las: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

It would be helpful to DMs if your Companion's statistics were more accessible - is its Fortitude save really -1?

Prilla, Andor, Claudia, Syl'las, Friz, you have all been struck deaf for 2d4 ⇒ (3, 2) = 5 rounds!!!

The other swoops down with predatory opportunism upon Mykel (who I believe is flat-footed, correct me if I'm wrong)...

bite, pounce, Power Attack vs flat-footed: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11
damage: 1d10 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12

...nearly jabbing his beak straight into the stone floor like a woodpecker with megalomania...

claw, pounce, Power Attack vs flat-footed: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26
damage: 1d6 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15

claw, pounce, Power Attack vs flat-footed: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23
damage: 1d6 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11

...but delivering grim, lacerating blows with both claws!

The party is up!

Round 1 - FIGHT!:
Mykel 47/73
Andor (deaf)
Claudia (deaf)
Prilla (deaf)
Syl’las (deaf)
Friz (deaf)

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Upon receiving its libation, the statue’s mouth slowly opens, revealing an aquamarine gem of the same shape and magical aura as the others.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

A large fountain with floral motifs dominates this chamber. In the fountain’s center, a playful statue of a lithe woman holds an extended goblet. At the base of the fountain rest two clay jugs, one labeled “5 cups”, and the other “3 cups.” Beneath them rests a plaque, etched in Common, that reads:

“Offer the marid exactly 4 cups and you shall receive.”

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Yes, but which is the "real you"?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

@Lorian/Minata: So let me get this straight: Your Social Identity is your "vigilante" identity, and your Vigilante Identity is your "real" identity"???

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

CAN you critically hit an object? Whatever, close enough for government work....

Minata chops the gem free with a single mighty swing.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Seeing no traps as such, Andor opens the oddly-pressurized door, and suddenly...


A vast torrent of sand floods from out of the chamber!

Overrun: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (1) + 15 = 16 Well THAT was underwhelming....

The flood stops just short of Prilla's feet; luckily, ages of sedimentation has caused the sand to fall out in large hard clumps that bounce about almost like children's toys and are easily dodged by Andor, Mykel, and Minata. Minata's steed (what's its sex, incidentally? Should Prilla go check the undercarriage?) gives one a curious kick with a front hoof.

There was an optional encounter with earth elementals here - the sandnami was supposed to set you up to be at least a little more vulnerable to them, and if only this were the higher tier could've done some actual friggin' damage - but since time is a worry we will be skipping it.

Coarse sand fills this earthy chamber to a height of three feet. Unworked, vine-choked walls form a canvas upon which are daubed crude paintings of powerful-looking, purple-skinned humanoids (which planar lore experts like Andor immediately recognize as Shaitan, the genies of earth). Several thick roots droop from the ceiling at varying heights, and a musty smell permeates the air. In the room’s center, suspended from and firmly entwined in a dangling root, sways a large onyx gem.

You're given three options here (which is not to say I won't try to reward fitting alternatives): Disentangle the gem with Escape Artist, hack it out with a weapon or brute-force it with a Strength check to break the roots.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Do the rest of you follow Andor? Please place yourselves now that I've revealed the southward hallway.

The gems you've recovered both radiate moderate Transmutation magic.

It is immediately obvious to both Andor and Prilla that they would fit perfectly in the insets they noticed on the four largest 'petals' of the great steel orchid in the central chamber.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

...Good enough, I guess.

Andor's prodigious skill with even the most esoteric of traps saves the party from fiery doom!

I'm not sure how you were supposed to figure this out, but this could have been bypassed by speaking the Celestial and Infernal passages as pass phrases, in those languages - but they would've had to be spoken simultaneously by two different speakers. We'll say you "brute-force-hacked" it instead somehow.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Bright crimson, scarlet, and vermilion tiles cover the walls, floors, and ceiling of this otherwise barren room. The tiles differ in shape, size, and texture, creating a giant mosaic depicting a red-skinned, horned man and a woman wreathed in flames leading armies of beasts of fire and golden-haired celestials against one another in an epic struggle. Strange runes ring the room’s circumference.

Knowledge (Religion) DC 15:
You recognize the horned man as Asmodeus and the flaming woman as Sarenrae.

Knowledge (Planes) DC 15:
You recognize the fire creatures as efreeti, and the celestials as hound archons.

Perception DC 15:
Standing out among the many colored tiles that make up the room-wide mosaic, you notice a bright garnet set in the ceiling.

literate in Celestial:
One line of the strange writing that runs along the chamber’s outer edge reads “The dawn brings new light”.

literate in Infernal:
One line of the strange writing that runs along the chamber’s outer edge reads “The kingdom shall be his.”

There's definitely a trap here. I'm not just handing it to you this time; do you know just how much you're able to know about how a trap works from your Perception check alone?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

It's actually Knowledge (Engineering) to judge the columns, but the DC is so pathetic you need hardly even try.

Andor effortlessly hops across the way, where he finds the leering face clutches a clear diamond between its teeth.

He also notices the face is actually a magical trap (I'm not sure, offhand, what it would take for you to know the details, but under the circumstances, there's no harm in me just giving it to you): Apparently, the thing can 'see' magic, and would have greeted a flying intruder with a blast of greater dispel magic!

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Alright, northward ho....

In the chamber before you, twelve five-foot-diameter darkwood columns jut up at varying heights from...this seemingly floorless room. While random, the columns offer a hazardous path to a raised platform thirty-five feet away. Decorating the far wall, a giant carved face leers across the open chasm, as if mocking potential trespassers.

You readily-enough notice that some of the columns before you (marked with red) are of far frailer construction than others. Any more weight upon them than - oh, 50 lbs., you'd estimate? - and they'd likely be crushed to splinters. It stands to reason that there'd be more of these ahead, but you can't judge the other columns from this distance.

What do you do?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

I'm sorry, who's waiting for whom now?

The ways are open; where do you go from here?

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

As stands, direct tinkering with this miracle of artifice seems damned-near impossible...or at least, maddeningly improbable; it feels like the engineering equivalent of haggling with a genie (for all you know, such dealings may have been involved in its construction!).

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

There are no traps in this room; however, closer examination of the great metal orchid reveals hundreds of gears and hinges connecting the petals and holding them firmly in place; suggesting to you that the flower’s four largest petals could be meant to fold down and open...under the right circumstances.

What now, party? See the uncovered portion (chamber A1) of Slide #1; I have placed your tokens, please place those of any companions with the marker of your choice.

The Immortal Conundrum: maps, etc.

Sure they can!

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