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Vic Wertz wrote:
You haven't missed it—we want to give it another couple months to make sure that everybody who needs a replacement gets a replacement.

Naturally, the initial sale was during a boom at work, so I had no time to pay attention to gaming. Is it possible to sign up to be notified when they go back on sale? Heck, I'd be glad to preorder to ensure I get one.

Are you folks open to a new player joining up?

I use a Lenovo thinkpad tablet 2. Windows 8 pro, and about 8 hours of battery life. Best PDF reader out there. I use skydrive to sync all of my books.

The product looks good, but I am concerned it is a bit over priced. If I can share the $20/mo account with my group, as the gm, then it seems reasonable, but if not, it quickly become more expensive than herolab, which is itself far too expensive. Perhaps doing a one time flat fee per character would also work.

I would want to buy the errata card pack. I'm already in for a pound, so to speak, as I have all of the stuff you've already made, and have a subscription. I intend to have the full game; what's another 8 bucks?

Flat the Impaler wrote:
Calthaer wrote:
Bidmaron wrote:
Oh, and one other thing: if you are allowing 'withdrawals,' then you are not playing the game properly. There is no provision for withdrawals...
I'm not sure you really know what you're talking about. The instructions say nothing whatsoever about having to attempt to play all the way through a scenario until you win or die, so there's really no basis for you saying that other people "are not playing the game properly." In fact, exploring is an optional step in a player's turn - players are perfectly free to "run out the clock" without actually performing another encounter at all, if they so desire, so in effect there is a "provision for withdrawals." If there were a rule in the manual saying something to this effect, you'd have a case, but that statement just doesn't have any basis in fact.

I'm not sure I really know what you're talking about. Can you explain to us what a "withdrawal" actually is, because I tend to get confused when people use non-game terms to describe the game.

Bidmaron's assertion that there is no provision for withdrawals is correct. There may be rules for (or no rules preventing) what you think constitutes a withdrawal but nothing defining a withdrawal itself.

I took "withdrawal" to mean a player decides to opt out mid-game, for which there no provision. You seem to have taken it as running out the clock or just ending the game early. I can also see others taking it as not continuing to play through all the scenarios of an adventure.

Point is: depending on your interpretation, it either is or is not allowed, but the OP doesn't really explain what is meant by the non-game term "withdrawal".

I'm not really sure what either of you are driving at. The only way to win is to defeat the villain, right? That is typically difficult, but not impossible. Withdrawing from the game or letting the clock run down doesn't further you toward that goal.