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Gandal wrote:

I know a shield bonus doesn't add to touch AC, [...] I couldn't find an answer on the Corebook.

Does not compute?

The other guy is right, of course.

As the subject title says:

Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription after Skulls&Shackles #6.

Yes, as I understand it thats correct.

Kamelguru wrote:

I houserule that Vital Strike can be used in any action that limits your attacks to 1 (charge, spring attack etc). Also made it so that it adds 2d6 rather than a multiple of base damage, to make the feat viable for anyone but the people with comically oversized swords, and balance it for the extremely big monsters.

The two other GMs I ever played with adopted this, and have not looked back since.

Yes, that sounds very reasonable.

The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Cool take lots of pictures if you can... The exhibition in Sydney Australia was spectacular but small.

Yeah, I will definitively take my camera!

gustavo iglesias wrote:

And here you have a XV century drawing, an officer wearing full plate (except helmet)

German Landskenetch

Thts not a Landsknecht, but a Margrave. The town he is from (Durlach) is 3 km from where I live...

The 8th Dwarf wrote:

The Landeszeughaus, in Graz, Austria, is the largest existing original armoury in the whole world. It holds approximately 32,000 pieces of weaponry, tools, suits of armour for battle and ones for parades.

The Landeszeughaus .

The Landeszeughaus had an arms and armour exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney in the late 90's they had many examples of footmen equipped in full plate.

Also there are many accounts of knights dismounting and fighting on foot as the battle had bogged down.

Wow, thanks for the pointer. Will definitely visit (I will be in Graz for business in two weeks).

DeathMetal4tw wrote:
Is anyone else bothered by the lack of "realism" in walking around covered in full plate?

There were plenty of full plate wearing knights that fought off horse back. They were not waddling at all.

StreamOfTheSky wrote:

Dazing Spell is excellent. If it's possible despite all the spell levels (one of the feats via metamagic rod, perhaps), it stacks beautifully with persistent spell. Or bouncing spell, if it's a single target, one-off blast, though you shouldn't be wasting Dazing on those. I like Dazing Spell best on stuff like Flaming Sphere, Ball Lightning, Aqueous Orb. Reflex based spells that you get to keep around for a while and move to new targets each round to spread the daze around.

Combine it with spell perfection and the elemental focus feats. Yes, thats a +8 to DC.

And yes, thats pretty much gamebreaking.

StreamOfTheSky wrote:
Well, the Dazing Assault feat, for one.

Ok. Anything else?

StreamOfTheSky wrote:

Daze and Stun are absolutely not the same thing.

Yes, by RAW you are right. But both rules and flavour allow for an interpretation of daze as a "weaker stun".

StreamOfTheSky wrote:

If you have a problem with the Dazing Spell feat, nerf that, don't nerf daze itself for anyone else that might use it through some other means.

Since no player ever used an ability or spell to daze a creature before this is not really a probloem. Really what means (besides the daze spells which no one uses) are there?

Mabven the OP healer wrote:
Daze and Daze Monster are both Enchantment(compulsion)[mind-affecting], and many things are immune to that. I don't see any language in Dazing Spell that specifies that it works exactly like Daze or Daze Monster, so by RAW those with immunity to Enchantment(compulsion)[mind-affecting] don't seem to be immune to Dazing Spell effects, but I would not be surprised if the Rules as Intended would allow such creatures to be immune to Dazing Spell.

Thanks, I like that even better as a houserule.

I have a lvl 11 Sor in my game that dishes out dazing (electric) fireballs with DC 25. 3/day they are persistant (via rod). Thats a "win the encounter" card 3/day. Its too good by RAW, IMO.

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I guess its a reasonable houserule that immune to stun incorporates immune to daze. That makes undead, constructs and elementals immune to it and the optimized dazing spell less of a no-brainer.

That makes dazing spell even more powerful. I have yet to find a single creature that is immune to daze (which was probably originally counterbalanced by daze having a duration of just one round, a convention that dazing spell breaks).

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

Stunned is effectively a more serious version of dazed.

Are creatures who are immune to stun (e. g. undead) also immune to daze?

Thanks fo your suggestions! I will probably use the Yuki-Onna.

Shifty wrote:

Unless, of course, you didn't know.

Whats stylish and whats not lies in the eye of the beholder. I think hand xbows are silly.

Shifty wrote:

Who cares...

Style > Substance.

/end thread


Yeah, with this "argument" you can justify everything.

So, no "/end thread", I am afraid.

My party consists of 6 reasonably optimized PCs and I suspect the lone Wendigo will not offer much of a challenge to them once they are able to confront him (action economy...).

What would be some nice, thematically fitting mooks that he could be surrounded with? About CR 9-12 would be best I think.

We will start with #6 of RotR next week (with me as GM).

We recently started #1 of Carrion Crown (me as player).

The weapon is very unusual in that it grants ability score and level dependend boni.

Therfore it is almost impossible to price.

Why not make it a +1 undead bane weapon?

Beckett wrote:
I'll add to that a bit, and changing things in the past so they work now. For example, after an a fight, someone forgets to pick up a weapon they had disarmed. The DM assumes they forgot it, the players assumed it was so obvious that they retrieved it after the fight, the didn't mention it, and in the next fight, it becomes an issue. So, to jsut get over it, the DM "retcons it" so that they did in fact pick up the weapon.

Thats not retconning. Retcon: Player specifically stated he did NOT pick up the weapon and later its decided he actually did.

"Retcon" isn't quite the right expression IMO.

What you are discussing is: "Is this a rules change or a rules clarification"?

I think its most certainly a rules change. One I do not really see the need for.

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Are you serious?

Paraxis wrote:

Just give all monks an enchantment bonus on unarmed strikes.

4th = +1
8th = +2
12th = +3
16th = +4
20th = +5

That is a houserule that we are using for some time now.

Just give them PB 25 and make sure they choose powerful classes (I liked the suggestions above). I would go with one Wizard, one Paladin (alternatively a ranger with favored enemy: giants), one Combat-Cleric (if staying with core classes).

No need for full HP / level - maybe let them roll two hit dice each level and keep the higher result.

And switch Xanesha and her sister. ;)

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1000 pages! Shipping costs to europe will be enormous. :(

As far as I am informed is pretty much dead? No new subscribers, the existing ones aren't charged any more?

So if would be running strong, I would follow your logic here: pull back the .pdf if its not selling good enough, to increase attractiveness of a subscription.

But as things are, I am afraid I do not follow. If this .pdf sells mediocre, you will stop selling it? Why?

Why not put out a pod version?

Yes, its petty clear in my opinion.

DD asks for an intimidate check to demoralize

Taunt allows you to use bluff for intimidate checks to demoralize

No print / pod? Too bad. If there was a print ed. it would be in my shopping cart right now.

wraithstrike wrote:

What are those commas separating for the numbers?

European notation.

Grenouillebleue wrote:

Halfway through, go fighter. You can do it.

Gloves of dueling are a must and increase WT by +2/+2. The Two-Handed Fighter Archetype gives double STR bonus to damage on all but the first attacks.

That makes:
+41/36/31/24 and 2d6+35 (+30 on first attack)

with PA
+41/31/26/19 and 2d6+53 (+48 on first attack)

with improved critical this is against AC 40:

137,75 (w/o PA)

138,3 (w PA)

Potentially a +2 greatsword of speed instead of a +5 greatsword will increase this numbers further.

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I feel that with the favoured class skill rank and the auto +3 on favoured skills a lot has been done to alleviate skill point scarcity with the 2/level classes.

More isn't really needed.

Just don't dump INT, for gods sake! ;) And also realize that not every skill needs to be maxed out.

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PRD wrote:
A shining child’s primary attack is a ray of searing light. This attack has a range of 120 feet and bypasses all damage reduction.


Ranged searing ray +19 touch (10d6 fire)

The bit about ignoring DR seems redundant to me: energy damage always ignores DR.

Speculation on my part: Maybe the intention was for the ray to ignore fire resistance / immunity?

EDIT: Also: This is one tough critter.

Odraude wrote:
I'd imagine a Charisma 1 person to be either highly abrasive (like a drill sergeant)

Hardly. A drill sergeant needs to intimidate and motivate people. Influence them. A good one will have HIGH Charisma.

Drothmal, no crane wing until lvl 5 I am afraid.

Stikye wrote:

I could have sworn Sneak attack didn't do any damage at all if the attack generating the sneak attack damage was nullified by DR.

So if you are attacking with a dagger with 4d6 sneak attack and your 1d4 +2 didn't bypass the DR then your sneak attack was nullified.

Can't remember where I read this though, I might be wrong, it might be carry over from 3.5.

As far as I know this was neither in 3.5 nor in 3.0.

Why isn't there the complete album available for download? The single tracks together are more expensive than the CD.

Gwyrdallan wrote:
zagnabbit wrote:

I'd agree, but I'd be prepared for the DM to say no.

You may have to flex the old debate muscles.
But crane wing only works while in those stances so otherwise this feat does nothing. You would be prepared for a DM to say "No that feat you took doesnt do anything."? Man, you have some rough DMs there.

Note that total defense != fighting defensively. You can make AoOs while fighting defensively and will usually be fighting defensively while using crane style.

My question referred specifically to the total defense option.

concerro wrote:

edit:If you are trying to bypass the total defensive rule then I stick to my previous answer.

Yes this is what I meant. Thanks for your answer.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Normally, it is impossible to make AoO while taking the total defense action.

However, crane riposte states: "Whenever you use Crane Wing to deflect an opponent’s attack, you can make an attack of opportunity against that opponent after the attack is deflected."

Does this overrule the limitation?

Hooooray! The witch* is dead!


+2 or +3 to all spell save DCs is huge.

I won't even comment on that "legal tarrasque as pet" issue.

+2-3 mod to all stats ist +2/3 to all saves, to spell DCs, to hit, +20-30 to HP (at that point in progression) etc. etc.

Its a big deal, easily the equivalent of 1-2 lvls in terms of power.

Gorbacz wrote:
Hyla wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

In before someone's "but Efreeti will grant those wishes in most evil, twisted way possible, you can't just throw them around!" and Ashiel's "Nonsense, such arbitrary curbstomping of wish is a sure sign of a d**ck GM using his rule 0 power mania to hamper the players!".

Player Advocacy vs. GM Supremacy. ROUND TWO!

Please stop trolling, we are having a discussion here.

I'm not trolling. I'm showing that both you and Ashiel are entrenched in your respective camps, and neither of these camps is something that I subscribe to.

The fact that you react hostlie to any attempt to point that out only confirms my observations. :*

I pointed out to you before that reality is not as clear cut as you provokingly implied.

I am in no "camp", certainly not in the "rule 0 rules all" camp. You try to categorize people here in a decidedly binary or black-white fashion. And you are surprised that p*ss*s them off?


PRD wrote:

Scrying: A scrying spell creates an invisible magical sensor that sends you information. Unless noted otherwise, the sensor has the same powers of sensory acuity that you possess. This level of acuity includes any spells or effects that target you, but not spells or effects that emanate from you. The sensor, however, is treated as a separate, independent sensory organ of yours, and thus functions normally even if you have been blinded or deafened, or otherwise suffered sensory impairment.

A creature can notice the sensor by making a Perception check with a DC 20 + the spell level. The sensor can be dispelled as if it were an active spell.

Lead sheeting or magical protection blocks a scrying spell, and you sense that the spell is blocked.

Gorbacz wrote:

In before someone's "but Efreeti will grant those wishes in most evil, twisted way possible, you can't just throw them around!" and Ashiel's "Nonsense, such arbitrary curbstomping of wish is a sure sign of a d**ck GM using his rule 0 power mania to hamper the players!".

Player Advocacy vs. GM Supremacy. ROUND TWO!

Please stop trolling, we are having a discussion here.

Ashiel wrote:
Hyla wrote:
Well infinite cash and effectively playing with PB 50 or so CAN be done. Its just not the game as its usually played. And people who play it differently as you are not afraid. They just adhere more closely to the spirit of the rules. Free wishes at level 13 are NOT the norm in 99.9% of the games.

Of course, wish was heavily nerfed, and thus you can't get infinite cash anyway; so the only broken thing is now a non-issue. Funny that, aye? σ_σ

You fail to acknowledge that +5 to all stats is a big deal and the notion that it was not intended for every 13th level party to get that is perfectly reasonable.

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