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Oh that's what I was looking for. Thank you!

I have really enjoyed playing the game with minis in place of the token cards. Now that there are a ton of characters, most of which are not iconic characters, is there a running list of minis that did not make it into the Wizkids Iconic Characters? I know some might just have to be "Dark Elf Rogue" as opposed to the actual character. I thought I saw a list a long time ago, but I can't find it now and I doubt it has been updated.

So now that we have MM released, I was surprised that we still have 4 characters from these packs that are not represented in the game. Also we have character in MM that did not get this treatment. Has there been any discussion on Wizkids creating more of these, and any news on where the other 4 characters come in?

Ok. I understand the change in wording now. I received MM tonight and tried to view some of the characters in between feeding a fussy baby. I have this same exact question now lol. Does anyone know what this correlates to in the RPG? Is it similar to a more physical version of bardic knowledge? This seems like a case where you would want to keep a hodge podge of cards just to get the various skills. Since that would be very unfocused, it seems to scream "generalist."

I know the cards and powers do not always correlate to the RPG but sometimes it helps to understand the intention. Until an official ruling comes down anyway.

Is this a similar situation as RotR Sajan? If so, there was a thread asking which blessing to use for his combat check, since his power allowed him to use his Dex die instead of his Str. The ultimate answer was to use the Dex blessings to give him 2 extra dice. I don't have any cards in front of me, and I'm blanking on the name. Feel free to edit the names in. The picture looks like a bow and arrow.

Using that as the base example, wouldn't other cards with similar replace X skill with X die also work the same way?

I agree with everyone saying they have stopped posting on their forums. Until you have posted a few times you can't even start a new thread, so you can only add to the already existing threads...even if they don't actually fit your issue. I've had to tack a few issues onto the end of threads just to get the information out there. Even then, the issues they are working on isn't getting new content out there in a timely manner.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
The strange thing that I found reading your post is no mention of upgrades. Have you been upgrading your cards as you go or just thinking you had to keep your cards until banished or until you had "holes" in your deck?

I didn't catch this while writing my reply. Good question.

A lot of these discussions happen in the middle of a post about something else. You will usually find them in discussions about starting decks. The typical answer is that the random aspect of the draws is part of the dificulty. Also, you eventually get to start removing basics from the game, giving you a better opportunity to experience better cards.

As for replaying previously beaten scenarios, I think I remember an answer to that being that the rules don't say you can't replay a scenario, but it doesn't say you can either. I think one of the devs said you can't take any of the loot or feats/skills. I think the set up time would be a huge deterrent to playing scenarios multiple times.

I've definitely had a few characters go through the third or fourth adventure deck with a short sword. And I've only encountered the flaming mace three or four times out of all my time playing.

Hoping this isn't a dead thread... I just got set 4 and realized Hakon isn't in anything yet... But I have a card for him now... Does anyone know what happened here?

nondeskript wrote:
Hycisath wrote:
Giants all have the trait "when damage is dealt, deal damage to everyone at the location." Mongrels all have the same trait too. I know that some cards types and traits have s template. Perhaps veteran just does not have a template?
Sometimes a card will have a trait without the power that normally goes along with that trait. I vaguely recall a monster with the Giant trait in RotR that lacked the "deal damage to everyone" power... maybe an undead one or a villain? Damage was only dealt to the character that encountered him, but he had a power that forced everyone to recharge a card instead.

I remember that card. I think it was something like undead hill giant. I believe that someone in a blog said that it wasn't supposed to have the giant trait. Or something like that. It's been a long time since I've pulled that set out. It will be interesting to see what comes up later about the veteran trait. I know a lot of people have asked about a card that will affect displayed cards, so maybe this will either be some kind of villain in set 6 or perhaps something in mummy's mask?

Giants all have the trait "when damage is dealt, deal damage to everyone at the location." Mongrels all have the same trait too. I know that some cards types and traits have s template. Perhaps veteran just does not have a template?

I've had great luck with their customer service email address. I'm in Michigan so can't always catch them during business hours. It's great.

I am in the Seelah boat as well. I couldn't figure her out for the longest time, but her powers really get through some of the location decks.

Crowe was one that I thought I would like (I really thought I would like his rage ability) but just couldn't get to work. I couldn't even get his combat to be great without burying a card.

Did anyone else notice Koren has Charisma:Divine? Why the sudden change? He actually looks really fun to play. Can't wait to try him out.

So I've been doing everything in my power to get rid of the hand crossbows that I started out with in Adowyn's deck. Did anyone else but me miss that you can recharge a ranged card to add an extra D8??? Wow.

Anyway, my real question is...they seem to function similar to a sword/dagger combo. The daggers say you can discard them to add to your combat check. I'm just wondering why the crossbows say that you can recharge another card to add to your check. Just a thought I was having.

I believe most of these instances are considered exactly as worded. If they do not say "at this location" then they will affect everyone. I believe the cell has a closing power that causes everyone to take 1 mental damage. On the other hand, the Abattoir says "at this location."

Is the Ring of Wishes that random card that advertises DriveThru cards? If so, I'm glad someone came up with a use for it. I like this concept too. It feels a little more like a video game with side quests.This would be a difficult concept for a large group, but would be really good for a solo game.

I tend to run into these pretty often. the one that sticks out in my mind makes you succeed at an arcane or divine check or you can't use spells with the attack trait. I'm not even sure what card that's is, but I'm well aware of it when it comes up. I find Alain's skill to be worse than hers.

A reply like that makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. My usual strategy is to sit at a location I can close until it is actually closed, then move. Would you suggest moving sooner? I'm playing WotR right now. The only easy ways to scout are Lyrin (the wolf) and an extra explore with Imrijka. What other strategies could be used here?

Someone posted a question in the Home Brew threads about adding additional blessing to the blessings deck for 5 and 6 people groups. I have considered this as well. A lot of the replies talked about how having 30 turns is the intended time limit. I feel like in 5 and 6 member groups, the blessings and allies are basically only for extra explorations. I feel like I never get to use any other effects on the cards. Does anyone else feel this way? Or if not, does anyone have any suggestions or strategies?

Will us ACG subscribers get this at a discounted price by chance? I think I've already put this down as a pre-order either way. Also, I read that there would be a monthly character deck subscription. Is that still true?

I honestly prefer the roughly 1 inch base of the miniatures to the full sized card. The miniatures are actually pretty nice. As for the cards that come with the iconic hero sets... They're really good at the beginning of the game, but definitely not necessary later. I'm more miffed about the character decks. I didn't like any of the characters in them. I'm hopeful for the monk and paladin decks though.