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"Oh. Well that makes more sense."

"The 'camel hat bladder' guy?"

As Mahdi walks away, Hyami joins Pent in watching him depart.

"So, that's Mahdi?"

Aldebert wrote:
"Uh, hello Hyami. I, uh. So how'd you meet our Pent?"

The red-headed gnome brightens as one of Pent's associates greets her personally. "Aldebert, right? The one who rides a gecko? That sounds exhilarating! Very pleased to meet you, Aldebert. I hope we have time to talk more, once you return to Kelmarane. As for how Pent and I met, well, it's all somewhat of a blur to me, as it must be for you. He visited the Pesh Palace, and purchased one of my better attempts at a vial to contain his pesh. He told wonderful stories. Then he told me we're meant to be together. And I believed him." She turns to look on Pent, newly stepping alongside her. "I've done far sillier things." She caresses the gnome's cheek.

"He's told me quite a bit, and still, he keeps things from me, to keep me from worrying. All I ask of you, master halfling, is to look after him. I would have him return to Kelmarane unscathed."

She excuses herself to join the other female gnomes.