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"OHHH SOLLA MEEOOOO" Surely that's more soothing than Nickleback. "OHHH SOLLA MEEOOOO"

You all have been so kind and a pleasure to deal with.
Thank you.

Quiche Lisp wrote:

I'm gonna be mastering a session of B/X D&D to my wife and our eleven years old kid... Real Soon Now (how much preparation do one really needs for the first ever adventure of one's son, anyway ?) !

[Note to one's self: don't overdo it ! Relax ! Jeebus...]

Just have fun. You should figure out what areas of knowledge he is good at then throw a fastball through his wheelhouse. That's baseball jargon, just have fun with them.

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Dizzydoo42 wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Less peeing is a good thing. Enjoy your night!

If it were not for peeing in the middle of the night I would not get any exercise at all.

got to go!

Do you know the difference between exorcize and exercise? It brings new meaning to the question. "What did you do last night?"

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The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
So far, my first Ohio Winter was not as bad as an average Florida Summer. Not by a long shot.

I spent a winter living down in Florida ( my dad found out a fishing guide position opened up on the Withlacoochee River, Dad said let's move away from here {Indiana} so packed up the truck moved south.) That was 1977 it was a cold winter. they called us snowbirds but it can be colder without snow than with.

florida in my memory is the coldest of all 50 states.

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Its' beautiful here this morning. Sunshine 55' no wind. now tomorrow is a horse of a different color. snow 20's That's winter in the south.
I like my new alias It cracks me up.
when is Paizocon?

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It is nice to be working on two batteries for a change. I guess I am a cyborg, my doctor tried to impress by calling me a cyborg.