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Everything you are carrying morphs into your new form so the scroll would have to be dropped first, or sourced from another PC or NPC.

Journ-O-LST-3 wrote:

So, here's how I would/will do it.

You have a suit of full plate +1 of ease, ease is a thing I made up that lets anyone wear the armor without penalties for non proficiency.

It has slots for wands, two on each limb and three in the chest. When you put a wand in the armor eats it, nom nom nom.

Each wand in the armor works better than normal, the wearer can activate one want a round as a swift action, any other activation is standard.

So you toss in a scorching ray to get your laser beam.
A shield spell makes your force shield.
Blur/invisibility for holographic defense.
Fireball as sort of a grenade.
Fly as flight.
True Strike as a targeting system.
Bull's Strength/Bear's Endurance/Orca's awesomeness as your enhancements and so on.

What you get is something that is absolute murder at lower levels, pretty costly to keep feeding wands and works as power armor.

Why would an alien technological society develop armor that required magic wands?

Any Paladin with Radiant Charge and max lay on hands.

This book has a lot of ideas and fluff that can be adapted.

Google Book

They are sent to escort a grain shipment to an outpost, threatened by a possible war. On the way, a wounded messenger rides up coming from the direction they are heading with an important message for army command. His perusers are on him in short order, and the party, they must defend themselves. The messenger is slain in the fight.

Decision point.

What do they do?

1. Read the message?
2. Take the initiative and attempt to deliver it?
3. Ignore it, and continue with their assignment?

Something like this does not give them an important mission buts puts them in the same position.

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I gots me Josey Whales, Mr. Chain blue Lightning his self!

Couple things would bother me about this encounter as a player. The trap going off when anyone approached within ten feet, that fails a logic test, that key is the actual key to the door and presumably needs to be used occasionally.

The Scene itself should have given the characters a perception check, any martially trained character might have have saw a perfect ambush site. I don't think you should assume your fighter knows anything about tactics, that's why you give them a chance to feel the encounter. The hairs on the back go someone's neck should have stood up when they passed under the portcullis.

As GM, you may also have at least each nearby group of bandits make rolls to determine the least armored foe, someone may have gotten it wrong, that's a lot attacks on a single character.

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CN at heart is an individualistic alignment where liberty is valued above all, being free from coercion . To act in a way that oppresses another's free will and liberty would be an act of evil in accordance with a CNs personnel code which is the only one that really matters.

LE and LG are both evil alignments from this perspective, LN less so, as they all seek to impose what amounts to arbitrarily decided order in one form or another.

A CN character will value their personnel word as their only necessary bond. having accepted surrender, that bond was given. That bond, freely given, and upheld is the only glue holding a CN society together and for those that cannot be trusted to do as they say must be evil.

It's a much more complex alignment to play than typically given credit for.

My opinion anyway.

Someone used a mixture of Gonville Bromhead and Marriott Rouse Chard as an NPC name in Bastards Erebus. The two officers present at Rorke's Drift.

We survived as it turns out, poor Akiros was down already when an acid splash finished him. I don't think we were supposed to fight the whole fort at once but that is how it turned out.

Level 1 Commoner wrote:


Hobgoblins - in all the modules and APs I have read so far they were not even mentioned. Orcs: sure, tieflings: sure, goblins: it`s no real paizo product if those miscreants don`t show up at least once. But hobgoblins seem to be a rare breed on golarion. Maybe they`re too scary when played right. Tough, smart, numerous and most importantly well organized.

hobgoblins wont sit around waiting to be destroyed by the Party, they would put up an active defense and bring it.

Josey Wales: Seems like you was looking to gain some money here.

Lone Watie: Actually, I was looking to gain an edge.

HeroLab. The game just has too many sources now for me to remember them. HeroLab let's me select the ones I have and only that material is used. Building, editing, modifying, all be come very easy. I can also add custom content to the data files. It has an export to fantasy grounds feature, if you use it. I love the HeroLab for iPad, my iPad is now my character sheet and my library for the eighty-five or so PDFs I have.

On the negative. I think you can lose a little bit of investment in each character. it's so much easier to make one that you tend to build more of them. You end up with less time invested in more characters than more time invested a few. That can, not saying does, but can minimize the intimate knowledge of a character and personnel investment in their fate.

I hate going to Taco Bell, or insert anyplace, and being forced to choose between Pepsi products. I remember the days when you could order a Pepsi or a Coke at the same restaurant as your preference dictated. That is an important element of choice to maintain. I don't like the way D&D pulled their whole game back into themselves with 4E. I hope Paizo, whatever shape Pathfinder takes, keeps that in mind and leaves room for people who build tools and sources for their game.

Axial wrote:

And when I say Lucifer, I mean THIS one.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/devil/devils-un ique/devil-lucifer-prince-of-darkness-tohc

The Lucifer with an obscenely high CR who was included in Tome of Horrors for reasons I still don't understand. He's too powerful to even be an end-game threat. Is him having stats just supposed to be a formality?

...In any case, with the advent of Mythic Adventures, players are now able to reach legendary levels of power and take on threats that were normally considered unkillable.

So, a party of six level 20/MT 10's. Even balance between casters, martials, et cetera. Can they do it?

Actually, I'll pose the question like this: can any of them beat a 74 AC?

I soloed him on my Druid/monk, and just to embarrass him more, I did it in Wombat form.

A worker is known by his tools: a shovel for a man who digs; an ax for a woodsman. A gun is not a tool for peace.


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This one is pretty sweet Artimes Black

Cut out weapons, add bandolier with potions, and a couple of bombs.

female tribeswoman

Some very nice elf pirates, colonial style. Might need to remove a pistol.

black scorpion miniatures

Here is a nice one if you paint,

Olivia, Mercenary Cleric

This years Kickstarter is way better organized. Just limiting the number of packaging options alone should dramatically ease logistically problems. I really need more people to buy in so my per figure cost keeps going down!

Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

Devil's Advocate wrote:

So am I the only one who's disappointed that Grendel is ripping people's arms off, not the other way around?

Dismemberment is Beowulf's finishing move, not Grendel's.

Retread the poem.

He's meaner'en a rattlesnake and twice as fast with dem pistols.

I would like to see an effort orchestrated that brought together APs, modules, and a PFS season to not just tell but determine major future event or events in Golarion. This might be best suited when opening up a new part of the world to exploration or discovery. I'm not sure how that could be pulled off however. Will Taldan or Cheliax reign supreme in the new world or will those born of that land throw them back in the sea? The risk associated with that does not escape me by the way. This would be a major investment by Paizo and it would have to be nailed.

An AP is a major investment for gamers too, both in time and money. specially when it takes two years to complete one as with our group. Is it interesting enough to warrant that committment? I will never be able to play them all.

I'm going to cancel my AP subscription after the Worldwound. Not interested in either of the two after that. No offense meant to anyone who is excited for them, they just both seem better suited for savage worlds than Pathfinder, but I have a Pulp impression of both those subject matters.

I have read the first two books of Wrath of the Righteous, great story so far, but I won't say more. Hope I get to play it someday.

I can't say I feel bad that its impossible to please everyone's expectations. The world was constructed to encompass a wide variety of tastes and in so doing added to that problem.

Keep plugging.

I love the bones figures. Great for conversions. Put the head of a rat on a kobold body, added a bandolier of potions, added some bombs and knapsack, some baggy pants and a fez, a nice ratfolk alchemist for a friend.

Highly recommend these figures.

So, Beowulf and a Gunslinger walk into a bar.......

Grumpy gray mane elder (any class), teen fan boy death and murder based fighter rogue, female talkie talkie bard or Druid, and any the cute and quirky halflng (any class)

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This kool-aid is magically delicious!

Theconiel wrote:
Plus, if experience is divided equally among the players, the newbie would level pretty quickly, assuming that the character survives the encounter.

Like an Ice Wizard bot on Taskers.

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Amen brother, my players get to choose between human, elf, hafling, and dwarf and can only be a fighter, cleric, or magic user.

Fifteen minutes after announcing pathfinder 2.0 a great wailing would be heard across the land, a town crier would step into the court yard of a forgotten village on the coast and announce D&D Next was magically ready for publication.

Endeavor to persevere.

Plenty of space left on these boards to beat a dead horse.

Yes and no, as always.

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James Jacobs wrote:
There is a nation of catfolk in Southern Garund. We've not said much about them yet though.

No doubt, it has a very low percentage of ratfolk in the local population.

Through an unfortunate comedy of errors our party stands on the verge of a possible TPK. We have breached the Staglords fort, the Owlbear and Auchs are down as well as many mook archers. One of our party has been dropped by the Staglord and we find ourselves in a tight spot, it really could go either way at this point based on a few die rolls.

Naturally, we consider what to do if we TPK. Reroll or what.

My suggestion is to take on the roll of the Staglord's captains and continue the campaign. Of course, we shall have to find a way to eliminate the Staglord eventually.

Think that is doable?

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Rubber Ducky guy wrote:

I would play Brendon Fraiser's character from The Mummy.

While exploring a recently discovered tomb in Egypt he gets transported to Golaria and he spends the adventure looking for a way home.

He'll either be a gunslinger or a swashbuckler

I would play Brendon Frazier's character from George of the Jungle and sit at the table in nothing but a Loin cloth flexing my "muscles".

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I'm going to make an Android gunslinger (Pistolero) named Yul.

Little Skylark, or Dwarven Welkincaper, in the old tongue - is largely supported by various alchemical mixtures often heard muttering Wun'erful Wun'erful.

Here here, I agree. Stay Paladin. My friends halfling Paladin is amazing, BBEG drop like crazy. Naturally we conclude Halflings are overpowered.

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So, I'm sitting here doing a bit of voting tonight and I realized, I'm fat! Yeah, my laptop on my "lap", my back is hurting, and I have to kick my legs to roll up out of the couch. I've become a power gamer indeed.

So I know what my new year's resolution has to be, try to find time for more gaming!

Anyway, much improved items today overall.

I like to roll up a fighter with D12 hit die, toss in a few archtypes I like from whatever classes, add in heavy armor, pick 12 class skills that I like, wield two bonded falchions while arcane casting and channeling heals to my party. Uber character.


Choant wrote:
As it states above, every build I read on here about multiclassing says don't do it, but if you did what's the best build?

Maybe I don't understand what is going on with these figures. I can pay 25 dollars for a huge booster - and NOT know what is inside?

Why would I do that?

My group recently encountered the chase scene at Gencon. We played three scenarios where the chase scene was incorporated, and played the chase rules three different ways, depending on how the GM wanted to run them.

Our consensus was that the chase rules were an excuse to sell a deck of cards.

I was somewhat ambivalent about the chase, it was interesting, but I wouldn't want to see a chase in every scenario. I don't need to buy 50 dollar rule books to play Munchkins.

The real story here....was after the death of the Wizard - our party thief got into a six round fight with the Wizard's familiar while the rest of the party stood around laughing.

We vowed to "mount" the head of her single combat kill and present it to her as a wall mount trophy just as soon as we get a chance.

Hlynrian wrote:
So, we go into a fight with a Wizard that promptly puts up mirror image. After flailing away a couple of images our Paladin notes that it would be more effective to close his eyes and swing blindly at the wizard since blind creatures are not effected by mirror image and the miss chance is less.

Additional Information Relating to this encounter:

The party had just finished a combat when our thief was hit by a magic missile from down a dark corridor - no one in the party saw the source. The thief perceived the direction, turned quickly but only saw a small cat disappear around the corner. As a low level party with no previous experience with wizards (failed all knowledge rolls), we were certain the cat was a magic using creature that represented a high threat to us - and he was sneaky.

The following scenario was a usual one-more room decision, in other words the party sorcerer was completely out of spells, the cleric was very short on spells - we would rely mostly on melee and what wands/scrolls could provide.

I think our Paladin, though noting the blind tactic was more effective against mirror image played it correctly. As a first time encounter with the spell and a wizard, he flailed away at images - rest assured he may choose a different option next time having gained that experience.

I could see using the tactic if the party sorcerer routinely used mirror image - the party would have intimate knowledge of the spell but he does not currently have it.


So, we go into a fight with a Wizard that promptly puts up mirror image. After flailing away a couple of images our Paladin notes that it would be more effective to close his eyes and swing blindly at the wizard since blind creatures are not effected by mirror image and the miss chance is less.