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Someone used a mixture of Gonville Bromhead and Marriott Rouse Chard as an NPC name in Bastards Erebus. The two officers present at Rorke's Drift.

Through an unfortunate comedy of errors our party stands on the verge of a possible TPK. We have breached the Staglords fort, the Owlbear and Auchs are down as well as many mook archers. One of our party has been dropped by the Staglord and we find ourselves in a tight spot, it really could go either way at this point based on a few die rolls.

Naturally, we consider what to do if we TPK. Reroll or what.

My suggestion is to take on the roll of the Staglord's captains and continue the campaign. Of course, we shall have to find a way to eliminate the Staglord eventually.

Think that is doable?

Level four, Ha! I totally beat this game, and playing a crappy druid at that. What should I play next?

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So, I'm sitting here doing a bit of voting tonight and I realized, I'm fat! Yeah, my laptop on my "lap", my back is hurting, and I have to kick my legs to roll up out of the couch. I've become a power gamer indeed.

So I know what my new year's resolution has to be, try to find time for more gaming!

Anyway, much improved items today overall.

So, we go into a fight with a Wizard that promptly puts up mirror image. After flailing away a couple of images our Paladin notes that it would be more effective to close his eyes and swing blindly at the wizard since blind creatures are not effected by mirror image and the miss chance is less.