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Solid Scenario


Good combat.
Solid skill requirements.
What more do you need?

Warning - it's really long, 6.5 to 7 hours.

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Tough Scenario


I got my first TPK in 2e with this scenario. The party didn't really do anything wrong. The "rescue" in high tier should be called "courting death", the additional opponents at this level make it very difficult for the party to survive. Yes, the GM has an "out" if they want to use it. You really need solid saving throws for the "rescue" - and you will be making a LOT of them!

The average skill checks are hard, especially if you don't have a rogue. An Investigator dedication might have helped if it were out yet! Key note: There is a real possibility that you might NOT get ANY fame for this adventure.

I think the scenario is repeatable, because you do get options. That said, you are still risking gaining zero fame and you have a real possibility of character death.