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Yes. 2 Shoanti were witnesses to the combat. Part of the AP to gain the trust of the Shoanti.

How would we bring it back from the dead as it is a a Shoanti "holy beast"

Thank yo!

Someone was claiming that a bardic performance does NOT affect the bard/skald himself. Are there any FAQs or rules that discuss this?

Thanks. What I was looking for.

Our party will be in one spot for a few days. I am looking for rules on if resting and/or sleeping in 3 to 4 hour shifts at a time 3 to 4 times per day is feasible by the rules. If this can count towards rest in order to get spells and abilities back, I'd like to see the official ruling on this.

Could have sworn that it was a Paizo spell. Zero level lasted 1 min/level. Granted improved unarm strike. Thanks. I'll find it eventually if it was a thrid party spell.

I could have sworn that this is a Paizo spell, but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know which book it is in, or is it a 3.5 spell?

Cavall wrote:

Happy to help.

There's a more mental focused skald for a caster group you may want to look at too.

What's your group made of?

Honestly, I don't know. DM asked us to make up a character that none of us have ever played before. We are all supposed to keep quiet about what we have.

Ok. Thank you.

We are playing in a urban heavy campaign. I had originally made a Skald, but then dm said that I should look at an Urban Skald archetype. I don't see any real advantages in playing an Urban Skald. Am I missing something?

Thanks. This is great too.

Thanks. I appreciate this advice.

I'm trying to craft a low price one (sub 3,000gp), that a player can't abuse.

Our ship was stolen with all my gear aboard it. This has pissed me off to no end. I want to start up an information gathering network to not only get it back, but to punish the individuals behind it. I have no idea how to go about doing this though. I am a sorcerer, not a rogue.
In real life, I loathe politics and the concept of spying. In most roleplaying campaigns I've been in over the years, I try to find ways of "accidentally" killing spies and rogues once we get the info we need, rather than trading them for hostages, wealth etc... Unfortunatley, my current dm LOVES political intrigue and backstabbing. It has been a part of the campaign since day one. Feels like we are playing Game of Thrones on the Sea.
My predicament is that since politics and intrigue are so foreign and vile to me, I have no concept of how to go about this. My sorcerer skills and spells are also not suited to political intrigue. I am more of a plunder ships, take the booty, pay off the right people for info and then hit my enemies when they are unaware, honor and fairness be damned!
My fellow PCs have already started their own plots. They all seem capable of doing what they are planning. The captain thinks that my original plan of "secretly" plotting against him for being a weak captain, while actually working for them from the shadows, is too cliched to work.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks. Didn't know we could get something else later.

We survived it and keep trying to claim the island, but everything seems to be infested with the Ghoul Fever. Did anyone already manage to do so even after they completed that part of the AP?

I have a 5th level druid's companion. I was going to scrap it in exchange for an alternate class feature, but the DM said character AS IS! What is your favorite mount build with the horse? Can't be built up from 1st level as a heavy horse. Plain one from Druid description.

Thanks for the responses.

Was discussing this topic with a gamer in a public library. He said his DM stated that per the rules, some form of combat must be taking place or about to take place. I stated that there were no such rules and as long as you could communicate with the creature, it should be able to follow your orders/requests as long as they didn't go against its base nature. I gave the example of a high level wizard summoning a good outer planar being with healing abilities to restore wounded companions. He said that his dm wouldn't allow it as no combat was currently taking place. Where can I find rules on this sort of thing?

Thanks for the reply. I will look into how an Elemental or Stormborn bloodline would work out.

I want to know what your experience has been so far with this AP. I will be creating a sorcerer for this AP soon, and would like your input.

Thanks again guys. Sadly. no Dervish dance as the DM only allows things in current Adventure Paths (so no Falcuta as well :( )I decided on being a fighting Magus, as the rest of the party needs that kind of player.

Banatine wrote:

Well, since your only using PHB and APG, making a magus is going to be pretty difficult. They are vary hard to make effective without UM, you see...

But seriously, take a look at Walter's Guide to the Magus. it's still in progress, but the info already there is solid!

Thanks. I will. I can use Ultimate Magic, forgot to list it.

4d6 rolled (dm let us reroll 1s) 16, 15, 14, 13, 13, 10 Rolled 30hp so far (rolled pretty well).
I am asking for your help as I build characters that are team oriented while my co-gamers are an every man out for himself lot. Can only use phb and apg.