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Wishlists and Lists

Wishlists allow you to track products you'd like to buy, or—if you make a wishlist public—to have others buy for you.

Lists allow you to track products, product categories, blog entries, messageboard forums, threads, and posts, and even other lists! For example, see Lisa Stevens' items used in her Burnt Offerings game sessions.

For more details about wishlists and lists, see this thread.


Other Games

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PACG Stuff

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Stuff for PACG I don't have but would like to own.


PACG Cards From Pathfinder Battles

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PACG cards that come with Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes sets that have appeared on the Paizo blog that have the owner mechanism.

Miniatures for PACG.

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This is a list of miniatures for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game characters.

PACG Outstanding FAQ

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Iconics and PACG

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This is a list of all the iconic characters with information that relates to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The list is sorted alphabetically.

Information in entry includes class, source book, PACG adventure paths, PACG class deck, miniature releases, and pawn releases.

Art Assets

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PACG Open Questions

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Open questions for PACG. Vic, Mike, or some other authority may weigh in on these, or they may not. It is basically a list of things where I'd probably let you convince me you were right no matter which side of the debate you took.

PaizoCon 2018 PACG Information

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