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Baddly needed - a guide to the boons and where to find them.

The local group of players read something aloud that stopped me from signing up. "If you want to play x-y-z, you need to have a chronicle sheet with that boon on it."

well, I would like to play a catfolk brawler.

my question is what PFS sanctioned adventure, module, map pack, flip mat, Fiction novel, shirt, button, bag, plushy, miniature, character folio, dice, glass bead counters, etc...

will allow me to do so.

I would really like a list of the boons so I can play the character that I WANT TO PLAY: Not a gunslinger, not a bomb lobber, not a Tech-thief Numerian scavenger, nor a ninja, or Ronin or other Sword and sorcery breaking character.

I think it would be the lowest form of BULLCRAP to require a boon to make a legal character of XYZ, when NO SUCH BOON EXISTS!

I am tempted to join the society gaming. Yet, if I look at the alchemy booklet - over half of it is Banned.
I look at the Giant hunter pamphlet - over half of it is banned.
Ultimate race guide - more than half of that is banned and I haven't the faintest clue why one can just sit down and play a kitsune, but not a cat folk.
Inner sea race guide - More than half of that is banned and it didn't really bring anything new to the table.

So, can we get a developers to do a review on the "Whys" XYZ are banned?
Why should I buy anything that I cannot use?

As the "Subtracted from resources" list goes you guys need to cut that down to items that can break the game, and ONLY those. look for stacking multipliers, Super-dupper-swift actions of No-that's-impossible and abusive Re-roll stuff.

I would be angered to buy any thing like say a car...

Only to find half of it (*or more) missing.
Then take it back - Get the new version (*Ala, InnerSea Races*)
Only to find, wow...

This is only half a car too!